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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. hifi80sman
    Indeed. However, I usually find many of the "professional" reviewers have a completely different opinion than I do once I actually get a hold of something and test it out. I usually find the best feedback here, but it doesn't look like anyone has actually tested them out yet.
  2. albau
    Interesting tidbit about MW07. Tried to post review on Amazon but they said that this item is closed for reviews for a number of undisclosed reasons, but also "possibly because of the unusual commenting activity". Never saw anything like this. Just curious why it could be? Maybe M&D doesn't want to hear about less than spec battery life?
  3. webvan
    Don't recall ever seeing something like this either. What I have seen is a product being "suspended" (i.e. not available for purchase) due to ongoing investigations following customer feedback (or some text to that effect).
  4. chinmie
    the ES100 can drive my ATH R70X headphone easily, so it is a very capable amp dac. i don't think any iems would pose a problem for the ES100. other DAC aside the ES100 to consider is the Fiio BTR3. it has a "snappier" attack to the sound, while the ES100 has a more pleasant and natural sound. both are equally great product.

    although the JVC and M0 combo are easily doubles the price of the M2 or the TW :ksc75smile:
    interesting that you put the M2 and the TW on the same rating on sound, as i really like the sound of the M2. how about the whole package experience (the feature, battery life, convenience, etc) between them both? which one do like more?

    I might be parroting about this a bit too much lately, but i really recommend the Sabbat X12pro. it's like the KSC75/portapro in a really small size, with great 7 hours battery life, and small charging case size.

    I'm curious how this compares to the Bose soundsport, as they have the similar open sound
  5. 05stisilver
    Since I see you have the Jabra 65t how does the sabat compare to that? Also can I run/workout with the Sabat without them falling out? Their design looks like they would just fall out of my ears. I'm also interested in the M2 as well.
  6. hifi80sman
    I've seen this before with a pair of Chi-Fi headphones. In that case, I suspect it was a lot of positive "Verified Purchase" reviews from affiliated parties. There may be a lot of repeated phrases or something that suggests there's a C-O-N-spiracy.
  7. clerkpalmer
    my jay bird run had stabilizer wings. I wouldn’t trust the Jabra to stay in my ears either running. I agree however that for some people they will probably stay seated but my guess is it’s the exception not the rule.
  8. mrdalesen
    used to have a pair of sony eb90ex which I wore comfortably, and that was a 16mm driver. So i hope I dont need wings on these :/
  9. clerkpalmer
    @chinmie, I was hoping one might think your headphones sound better out of the es100 rather than wired via your note 9. While introducing Bluetooth degrades sound a bit, adding an amp and dac to the chain should improve it right? When I swapped my iPhone wired for the ES100, using my new trn v80 the sq improved to my ears. The es100 is making me want to try some high end earbuds again ... and so the sickness continues.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
  10. chinmie
    Sound wise, I'd say they are comparable in SQ, but each have their own strengths as they have a very different fitting model (closed IEM vs open earbud style). the jabra is more versatile because you can set the ambient sound level so it can be like open earbud too. still a different experience though.

    depending on ear shape. if airpods fit snug in your ears, you would love the Sabbat. it would sit on my ears without falling even if i do handstand with it (i also tested it for running with no problem). it also comes with two sets of earfins the help getting a more secure fit.

    the jabra would work itself out of my ears periodically, especially when sweating. it also would fall off when i do handstand. it might be because it is slightly more protruding and have a bit of weight on the outside.

    the earin won't come of out of your ears unless you pull it out. it's also has the best sound for my taste.

    so to sum up their strengths that i like with them:
    Jabra: can connect to two device at once. my best TWs for riding.

    Sabbat: best fit for long session, crazy battery life, my preferred TWs for indoor use and sleeping.

    Earin: Favorite sound, really low profile and secure fit (can use universal eartips), my best TWs for noisy environments

    bonus: Sony WF1000X: i rarely use this one anymore since i got the sabbat, but to me this is a very good sounding IEM. if only it has a bit of more battery and less quirky connection with ANC or ambient mode on...

    i have the Pamu Scroll incoming and see how it goes.
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  11. chrisbriton
    I don’t consider myself to be overly “sporty” but appreciate a decent sound in a convenient package when excercising. Is the real benefit of true wireless not for the active person? excercise, commute? They won’t match the performance of whatever over ears your rocking so besides novelty value, why would you choose to sit at home with these performance limiting “go anywhere” buds stuck in your ears?
  12. 05stisilver
    Thank you for the reply.

    I primarily use these for my training sessions which are lengthy (Spartan race/Trail/Mountain running) so my primary focus would be battery life so that would take out the Sony. What type of battery life do you get out of the Earin? The Pamu Scroll does look interesting just not sure if the real world battery life would be enough for me. I have the same issues with the Jabra 65t falling out of my ears. I almost lost one when it fell out and almost off the side of a mountain! So I primarily use the older Elite Sport. The sound quality is just not that great nor is the battery life. I thought about getting the new version with the 4.5 hour battery life.
  13. chinmie
    the ES100 definitely have a better sound than the direct output of my Note 8 and tablets..and yes, I'd say it's because the better Dac Amp. i rarely use my ES100 anymore because i have the better sounding BlueDAC, but i still think the ES100 (and the Fiio BTR3) are really hard to beat for their price
  14. chinmie
    i got about 4 hours with the Earin. you might also want to consider the Mifo o5 or their rebranded TFZ X1 on aliexpress, they also promised 7 hours battery life, but i haven't tested them myself, so take it with a grain of salt.
  15. chinmie
    i do. mainly because it is convenient of having no cables tugging my head. i only use wired while I'm sitting down at my work desk or on the bed before sleeping, and also on a plane.

    at home for YouTube and light music while doing chores and moving about, and going to the mall with my family, and of course for working out, i choose true wireless nowadays
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