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  1. jh4db536
    Here is my AR pistol being made...

    Still need to draw a logo for it in vector.

    Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk 2
  2. Towert7
    for fun. 
    Gonna get it threaded for a muzzle break / suppressor when I move.
  3. CaffeinatedX42
    As audio geeks we are sort of obligated to get supressors right?  [​IMG]
  4. Edwood
    Would if I could.  I live in Kalifornia, so suppressors are a no no here.  Never understood the rationale behind laws against suppressors.  If anything, they should be required by law for the general public, as it makes hand guns a lot more difficult to conceal. 
    There's nothing like the taste of burnt powder when shooting dirty ammo with a can.  At least that was my last experience in Nevada.
    Closest alternative is to use electronic ear muffs.  I have a pair of Howard Leight Impact Pro electronic ear muffs.  Otherwise, I actually use an old pair of Custom IEM's as ear plugs and double up with the Ear Muffs on top when in an indoor range.  But even with the Howard Leight Impact Pro's cranked all the way up, it's still pretty difficult to hear anything.  Plus the audio is completely unbalanced, and I tried multiple pairs of them, after the third one, I gave up and just chalked it up to their design.  Which kind of sucks, but they're a lot cheaper than MSA Sordin's.  Although I might eventually get a pair of those someday.
  5. Grevlin
    New member of the family:
    Stoeger Condor O/U 12ga.
  6. CaffeinatedX42
    Nice!  Whenever I meet some who says the price of entry for clay shooting sports is too high I point them to Stoeger or a CZ Canvasback.  Great guns.
  7. CaffeinatedX42
    I agree, it's so strange that they are restricted in any way.  They make the firearm much safer, which California claims is their goal, while also making it heavier and bigger.
    That's what happens when the lawmakers primary source of information is movie and television on any subject.  They think it changes it from a hearing damaging "bang" to a quiet "poof"; whereas the reality it changes it from a hearing damaging "bang" to a loud but not hearing damaging "bang".  Nobody would ever mistake the sound of my AR with the suppressor on it as anything other than a gun being fired.
    In famously gun hating France they are available over the counter with no paperwork.  While getting a gun is a huge hassle, supressors are just considered safety devices similar to ear plugs. 
  8. leftnose Contributor
    Not a great picture but ever wanted to see an O/U shotgun with an integral supressor:
    Guy was Italian.  Apparently not a completely unknown item there because of noise issues and population density.
  9. hodgjy
    ^ Sporting clays?
  10. leftnose Contributor
    Yes, last year's World FITASC.
  11. Tsujigiri

    Probably from the same people who decided that any gun with a thumbhole in the stock is an "assault rifle" and needs additional restrictions. Nevermind that that's pretty much exclusively a competition rifle feature.
    CaffeinatedX42 likes this.
  12. grawk
    one that was in response to the pistol grip ban, at that.
  13. CaffeinatedX42
    To bring it back 'round to "gun-fi" instead of "gun politics" (which was my fault).
    Here are some from my collection:
    Long Guns (from top):
    Ruger 10/22
    Remington 870
    Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22
    Smith & Wesson M&P 15-VTAC
    Pistols (from top):
    Ruger 22/45
    Springfield 1911 TRP SS
    Springfield XD45
    Ruger LCP
  14. Tsujigiri
    Springfield does make some beautiful 1911's with those skeletonized triggers and hammers, mag wells, etc. They look like they cost quite a bit more than they do.
  15. leftnose Contributor
    You want gun collection pictures?  I got gun collection pictures:
    Sig 226 SCT 9mm, Streamlight TLR-1
    S&W 686+,. S&W 617 10-shot
    Springfield Loaded Target 9mm, Kimber Custom Target II .45
    S&W M&P9 FS, S&W M&P9 Pro 5"
    Krieghoff K-80 Parcours Highland Game Scene I
    Krieghoff K-80 Plantation Scroll
    Perazzi MX-2000
    And these are just the photos I've handy at the moment.
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