GUSTARD H10 High-current Discrete Class A output Stage Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by phcassa, Sep 23, 2014.
  1. mandrake50
    There are also a few good write ups in this thread with pictures that document which opamps go where.
    The rear one are duals, as they have a part in the balanced to unbalanced conversion for the rear XLR connectors.
  2. diivve
    I just put in two LME49990HA single opamp and i can hear more details , wider soundstage but the warm of 5532 still exist .Will try to order a pair of dual opamp for replacement and give my feedback
  3. jaywillin
    i'm back in the club, just bought another h10
  4. wwmhf
    Welcome back. I am still hold the two H10s waiting to try out a pair of planar phones.
  5. jaywillin
    i picked this one up for my new aeon flow
  6. panos444
    Did you find anywhere sale for this amp? I would be interested.
  7. wwmhf sells it, and Massdrop does it once in while too.
  8. panos444
    Thanks for your reply, i am from Europe and i will come to US for Christmas. So i would like to buy it at this time.
    At US it would be cheaper, but from i will have import taxes. Massdrop have this inactive drop.
  9. bunkbail
    I have been trying to buy this amp for 2 months now, but to no avail. 2 times I ordered it, it was refunded due to various aggravating reasons (sent to wrong address, lost tracking numbers etc). I suspect that it's just the sellers didn't want to admit that they listed an out of stock item on sale. I ordered it first time on Taobao, then AliExpress. It was listed as out of stock in Shenzen Audio too. I inquired a few sellers on Ebay regarding it's availability, got no response at all. Is this product discontinued?
  10. wadi
    I never had a good experience with Shenzen Audio. You will get a buch of apologies due to lost/wrong/damaged items.
  11. Ricardo Farago
  12. panos444
    No, neither this seller has listed the amp.
  13. sebna
    Did anybody had a chance to compare new V6 opamps vs Sparkos Labs SS3602?

    Also did anybody hear H20 by any chances?
  14. sebna
    Also would anybody be able to let me know how much from its relaxed from H10 deviate if at all when Burson's V5 or V6 are installed in it? Does those opamps change the nature of the sound of H10 or is it just making it more focused with bigger sound stage while retaining warmth and relaxed style?
  15. VRacer-111
    Have the Burson V6's and two H10s, one H10 with full compliment of the V6 Classics and the other with full compliment of the V6 Vivids. From my experience using laptop USB -> Gustard X20U DAC -> Gustard H10s, if you want enhanced bass with lovely bodied/organic mids and better clarity and dynamics throughout compared to stock, the Classics are the ones. The Vivids seem very slightly clearer and really focus on detail and speed of the mids and highs, with less of a bass emphasis - most excellent for vocals or complex music passages. Both are noticeable improvement over the stock opamps (once they really come around after a few hundred hours), would not want to go back to stock. Make sure the back pre-gain dip switches are set to +6 or +12 with the V6s.

    I don't think the Sparkos Labs SS3602 are recommended for use in the Gustard H10...current/voltage incompatibility that will eventually ruin them. That was brought out by Sparkos Labs earlier in this thread somewhere. The singles are fine to use from what I remember.
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