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Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Todd, Jun 14, 2017.
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  1. Mshenay Contributor
    Hey guys! Whose got these at the moment,

    also @wormsdriver and @MacedonianHero good impressions, comfort is a fickle thing though isn't it... many find Audeze headphones too heavy, but I've never had any issues with them comfort wise
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  2. ruthieandjohn
    I sent it to @joseph69 on September 26, and he confirmed receipt a couple of days later. (Translation... Not I!)
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    then he's almost had it for a month then???? @joseph69 have you had the chance to send it up to the next tour member?

    @Todd have you heard from @joseph69, or do you have a personal contact number to reach him at?
  4. joseph69
    Yeah, I've had them for the past month and I have no concern for anyone else, nor do I intend to send them to the next in line until I'm good and ready. Slow down with your questioning me like you did as well as asking Todd if he can contact me and try reading the thread and looking at the list to figure out who has them. SMH
  5. ruhenheiM
    the problem here is not everyone who participated in this loaner program wrote their impressions, not even a single post like i have the headphone at the moment or something like that. so we have no idea who has them or even the loaner program is still going or not

    i think joseph mentioned he already sent the headphone away, maybe not in this thread but in the grado fans club thread because we have a few discussion about ps2000e over there. anyway if you reading this thread from the start to this page. you knew at the very least up to joseph there should be 8 impressions of ps2000e
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  6. Mshenay Contributor
    Well Todd outlined this loaner specifying a week long demo period for all participants... in addition to posting your impressions here. I knew that @joseph69 you were next but you didn't check in with any of us and you've held them for 4 weeks with no communication on this thread from what I've seen.

    I understand wanting more time with a product, I've gone a day or two over the specified time period. Sometimes more, but I always communicate. With the other members and the organizer of the tour especially before I delay the tour. I do that out of respect for the both Todd and the community that's allowing all of us the chance to hear this!

    Remember this is a community, were all excited to hear this product!
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  7. joseph69
    Thank you. I posted my impressions on both the loaner/fan club thread.

    Again, try reading the thread, and stop saying I had them for 4 attention!!! I actually had them 1 day for less than I should've. If you followed the thread you would know this! I communicated with Todd and the next in line (and made sure he received them when he was supposed to, as well as sending Todd the fully insured tracking #) and I posted my impressions the night I sent them out, so there's my communication to the other members on the list. AGAIN...PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT'S GOING ON AND READ THE THREAD AND STOP ACCUSING ME OF HAVING THEM FOR A MONTH!!!
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  8. Mshenay Contributor
    Really man these statements are entirely contradictory... I work full time, I'm a full time student and I run my blog... so I only have time to follow this one thread... which exists for the discussion of both impressions for the ps2ke and for tracking it...

    That said, thank you for clarifying. I apologize for any misunderstanding on my part.

    Who has them at this moment...
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  9. joseph69
    C'mon, this statement was pure sarcasm "Yeah, I've had them for the past month and I have no concern for anyone else, nor do I intend to send them to the next in line until I'm good and ready." Everything alright with you?
  10. ruhenheiM
    sarcastic quite hard with text :D
    but you shouldn't go at one person like that though. you mentioned you follow this one thread so you should've known what happen from the start of this loaner program. only one person wrote impression and nothing follows up. at that moment the headphone could've been at anybody. i think it start from wormsdriver, we started to get it on track again, the impression also who has the headphone at the moment

    if you're not sure, just asking who has the headphone at the moment, don't make any assumption first

    btw, i'm not trying to attacking you. i'm just doing passive aggressive for others to wrote their impressions, i know you guys are busy but you're willing to participate on this loaner program. so impression would be nice:gs1000smile:

    you're supposed on the list right? and based on your post, i don't think you've got the headphone yet. so the headphone should've been at oteil or joedoe
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  11. Mshenay Contributor
    Well sadly I don't quite pick up on sarcasm online so I apologize for misunderstanding you.
    You're right. I based my assumptions entirely off of the response that I got over the last page here

    So at Joseph 69 again I apologize for taking your sarcasm at face value

    I should have taken the time to reread the entire thread and get more context...

    Presently who has them? oteli or joedoe
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  12. ruthieandjohn
    YIKES! My apologies to @joseph69 for even causing the implication that he still has them! If ANYONE would be even faster that the TTVJ tour rules in sending headphones on and in posting comments, it would be joseph69.

    One needs only buy headphones from him, as I have, to see how meticulously careful he is. Not only did the sale go well, but the PS1000e headphones had the rod block stops that he has added, and published, as well as rubber protectors, easily removed, to protect ear cup edges against fingerprints, and the rarity of a completely untwisted cable (and he has described how he keeps his Grado cables from twisting).

    I recall waiting for his review comments with bated breath, as I wondered whether his assessment would be similar to mine, and I was pleased to see they appeared promptly.

    Again, sorry for the implication that my post seems to have caused.
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  13. Mshenay Contributor
    @ruthieandjohn thank you for chiming in looks like we both could have done a little more rereading lol

    None the less I've also just picked up a Ylipson G1 in Walnut which I'll have alongside my existing Nhoord red V1, so I guess I'm just really excited to see how the Grado flagships compare their DIY competitors
  14. joseph69
    It's all good.
    I sent them to @Oteil Thursday 10/05 and he received them Wednesday 10/11 because of Sunday/Columbus Day, so he should've sent them out Wednesday 10/18 to the next in line which is @JoeDoe who should've received them around 10/21 and be sending them out 1 week later.
  15. ruhenheiM
    bad bad boy! bad boy!
    but since you're wrote detailed review of ps2000e then on behalf of @joseph69 , i accept your apology and i forgive you:sunglasses::sunglasses:
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