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Good bang for buck IEMs

  1. SarafAtak
    Hello all
    Apologies in advance if I use any technical terms in completely the wrong context...
    I would like to narrow down a search for a good pair of in ear monitors anywhere between £50 and £150. Its not particularly the price i'm interested in but sound quality / value. I have looked at many of the previous threads (sub $100 /£100) and the differences in choice and opinions is making my head spin. 
    I recently got the Sony MDR V6 for home listening and am steadily growing to love them. If possible I would like to get a pair IEMs with a similar sound signature (as possible) but am open to any suggestions.
    I listen to a variety of different music types including some dance (house/techno) acoustic  (fink / bonobo / cougar)  singer songwriter (fink) piano and cello based (classical). Strengths for these music types are a plus and anything that can give good soundstaging (positioning of the sound?) would be better.
    The sound doesn't need exaggerated bass but I appreciate the full sound the V6s seem to produce.
    I hope this doesn't come across as me being lazy as I have been reading reviews / threads in this forum for a couple of weeks. Still hear are the leading contenders but I do not know if their strengths match up to my musical preferences.
    I'll appreciate if anyone can advise me based on their own experiences. 
    I have gleaned a few ideas of my own:
    Beyerdynamic DTX 80 
    Klipsch Image s4's 
    Audio Technica ATHCK7
    Head direct RE0
    Panasonic RP-HJE900
    DTX 80 - These were my first choice. Have these been replaced by the DTX 71s? I cannot find a review for them anywhere.
    Head direct Re0 - These sound perfect but I've read they are a bit thin in bass which might affect me more than others.
    Panasonic RP-HJE900 - Mixed reviews..

  2. dye1337
    I think the re-zero is better bang for buck than the re0 And has more bass. would be my pick
  3. SarafAtak
    Cheers for the suggestion - From what I can read about them they do sound like they are the best quality. I cannot find any retailers in the UK that stock them though. The one website I found was "Out of Stock"...

    Can anybody suggest an alternative?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. yello131
    another "bung for the buck" is Radius DDM.
    Best suited for piano and stringed instruments.
    I see they are available in UK at iheadphones
  5. SarafAtak
    Thanks for the suggestion - reviews say the sound is amazing! A great sound signature for my tastes.

    I should have mentioned this will be for mainly portable use ie cycling to work / use in the office / walking outside etc and the DDM apparently doesn't like movement
  6. yello131

    Yes DDM cable makes noise (microphonic) as well as isolation is poor.

  7. Marcus_C
    If you want a review of the beyer's they're in my sig, I like them a lot, much better than the s4 and without the build flaws present in the re0. There are a few other people's impressions in the thread and bear in mind it was written a year ago but I stand by most of it.
  8. TheDreamthinker
    Next would be the DBA-02......I haven't owned it, but it's supposed to be very good.
  9. Redmetal1897
    Good bang for buck IEM's
    re262, DBA-02, Fischer Audio Silver Bullet, Fischer Audio Eterna, Radius DDM, Pana HJE900, re-0, 
  10. AudioDwebe
    I'd suggest you look into the Etymotic ER6i.
    I've got the ER6, but from everything I've read, the ER6i is just a more efficient version of the 6.  So if the i is anything like the 6, it's going to be killer "for the money" IEM, as long as you're not a bass-head.

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