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Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Todd, Jun 14, 2017.
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  1. joseph69
    No implications on your part. Thank you for the kind words, John.
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  2. Mshenay Contributor
    Excellent! Then I can expect these hopefully in the first week of November

    I'm so concerned with the time because I'm last on purpose! I would have been first but I wanted to hear the gs2ke an ps2ke at the same time. So @Todd
    graciously allowed me the chance to hear both but I'd have to be the very last on each tour! An that was many months ago

    Forgive my implications

    @joseph69 I'm happy to hear you to take excellent care of your collection as well ^^ I think selling headphones probably my favorite part about this hobby getting a chance to share something that I've taken good care of with somebody else who will be able to also enjoy it take good care of it and share it with somebody else in the future is really rewarding!
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  3. ruhenheiM
    the headphone already full burn in though so that's an advantage and since you also have gs2000e on hand, i think a lot of people really curious how that comparison would be. but if i'm not mistaken @ruthieandjohn mentioned there were grattle already and he tried his best to solve it. not sure if @joseph69 notice this grattle or not
  4. joseph69
    Yeah, it takes a long time when you add the 1 week listening time + shipping/Sunday and any Holidays involved. I always take care of anything I own, no need to mistreat things that give you joy. And yes, if I sell anything I know the buyer is going to be 100% satisfied with its working/cosmetic order, which does make me feel good that they received it in like new condition. Looking forward to reading your impressions on the PS2Ke.
  5. joseph69
    I had seen the stray strand of cheese cloth (IIRC on the L driver) when I put a new pair of Grado G cushions on them, and fortunately I didn't hear any rattle at all.
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  6. Mshenay Contributor
    Todd still has the GS2ke his own personal headphone

    He'll be shipping it to me when the PS2 ke ships

    If there is some rattle on the PS2Ke as the last on the tour I can certainly reach out to Todd about possibly getting it repaired before doing any comparisons
  7. joseph69
    @ruhenheiM or anyone,

    Please post anything on this forum so I can see if I receive an email notification which I'm trying to resolve, thanks!
  8. ruhenheiM
    test 1 2 3
  9. Mshenay Contributor
    Here's a quote, and an @joseph69
  10. joseph69
    Thank you both very much!
  11. Oteil
    I had the headphones last, I just got the address for @JoeDoe, they are on there way to him.....I will be writing my impressions in the next day or so. I think somebody needs to take a chill pill.:):)

    P.S. I didn't hear the rattle.
  12. ruthieandjohn
    Having reviewed both the GS2000e and the PS2000e on their respective TTVJ tours, my dream is to own both so I too can compare them side by side. I love them BOTH!
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  13. Mshenay Contributor
    Excellent thank you for checking in! Sadly I don't have time to chill lol working 7 days a week makes me kinda WIREY,so much to DO so little TIME, bu tI appreciate your patience and understanding!

    @JoeDoe just check in with us when you've gotten them ^^

    @ruthieandjohn I have to admit I'd love to see what your thoughts on them both are! You've got some of the largest Grado Comparisons I've ever read through!
  14. DBX1
    If this loaner program comes around again, i would love to participate in it and compare it to my PS1000e headphones.
  15. JoeDoe
    Hey fellas, just wanted to let you know that the PS2k's arrived at casa de JoeDoe this weekend and they seemed to have traveled just fine! Will post impressions later!
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