Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

  1. stuck limo
    Larry did not charge for a perk, then publicly declare that the perk didn't exist, and then hope that backers wouldn't lose their minds [especially with the already toxic nature of this campaign reaction], only to add it at the last second when they did. There were lots of issues between the marketing team and Larry and I hope one day we can touch on them in an update. The buck stops with Larry, and he knows this was a screw-up. But it wasn't malicious in any way by Larry. Just mismanagement of the marketing team and he's hyper-aware of the issue now.
  2. marflao
    you're doing a great job here being the facilitator between the both worlds (backers and LHL). And seriously, I really appreciate what you have achieved so far: more information have been provided to us since a loooooong time.

    Nonetheless we have the facts that we were bombed with perks in the past, jumped on them based on their description and out off a sudden were told "sorry guys, this or that feature can't be realized because of various reasons" (examples: GW32, various Pulse models, Source chassis, missing mu-metal in some Pulses ..).
    Or some perks backers had paid for perks and others received them for free. Of course this led every time to a big ****storm with high pressure on LHL resulting in refunds in some cases (GW32).

    And now the same situation again with the aptx topic. If someone from us backers hadn't brought it up to LHL attention, "supported" with proofs that it was mentioned /discussed (and promised to be part of a dedicated perk) earlier I'm not sure if we would have got the aptx feature.

    It really can't be from my point of view to tell you guys what features you have to implement based on the perks you advertised and received our money for. This is something which had to be in scope of the design team.
    And three years ago I really doubt that there was no communication /alignment on the perk description between Larry and Gavin.

    Hence I react a bit sensitive that now the relationship between Marketing and Larry is mentioned the root cause.
  3. stuck limo
    I can't speak to past experiences with this campaign; I'm also not here to excuse bad business decisions. But I was on the phone with Larry at the moment I told him and he literally didn't know aptX was supposed to be on there. He even told me I was wrong and to double check the IGG to verify. Then I did right there on the phone and he was stunned. The guy absolutely didn't know and was pretty upset and confused over it. (as I stated on IGG, Zero Trans Jitter has nothing to do with aptX, and he stated this to me over the phone and was pretty exasperated)

    Then we immediately started making plans to implement the aptX for the units.

    SHOULD Larry have known? Yes. I also found out I need to check (myself) on all the perks to make sure there's no confusion in the future. There's an entire story Larry told me about the marketing team going nuts and not verifying with him on things. This was one of them, apparently. Is that a valid excuse? No, it should have been managed by Larry --- but that's what happened. It was simply mismanagement, and it never got caught until the backers said something. Not malicious. Just sloppy management.

    Anyway, I'm glad we caught that and I think learned an important lesson and I believe Larry learned a valuable lesson as well.
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  4. MikeyFresh
    Thank you, well said and exactly the point I was trying to make.
    No we aren't Wings, not on the Pulse or Vi DAC campaigns. No information of any substance has been provided in 2 years, and you know it. If you like the recent updates provided on the Wave campaign so be it, but don't extrapolate that to somehow suggest there has been all new and good communication on the Pulse and Vi DAC, because there hasn't.

    I stand by what I said and we are free to disagree here, perhaps it was better stated by @WoodyLuvr above, general interest "updates" and BS about moving offices (again) is not of interest, really amounts to nothing, and can be construed as a diversion both of LH Labs' scarce communication resources for meaningless purposes, as well as a diversion of attention from the real issues at hand. A broken record if there ever was one, and no, neither I nor anyone else was suggesting this is Jarek's fault, it is of course the fault of @Larry Ho.
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  5. wingsounds13
    You do have a point. While I still casually follow the Pulse DAC and analog campaigns, I do not follow them closely. Similarly, curiosity leads me to look in on the Vi DAC campaign occasionally, perhaps as often as twice a year. Of course, the Wave and Source campaigns keep my attention, as I am awaiting delivery of both of those products. I don't know about the Vi DAC as I have not checked recently, but you are correct that there have been no updates of any substance on the Pulse DAC and analog campaigns. I admit that I am curious as to what happened to stop production and delivery of Pulse infinity DACs for almost two years.

    The ultimate question is: Are we getting the products that we backed in crowdfunding campaigns. At this point I still say Yes, we will eventually get what we backed. Of course we want information, and frequent updates along the way so that we know that the campaigner is still around and working on our new toys. Yes, toys, as nothing that LH Labs produces is essential for life. Also, as a reminder, backing a product in a crowdfunding campaign is NOT buying a product. There is no guarantee that the project will be completed and product shipped. Although a significant percentage of these campaigns fail to deliver, I will say again that I still believe that the LH Labs campaigns will deliver... eventually.

