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Gustard X20 DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by stuartmc, Sep 8, 2015.
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  1. gulakpi
    Yes!  My X20U on Win10 Pro64 can do DSD64 and DoP.   I do not have DSD128, but according the the spec, it will work as well.
    I have also tried a 64 bit 192KHz wave file over USB, it also works beautifully, even though the spec did not mention 64bit file at all!  Foobar says the file is 64b/192KHz, so I hope this info is genuine!
  2. Narcissus
    Just saw this thread, very interesting. Has anyone compared it to the LKS mh002/003 or the ifi idsd/idac2? I would be very curious to know as I'm in the market to buy a DAC ...
  3. Triplefun
    Please confirm if it is advisable to leave the X20 switched on at all times, or whether it should be switched off when not in use.
  4. gulakpi
    IMHO, it is totally up to your preference!
    I do not notice if there is a difference in SQ when the X20U is switched on for >15 minutes.  From the energy conservation point of view, I switch it off after the listening sessions.  The DAC will not consume a lot of energy, and solid-state will last, with the exception of the display panel.
  5. GioF71

    I never heard of 64bit audio files... can you elaborate or provide a small sample?
    Thank you.
  6. gulakpi
    Neither do I!
    I found the track from the web awhile ago out of curiosity.  It was labeled as hi-res wav file, and the single track is 1.24GB large.
    I played it via Foobar, the Foobar display says it is 64 bit/192KHz, date rate at 24576 kbps.
    The X20U displays PCM with Freq 192K.
    May be Foobar has compressed it to 32bit or below before outputting to the DAC.
  7. BrainFood
    Looking forward to more DDC interface comparisons.  The Breeze is looking good at the price, or maybe the Melodious 1.7 if it's worth the extra cash.  Aye aye captain [​IMG]
  8. JulioCat2
    Looks like a new USB input board for X-20, XMos Based
  9. genclaymore
    i wonder are they gonna release it as a separate purchase so those with X12 can install it into their units.
  10. Triplefun
    Are you saying this is an update to the original X20U or just that the X20U USB board differs from that used on the X12 (or U12)?
    When I compare the board to that in Stuartmc's original X20u pictures it still looks much the same.
  11. BrainFood
    It's really down to personal choice and not a right or wrong way.  There is less strain on the electronics by leaving on and SQ is guaranteed at 100%. It's fine to turn on/ off though
    Does anyone have a watt meter to measure consumption of the X20 under normal operation?  The specs say < 50 watts, which seems a bit high if close to that.  Is the Gustard a Gas Guzzler? 
  12. chrispiyux
    it seems it's different, and that now Gustard X20 is using an Xmos U8 chipset.
    You can see the old version of the USB daughter card on shenzen:
    The description on taobao site seems also to have been modified consequently.
    I ordered mine last sunday (3rd January), i hope to have this new card...but not sure Kidult already have this new version.
  13. JulioCat2

    The original X20 USB board
    Looks like is the same as de X12
  14. Triplefun

    I received delivery of an X20u 3 Dec. I tried opening the X20 but after removing all the screws the top was still very secure and difficult to remove without scratching or bending. It uses the XMOS 3.2 8 core driver so I assume it is the latest USB card and probably the same as that used by the U12. If so, then why does the U12 support DSD256 processing for output over IIS when the X20u will only accept DSD128?
  15. Triplefun
    As a matter of interest, I get the following two entries in Windows 10 64 bit pro device manager ..
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