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GUSTARD H10 High-current Discrete Class A output Stage Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by phcassa, Sep 23, 2014.
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  1. phcassa
    I'm very curious about this amp, specially after the opnion ofe an experienced member of this community.
    _12.jpg    _57.jpg
    Gustard H10 is presented as follow:
    GUSTARD H10 High-current Discrete Class A output Stage Headphone Amplifier
    1.H10 is a high-current discrete Class A output stage headphone amplifiers, each channel consists of two independent amplification circuit, has RCA inputs, balanced input, you can easily connect a variety of sources.
    2 machine using a buffer amplifier plus pre-amplification stage main components. Buffer preamp gain adjustment function with four segments, with the four pairs of audio power output circuit tubes on the CPI, you can easily drive a variety of different impedance headphones.
    3 using two 25W seal ring cattle, independent power between left and right channels, effectively reducing the left and right channel crosstalk.
    4.AC115V/230V international voltage input.
    5 Adjust the volume potentiometer placed at the back of the input stage, effectively shortening the audio channel path, reducing interference.
    6 start-up delay, DC offset, overload, protection circuitry to ensure the safe use of the machine.
    7 aluminum chassis, before grinding Shahoulasi processes, machines all black.
    8.RCA single-ended and balanced XLR inputs, input switching and gain adjustment.
    9 tri-band balanced sound correctly, the output resistance low current, suitable for most headphone mix.
    10. Rigorous design, reasonable layout, elegant lines, solid materials.
    Technical Specifications:
    Signal Input: 2x XLR female, balance
    2x RCA, unbalanced
    Maximum input level: +21 dBu, impedance 10kΩ
    Input impedance: XLR: 10kΩ, RCA: 68kΩ
    Input Sensitivity: +6 dBu
    Main amplifier gain: +8 dB
    Main amplifier gain adjustment range: -4 / +2 / +8 / +14 / +20 dB
    Frequency response: 0-55kHz (-0.5dB)
    Damping Factor:> 400 @ 50Ω
    Dynamic range:> 128dB (A-weighted)
    Background noise: <-100dBu (A-weighted)
    THD + N (1kHz 1W @ 100Ω): <0.00035%
    THD + N (1kHz 0.5W @ 32Ω): <0.0007%
    Crosstalk:-110db (1kHz)
    Headphone Output: 1x 6.35mm TRS Jack
    output power:Different impedance has different output power 
    Output power: 570 mW (600 ohm load); 2200 mW (100 ohms); 2700 mW (50 ohms); 2000 mW (32 ohms); 1000 mW (16 ohms)

    Power supply voltage: 230V AC/115 AC; 50/60Hz
    Power consumption: ≤ 20VA
    Machine Standard: GB a three-prong power cord
    Machine size (not included prominent part): length × width × height = 273mm × 190mm × 70mm
    Package dimensions: length × width × height = 385 × 280 × 150mm
    Weight: Net Weight 3.3KG, including packaging 4KG
    Look really nice to me. However, wold this be an amplifier clone of Violectric V200 or just something that has used V200 as a start pointing?I find then visually very similar.
    V200 view by inside:
    I really would like to know opinions about this amp.
    My english is not very good, so sorry.
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  2. zilch0md
    Hi phcassa,
    Thanks for starting this thread!  
    I'm also very curious about this amp.  
    FlySweep is indeed a trustworthy reviewer, and if it helps at all, I can say that he has been a fan of the Bottlehead Crack and HD650, for example.  So to hear him recommending a solid state amp, suggests that it is warm and full bodied, with good dynamics and bass energy, not laid back or perfectly neutral, but I haven't written him about it yet.
    He's the only Head-Fi member I know of who has the Gustard H10, so...  PM sent.  
    FlySweep!  We need you!   [​IMG]
  3. xaval
    Nice internals. Hope it ships with the complete left balanced plug on the back [​IMG]
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  4. No_One411
    Hey guys, 
    I may not be as well known as Flysweep, but I did also purchase a Gustard H10 after Flysweep recommended it. I've had the unit for about a week, so I can share my initial thoughts. 
    It drives my Paradox Slants and Enigmas perfectly. The amp has lots of power, and is very clean sounding. It controls planar magnetic drivers very very well, has very low noise (if any) and black background, is very dynamic sounding, and throws a very accurate and realistic soundstage, almost on par with my HD800 with Anax 2.0 mod!
    With regards to the HD800, the Gustard does a great job of driving them as well, albeit does sound thin at times, but that can also be attributed to the music that I am listening to. Wide soundstaging is important with classical music, but you shouldn't hear gaps in the orchestra. It's not overly revealing, or bright, as some may expect from solid state amps, but it isn't necessarily warm or tube sounding either. It has a very natural sound, and sounds good with almost everything that I've thrown at it.
    Overall, I think it's a very good amp for the money. I can't compare it to the Vioelectric, since I haven't heard it, but the two look very similar. For $400 shipped, it's a well built amp and drives all the headphones I've thrown at it with ease. 
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  5. phcassa
    Yes Xaval, I think someone will be unemployed after this picture.[​IMG]
  6. phcassa
    Hi Mike
    He may have had a shock counterpoint caused by solid state.[​IMG]  
    I really like to hear him more opinion on this.
    Jeff, thanks for share your opinion. Its a good start point. Thanks. The amp seems to be very good project, has independent power supply transformes, large filters. This wont make a big difference.
  7. FlySweep
    H10 w/ the Paradox Slants & CustomArt Harmony 8 Pro..
  8. xxxfbsxxx
    nice pics and how does it sound please :)
  9. zilch0md
    Yes, Flysweep!  
    How does it sound?
    Inquiring minds want to know!
  10. FlySweep
    I'd like to gather my thoughts over the weekend.. but let me say this.

    This is an absolutely PHENOMENAL amplifier.

    I've been hush hush on impressions because I've been patiently waiting for it to break in.. which, in my case, took nearly a month and a half (when being used daily for approx. 4 hrs/day).  Since owning this amp.. I've been impressed with it.. not blown away.. but really impressed.  The neutrality (neutrality done right), clarity.. stunning lack of grain, and control.. was very nice.. but the H10 sounded quite compressed and a bit lean.

    That all changed tonight... my goodness.

    ..more to come, folks... please let me pick my jaw up off the ground first.
  11. zilch0md
    Should read...   "(when being used daily for approx. 4 hours each day)"
  12. borrego
    This is a Chinese clone of the Violectric V200 with independent power supply per channel and volume control pod soldered directly on the circuit board.
  13. FlySweep
    To my ears.. it sounds better than the V200 (which I owned for quite some time.. albeit, awhile back).  The H10 possesses a larger soundstage than the V200.. the V200's mids (and really, the presentation in general) sounded more dry, comparatively speaking.. the H10 is better balanced in terms of tone (it's not dry.. but not lush, either).. and the H10 possesses better treble clarity (I found the V200's treble ever so slightly (but audibly) rolled off in the upper treble).  The H10 certainly doesn't spotlight the highs, though.. it's very smooth through the treble.. but seems better extended (or I perceive better extension) than the V200.  The H10 also seems to possess a wider (and deeper) soundstage.
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  14. zilch0md
    ^ With which DAC and headphones?   
    (Being a brat, again - for the greater good, hopefully.)
  15. borrego

    It sounds like the benefit if the dual mono design. Does the Gustard use the NE5532 opamp the V200 uses?
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