GUSTARD H10 High-current Discrete Class A output Stage Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by phcassa, Sep 23, 2014.
  1. VRacer-111
  2. wwmhf
  3. VRacer-111
    Haven't had much time since the hurricane... will be at least a month until can get some time.
  4. mandrake50
    Sorry... I guess that I missed your exposure to effects of a hurricane. I can empathize.
    I went through a few in N.O, and the gulf coast. Probably nothing like you. It gives me the flavor though.
    Sorry to bug you! Necessities first, of course.
  5. diivve
    Can someone suggests me some budget opamp ? I want to try rolling them but didnt know what to buy . More detail in treble and neutral is what i like, my headphone is HD650

  6. mandrake50
    I know you want a definitive answer, but I can't give it to you. I haven't tried much of what has been discussed in this thread and others on headfi.If you go back in this thread there was a bunch of people that reviewed quite a number of different options.
    You can also check this thread. 380 pages of just opamp discussions.
    Lots of information out there. But it will give you only a starting point. In the end you will need to listen. That is how I went from zero to around 22 different opamps in my parts box. Unfortunately, not having notes, I would have to re-listen to them and research current costs to give you any kind of reasonable response to your question. Maybe someone with a better memory can recommend something, but still I encourage you to do some reading.
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  7. lucianpescaru
    AD797 for the single opamp, OPA627 sounds darker and also sometimes the amp does not start (output relay does not click). AD826 or AD823 for the dual frontend. AD 826 sounds brighter to me but may oscillate. LM6172 for frontend sounds very dark, LM49860, LM4562, LM49720 all sound 'accurate' but not brighter and they might be too much in the mids for HD650.
  8. mandrake50
    One other thing that I would suggest, try some different headphones. Tuning from the amp side, especially with opamps usually makes very subtle differences. Headphones make much larger differences.
  9. Ricardo Farago
    I have the h10 and sennheiser hd800s and I have just put in the Burson v6 vivid version
    I really like it and it is now more detailed in mids and highs but then again I like that sound having also a Stax setup and I listening to a variety of music from Baroque to Opera to Rock and jazz blues
    I must say that I agree that headphone changeover makes more difference egipcio I prefería Mustang Crosszone headphone for Rock on whichever amp I use
  10. mandrake50
    I too like the Burson V6 Vivid with my H10. (listening with the HEK V1 with V2 pads or the Aeon Flow closed mostly lately) As mentioned I have tried a bunch of Opamps with the H10. It was my first venture in opamp rolling. I tried the Burson V4,and V5 as well. I also have liked them... with the full set of four, in all three cases, better than any of the other combinations. I suspect the V6 Vivid might give the OP what he is asking for, but they are far from being what I would call budget. The full set is close to what I paid for my H10. All of the Burson opamps in my collection cost way more than the H10. We do some crazy things in the pursuit of the "next best thing".
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  11. diivve
    Really thanks for all the help! Im using the H10 with HD650 ,the treble to me sound really sleepy (cant think of other word lol) .
    Im planning to buy a pair of AD797 for the back and a pair of MUSES02 for the front , is this right for this amp? im not really familiiar with this stuff . cheers
  12. mandrake50
    You need a pair of single opamps for the ones by the output device heat sink This would be the AD797.
    A pair of duals for the rear. I don't know about the Muses... single or dual, but I do know that authentic ones are not what I would call budget.
  13. diivve
    Just opened up this amp but im little bit confused , two opamp in the back (5532) are single opamp or dual opamp?
  14. wwmhf
    Those in the back are dual opamps, if I remember correctly.
  15. Ricardo Farago
    Burson websites has good pics of which is which ....from memory rears sre dual

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