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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. clerkpalmer
    No they will not. Doesn't make them bad but you are really comparing apples to oranges. Both the Sony and senns sound better than any chi fi I've heard except maybe the nuarl. If you want that experience out of chifi grab a bt20 plus hybrid iem of your choice.
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  2. Firevortex
    i saw a review few weeks ago on youtube. they said Track Air+ has decent ANC and were comfortable but MX3 trumps it in every other category besides comfort. they've also notice a bad stethoscope effect when you exercise (hearing your own heart beat) lol
  3. VTman
    Please refer to Post#11607 in this thread
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
  4. chinmie
  5. Caipirina
    Thank you ... for future references, you can also link directly to past posts :)

    Like the shape of the buds, too bad that amazon US is out of reach for me. Looking fwd to your impressions.
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  6. webvan
    What review is that? All IEMs are going to have a stethoscope effect with eartips that seal so I'm not sure what they mean. If anything the Track Air + do not have deep insertion so it's not as bad as on the Sonys.

    They have a few quirks (ANC mics always on, one action only per bud with a double tap) but they're very capable TWS. Great design/confort, light, excellent SQ (much more balanced than the Sony XM3 that have very recessed highs), tiny case. It's too bad they're not able to put more on the market and get "influencers" to review them like Sony did.

    I'm still slightly on the fence whether to keep them or not in light of my current "stable" but they're ahead of the XM3s at this point.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
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  7. Firevortex
    Its a Chinese review channel called TESTV. they compared it head to head with the 1000mx3. like i said some main flaws against it mentioned in the video: stethoscope effect is BAD compared to others, ANC isn't as good as sony, SQ isnt as good, its app is total crap according to them and the forums. if you're happy then thats all it counts?
  8. webvan
    Happy? I'm sharing my observations with members of this community and don't have any dogs in this race. I paid the same price for both and might be keeping one so don't care either way. Don't believe everything you see on YouTube especially if it's only one review that points out specific "problems".
  9. Firevortex
    i'm just replying to your question about the review you asked for? now you are telling me not to believe them and you seem to be defending the flaws they pointed out which makes you "happy" with your buds. i'm not implying anything about you having a dog in the race with the word "happy". i'm just sharing info as i wanted to purchase them before. they did mention the comfort is amazing compared to the Sony.
  10. VTman
    Bought these TWS mainly for the kids. I am not a big fan of bluetooth audio and already have more headphones/earbuds than I really need.....

    Original plan was to find those Anbes 359's because of so many positive reviews/comments in this thread. But it seems those 359 are no longer available, so I changed the plan trying to find same buds made by same manufacturer but under other different reseller brands just like what many others did. It's a bit risky because there were some mixed feedbacks, until I found a webpage seems to be the factory in Shenzhen making all those UFO/BE30 variants. They claim those water drop shaped buds are out of a proprietary mold, and listed total 5 versions of the BE30 available for bulk orders. The cheapest version has Pixart BT solution, then 3 versions using Realtek solution. The latest and most expensive version has a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip in it. That latter one became my new target.

    After few days searching on Amazon, I ordered these Kanoe model even though the charging case is not UFO shaped. As I don't have the original 359 to compare the sound, thus cannot be 100% sure if these are really what I think they were. But, considering the price point (<40), these are quite good in terms of build and sound quality. I am very happy with my purchase, so are the kids. YMMV
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
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  11. webvan
    Hum.. how could I defend "flaws" that I have not observed with my side by side testing and that no other review has pointed put? It's a bit hard to understand why you are insisting on taking that particular review at face value...
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  12. Caipirina
    Wow! May I applaud your intricate detective skills? That's quite a find! Proprietary mold and only 5 models. No wonder kids are happy with that shape! already tried a picture search on AliX, alas .. ah well, may my 359 just hold forever.
  13. charleski
    It all depends on whether you're willing (and able) to apply a fair amount of EQ. There are a lot of cheap earphones that are actually quite good, but have been tuned to produce overwhelming bass because that's what the market wants. The Syllable S101 I reviewed is one example. Take the bass out and it really shines (and shines even more if you make some other EQ tweaks). But the upper end of the market is no exception. I haven't had a chance to hear them, but looking at the FR graphs for the Sennheiser I doubt I'd be happy without giving them a lot of EQ as well, though the Sony seems better.
  14. Firevortex
    1) that review channel is one of China's more popular indepth tech review channels. did you watch it ?
    2) there is heaps of blogs and in depth reviews on forums and blogs in china that mentioned the major microphonics issue with the Air+ when there isn't any reviews in English.

    all in chinese but every single one even the forums mentioned the microphonics issue.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  15. Firevortex
    EQing is not an issue for me with IEMs. i find that i don't need to EQ as much for the sennheiser (my EQ looks almost flat) compared to the sony. Sony seems to need a boost up the treble and lower the bass for my liking. main difference is the clarity, sound stage, call quality and comfort of the sennheiser beating the Sony (not by a large margin). i'm not expecting a sub $100 chi-fi twe to beat out those two heavyweights but would come close in one of the attributes such as sound stage. would be curious to see how close they've come.
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