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Grado PS1000: The Legendary Flagship (Review)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by austin morrow, Jun 18, 2012.
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  1. Dubstep Girl
    the WA6-SE sounds great with my RS1 and was great with my 325is as well! goes very well with the grado sound.
  2. Gradofan2
    Yes... my WA6-SEm is phenomenal with my RS-1's, PS500's and, of course, PS1000's - whether my source is the Monarchy M24 Tube Dac, or Marantz SA8001, or iPod Touch 4 / Pure i30.
    I'm continually amazed at how much better (life-like) these phones sound than virtually all others I've tried.  
  3. mrarroyo Contributor
    ^ Hi there, long time since I post here. I concur with your statement, Grado cans sound IMO great and unfortunately with the proliferation of new cans by various vendors people do not seem to be enjoying them as much. A pity since the Grado sound is unique and quite engaging with far more styles of music than just rock.  Currently listening to jazz via a highly modified SR80, which sounds great but of course not in the same league as the RS1 and higher Grado cans.
  4. Gradofan2
    Yes... we've been missing your avatar... especially!
  5. Focker
  6. MacedonianHero Contributor
  7. stacker45
    It's always nice to read posts from peoples enjoying the gear that they own,i have e pretty good idea how you must feel,as i have yet to find something i don't like about my PS1000, even after 8 months, they still amaze me everytime i put them on, wich is good, considering how expensive they are.
    I don't mean to bore peoples with too many details, but i myself like to know what equipement peoples are using upstream, and also the music that they listen to, not only out of simple curiosity, but i find i helps me understand why they come to a particular conclusion regarding a pair of headphones, or any other component(s) for that matter.
    Now, yesterday i was listening to one of the ''Best audiophile voices VOL VI'' series CD with my PS1000, the source was my Yamaha DVD-S2700 and my Musical Fidelity X-CAN V2 hybrid amp, and was experiencing nice deep bass, clear neutral mids and nicely detailed ''airy'' extended treble, all that, and a wide and deep soundstage, what more could i ask for?
  8. SHAHZADA123
    An ECBA, maybe [​IMG]
    It's the best I've heard the PS1000s with.
  9. JohnnyCrash8
    This review was very complete, makes me want to save up the small fortune required to buy. Maybe in a few years :)

    For now I will enjoy my 325's and keep experimenting with DIY amps.
  10. Marks World
    Thanks so much for the great review.  It helped me to narrow down and include the Grado's in my final buying decision.  I appreciated the further comments from everyone.  Maybe it is my setup (nuforce HDP to macbook pro with audirvana or Fidelia for playback) but I haven't found them to be overly bright.  It also may be my lack of experience with high end fidelity.  When I was comparing at the store I brought my macbook and the dragonfly USB DAC.  To my ear the Sennheiser HD800 (my original choice when going into the store) were much brighter.    Anyway, thanks for all the comments and feedback, very useful
  11. Dubstep Girl
    i found the ps1000 to be unbearibly harsh and very bright, but it does vary with setups, i've heard the hd 800 sound very warm with some tube amps, but also shrill with others. 
    the ps1000s are generally peakier and brighter than the hd 800 though.
    with the right setup though the ps1000 are pretty nice headphones especially if you enjoy the grado sound.
  12. mortcola

    It is a tribute to people who understand and honor the spirit of dialogue and difference of opinion. So, while there is a homunculus in my left foot that would like to scream at you for being a deaf shill for Sennheiser, Audeze, Beyer, and Beelzebub, I choose, as a well-reputed psychologist to aim higher.  I have heard all of them.  I have played my comparisons neatly and scientifically to friends, audiophiles and not. To me and all but one of the friends, The Grado’s were categorically superior in all musical and analytic ways.  The others sounded like expensive toys at worst, decent overpriced consumer goods at best. Between tonality, sonority, attack/decay, naturalistic conveying of both forest and trees in ensembles, Linn/Naim style rhythmic pop, and extras like soundstaging, it could have been the best of 1970 vs the best of 2015. Yet yours is a strong minority opinion and you write as though you convey genuine perceptions accurately.  So in the joyful avoidance of “who would win, Swamp Thing or The Hulk”, let rejoice in the plethora of music and devices on which to keep it alive on, and in the fact that you are so reasonable while being in shocked denial at how much better my headphones are than yours!![​IMG][​IMG]
  13. Stereolab42
    You know you just responded in indignation to a 2-year old thread right? :0
  14. mortcola

    Indignation, no.  It was fun and ended with a silly joke. 2 year old, sure! Been reading  lot of audio lately and enjoying how seriously people take it.
  15. grokit
    The ps1k is a very good headphone that really (and somewhat surprisingly for me at least), scales up with good amplification. I have been away from my balanced woo wa22 setup and have been listening to these through my bel canto dac32 > mf xcans/psu setup and they sound very good, but not great like they do out of my woo.
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