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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Spamateur
    What phone are you using? My Pixel 3 XL automatically connects to the Mavin via aptX HD and did so from the first Bluetooth pairing with my phone, but I didn't realize it might not be automatic with all phones.

    I literally tried 3 or 4 different types of Comply foam tips and none of them worked because the bore size was always too small for the large nozzles on the Air-X. Per @mikp 's recommendation I went to aliExpress and ordered some "QKZ T400" memory foam tips that work well. They only seem to offer them in medium size, but I have large ears and they work ok. They're a pain to get on the nozzles, but they work because the bore stretches unlike the Comply foams. I also have found the Spinfit CP155 tips work well, but they can get pushed all the way down the nozzle so you don't get as deep of an insertion. The foam tips from aliexpress sound the best to my ears.
  2. clerkpalmer
    Are you guys telling me the Mavin air x really sounds better than the mw07 and mtw? Because if you are telling the truth and not lying through your teeth, I’m going to have to buy them.edit the reviews I have seen do not reference class leading sq. They all seem to like the sq but none I have read have indicated that it beats the big boys.
  3. Luchyres
    In seeing this resurgence of Mavin Air-X comments - I thought I'd chime in;

    I may not have had the best Mavin Air-X (maybe I got a bad version) but I was not pleased with the audio quality - the air-x was lacking in bass and had a slight resonance/rattle for me. The call quality was also below that of the Anbes 359, in my case, and my gf refused to talk to me when I had them in (she could 'hear' the difference) .

    The Air-X only lasted a few days for me before I sent them back - I can't quite remember what I was comparing them to at the time, but I was not very excited about the Mavin's - and I figured I'd wait to see their QCC 5xxx update. I would definitely not say they were better, sound wise, than the MTW.
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  4. d3myz
    Just an update I've gotten several compliments on the call quality on the Back Bay Duet 50. used it in my car on the freeway, outside and in noisy environments around lots of kids. Very impressed with these overall.
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  5. joshnor713
    The left earpiece of my MTW just died :frowning2:. First noticed a "clanking" sound upon insertion. Sounded like driver flex. But then the sound started cutting out, and now no sound at all. Bought this pair last Dec, and it was a replacement to a first pair that had a hissing issue on one earpiece.

    I'm a fan of Sennheiser, but man, the quality of this product has put a dent in my view. Anyone else have quality issue(s) with theirs? Glad Senn has a decent warranty period. Gonna hit them up.
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  6. 05stisilver
    Having owned the MTW and currently have the Nuarl NT01-AX and Mavin Air-x the Mavin's do not sound better than the MTW or the Nuarl's. I can't speak for the call quality. The only reason I grab the Mavin's over the Nuarl's is because of form factor (Nuarl's are huge) and battery life. But for pure listening enjoyment the Nuarl's are better. In my opinion they are comparable to the Samsung Galaxy buds which I wish I would have kept and returned the Mavin's.
  7. chinmie
    having tried the mavin and nuarl briefly, I'd say i enjoyed the nuarl sound better. the Mavin have brighter and more brittle sound, while the nuarl has a softer and warmer mids. i still enjoy the Sony wf-1000x as well most other chifi tws i have compared to the mavin and nuarl though
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
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  8. vladzakhar
    Same here. I rank them better then Mpaw T5's. The sound is more balanced. Vocals sound better. The battery life is longer.
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  9. d3myz
    Hmm.. I definitely don't think the sound quality of the Duo is better, it's less crisp and accurate to me and the duo's lack the punch of the T5s, the T5's have more elevated mids and I get much better vocals, the duo's are a bit more recessed, but they are definitely balanced and all around great performer. They are lighter and more comfortable to wear for long periods for me. I've only had them for 3-4 days, so i'm sure they are still burning in. What tips do you use for the duo's and T5's? I'm using s/m JVC spiral dots, they are a wide bore. I need to get some other tips. They stock tips on the T5 sounded like garbage to me. I pretty much put my spiral dots on every pair compare.
  10. Bartig
    I've got two Whizzer TP1's. Both are faulty. I'd be careful with these.
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  11. vladzakhar
    I am using spin fit tips with Duet. For the vocals sound definitely better here. Cleaner and more cohesive.
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  12. d3myz
    I'll have to try them out, which model spinfit?
  13. Spamateur
    Hmmm... to hear that someone finds the Mavin Air-X "bright" is a surprise to me. I can't stand a bright or fatiguing sound signature, which is why I've had bad experiences with a lot of Audio-Technica headphones, ESS Sabre-based DACs, and the Sennheiser HD700 and HD800 more specifically. The Air-X isn't anywhere near bright to my ears. The general sound signature reminds me of the HD650 with more presence and extension, or maybe even the LCD3F (not in terms of technicalities but in terms of raw frequency response). In 6 months of ownership I've never heard a hint of glare or sibilance or brightness (unless it's already in the recording). However, unlike most TW IEMs I've heard, they don't have an obvious dip in the presence region that I can detect, so you get a lot more detail and resolution than you normally get with TW IEMs.

    I'm wondering if folks who find them "bright" or "brittle" might be having fit issues finding a good seal, but even that doesn't make sense to me as mine have never sounded brittle at any point. At worst there's occasionally a touch of grain, but I've heard that with all TW IEMs except for maybe the MTW or Bose SSF, both of which do a good job walking the line between resolution and smoothness.

    I just did another back-to-back swap with the Sony XM3 and Air-X and the Sony definitely sound more bombastic and forward with a bigger bass thump. The XM3 has a larger soundstage, incidentally. I think the Air-X has slightly better imaging, but the Sony definitely is more enveloping for lack of a better term.

    I definitely can't guarantee the Mavin Air-X is the best IEM for everyone's tastes, but for mine they're spot-on.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  14. Spamateur
    Well, we all know this hobby is highly subjective so I'd hate to have you buy something you might not like. I think a lot of people would find the Air-X boring if they really love a bombastic, forward signature, but I find them involving and highly musical. However, I've never once found them bright or brittle, and I can't stand a bright sound signature. I think if you really like the MTW you might find the Mavins a bit laid-back, but they have more presence than the Sony XM3. I personally really liked the MTW but have to admit I found them to be a bit cold and steely. If you've heard the Bose SoundSport Free the Air-X sound sort of like a better version of that.
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  15. clerkpalmer
    Definitely like the Bose SSF. 130 is a tough price though. A little too much to take a flyer on. Hmmmm.
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