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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. BigAund
    Do you know whats the difference between the Pro and the regular one? And are these USB C?

  2. chinmie
    the pro uses single BA driver while the regular uses single micro dynamic driver. all else the same. they still use micro usb
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  3. Slater
    Try your phone in the other pocket.

    Many of these TWs operate in a master-slave configuration. So for example, your phone may actually pair and maintain a connection with the Left bud. And the left bud itself communicates with the right bud.

    So in my example above, if you had your phone in your right pocket, you may get dropouts, since you’re body is in the way and is blocking/absorbing signal. So switching the phone to the left pocket would allow better connectivity with the left (master) bud.

    There’s no standard on which side is master though. On the QCY QS1/T1C, it’s the right bud. So I have best luck keeping my phone on my right side front or back pocket.
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  4. Slater
    The problem with the v80 is something internal, with grounding, design of the crossover, or something like that. The v80 are problematic on Bluetooth cables, and can even shock people when wearing them.

    If you use the v80 with Bluetooth, you’re going to have to put up with the noise. I’d strongly recommend pairing the BT20 with any IEM other than the v80.
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  5. clerkpalmer
    Yes. I bought the bt20 to go with v80 and they are unlistenable. I have never even tried tried the bt20 again. I guess I should consider picking up a new iem to test with it.
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  6. Caipirina
    Thanks @Slater and @clerkpalmer for the feedback. Well, I had kinda read something about that before but dismissed it as 'maybe single case' or 'can't be that bad' (no, it's worse), but good thing is that I have several .75mm IEMs and I rotate them on the BT20 .. or their cables, or my balanced .75mm cable (on which the V80 sound great) .. just really surprised that TRN did not catch that glitch, seemingly advertizing them as a match made in heaven :wink:
  7. Slater
    In my opinion, TRN has had some growing pains and a few stumbles as they’ve learned to get their footing.

    Tuning problems, mass QC recalls, faceplates coming unglued, etc.

    They do seem to get a little better with each IEM release. Perhaps I’ll try one of their IEMs one day soon.

    Their Bluetooth stuff is excellent though, and I own numerous models.
  8. clerkpalmer
    I probably have asked a few times but can I get a couple of recommendations for a decent iem to use other than v80? Would like to try the bt20 again. I’d lean toward a warm v shaped signature for my intended use in the gym. Thanks guys.
  9. Caipirina
    Do you sweat a lot? (I do!) I would personally NOT use the BT20 in any sweaty environment ... that being said, you could start maybe with the ZS3, those guys sound fun and carried me through my first half marathon (wired) ... recently I am enjoying the ZSR for fun gym / EDM like sound. But also TRN's V20 (no hiss) are on my 'not so expensive, but fun' IEM rotation.
  10. Inear
    I backed Adv-Sound Model X on indigogo and so far, I've been impressed with the battery life, connectivity issue has happened with the left bud. The controls work flawlessly, the bass is good. Battery life is good. I've been using Compy foams for Jabra Elite 65t and they fit in the case.
  11. 05stisilver
    I haven't seen anyone post anything about the one more true wireless. Nor have I seen any online reviews. I decided to order it with the Mothers day discount (mom25). It. Came out to @80 usd. 1 more has put out some quality products so I figured I'd give it a shot.

    6.5 hour battery life
    15 minute fast charge for 3hr battery
    Bluetooth 5
    Aptx, AAC
    Titanium driver
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  12. NYG92
    Thanks for the reply. Have ordered them. Will be my first tws iems. Hope they are good.
  13. Soreniglio
    Are you referring to these? https://www.gizmochina.com/2019/04/...s-¥799-119-nubia-pods-truly-wireless-earbuds/
  14. clerkpalmer
  15. 05stisilver
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