    Yes, we are ALL frustrated about LH Labs taking forever to deliver, particularly in the case of the Pulse infinity DACs, as something like 80 percent of backers had received their DACs as of about two years ago, and essentially none since then. WTF! Cashflow? Design updates/changes? Production problems? Mismanagement? I doubt that even Larry could answer those questions to the satisfaction of those still awaiting delivery. At least we have somewhat of a story on why the Vi DACs are so painfully slow to deliver - A chassis that was not designed for quantity manufacturing, rather more like a low production boutique product like the Light Harmonic DaVinci DAC. The only answer that really holds any meaning IS actual delivery, and at that point even this will not satisfy some. Unfortunately, that is about all that we can expect.

    Now, when is LH Labs going to get back on its feet? We must watch and wait to see.

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  6. MikeyFresh
    That has to be the most glaring failure and biggest mystery among many. Like you, I received my Pulse a long time ago, I have trouble imagining any scenario where that campaign wouldn't by now have been completely fulfilled. I feel very badly for those that are still awaiting a Pulse, really unconscionable.

    The Vi DAC campaign is unfortunately fast approaching the ugly status of the Pulse campaign, and it could turn out worse in the end as unlike with the Pulse, it appears that no appreciable amount of Vi DAC backers have received anything. The chassis story has had a solid 2 year run by now, even if only a tiny handful of chassis were produced each month there should by now be 25-50 happy Vi DAC owners out there. But it looks more like there are just about zero happy Vi DAC owners out there.

    Pulse analog campaign? Wow... somehow I managed not to back that one.
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  7. Maelob
    I did and it sucks
  8. Shawnb
    From the Indiegogo page, scrolled through the whole history on posts regarding aptx and the Bluetooth perk and the forums and while aptx has been asked about for well over a year this is the only reply I've seen from Larry on Bluetooth.

    1 year ago
    @larry, any chance that the Wave will have bluetooth transmit function, for those of us who prefer to use wireless speakers or headphones? I have a feeling that this will produce lower quality sound overall vs IEM-X direct into the Wave, but may be more convenient at times at least. I am impressed with your commitment to getting everything right but also getting impatient re; the long wait for Wave to actually ship.

    Larry HoCampaigner1 year ago
    Yes. Bluetooth output is in our feature list. But we will implement the bluetooth "input" first... :wink:

    And on LH Labs own forums

    The info was there for Larry the whole time. It he bothered to read his own forums he wouldn't of been surprised 8 months later. I'm glad we caught it as well. Keep up this level of communication and maybe we can all prevent it from happening again.
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  9. doctorjazz
    Waiting for Vi Tube SE, Source and Wave (with all the upgrades during the campaigns, but didn't go SE afterwards). Man, when I think of what I could be listening to all this time, instead of stewing, makes me stew more. Of course, this does me absolutely no good at all...
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  10. stuck limo
    I think it comes down to being stretched too thinly and not enough organization. Which I'm attempting to work with him on a sidebar apart from this media job. I hope we can improve the situation.
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  11. Greg121986
    If @stuck limo is still around, are there still repair and warranty services available? I have a Pulse that hasn't worked in almost a year. I posted this ticket 3 months ago and have not gotten any response. Can you help?

  12. stuck limo
    Thanks. I let Matt know to investigate this for you and contact you back.
  13. Audio Addict Contributor
    With @stuck limo help, I finally got mine fixed and returned.
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  14. Hercules
  15. mattering
    Gonna post this here for if anyone is experiencing the same problem as me and my deduction and solution to the problem. Hopefully LH Labs also revamp their support system cause it makes it seem like they are abandoning their current line of products and their customers if they can't get any form of support through their own website.

    My Geek Pulse, in the past few months, started intermittently drop out in sound when in use with my windows 10 desktop or laptop via the USB interface. I was using LH Labs 3.26 drivers and 1V5 firmware. When the sound drops, the device is still recognized in windows 10 but NOTHING is playing out of the Geek Pulse. Also, changing settings via the knob would not do anything (gain/volume/digital mode/input). It was able to scroll around the menu but even after changing the gain setting from medium to high, it doesn't make a "tick" noise that it usually does and the gain setting remains at medium. This problem only did not occur on windows 8 and did not occur when windows 10 initially came out, only after a certain windows 10 update.

    Now, my deduction all comes from my own situation and my own understanding of how computers work. I am a PC enthusiast and have been working with computers through my hobby for the past 10 years. Anyway, I think there is some driver conflict happening with the Windows 10 USB 2.0 audio interface drivers and LH Labs own audio drivers. Windows 10 now recognizes the Geek Pulse X without the need for any drivers and if you have LH Labs drivers, there might be some conflict there. I uninstalled ALL LH Lab related drivers through the device manager and now my Geek Pulse X has been working properly again for the past few days. (I stopped using it for 2 months lol)

    Hopefully this helps with some people that are having troubles with their Geek Pulse and their windows PC. I may be wrong and this might not work for you but this is what worked for me.

    EDIT: It just froze up and dropped again. Nevermind.... I guess it just hates me. It won't change any settings again. Gain setting set on High but the actual gain setting is medium. Seems like unit itself keeps on freezing.
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