Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

  1. m-i-c-k-e-y
    When there was something wrong with my Geek Pulse Infinity on my PC. I usually disconnect it and hooked it up with my android smartphone via OTG using UAPP. If it worked, then PC was the problem.

    Never had problems w/ the Android OS. In fact it was better sounding compared to my then PC on Win 7 w/ JRiver. So what I did, I shifted OS.

    Its been 2 years now running solid on an Android TV box w/ Hdd + LPS + LH Labs Revive.

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  2. mattering
    Dam, my home audio setup is all connected through my desktop though my setup is just simple DAC/AMPs and I am what people would call a "casual" audiophile (I dont care for lossless formats and I stream a lot of music). Also my Geek Pulse X crapped out again. I don't wanna switch to android because I just like having everything in one central system for home use and it also seems like the unit itself keeps on freezing or something as when I change gain settings (or ANY settings), the actual gain settings remain the same. I actually like the sound of the Geek Pulse X, I'm sad this had to happen. What is weird is that the Pulse is actually playing music through my laptop but not my desktop, but my issue of the Pulse being in a "frozen" state still remains. Argh, will they repair the pulse? I don't even know if mine is still under warranty =\.
  3. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Test your unit first w/ a smartphone via an OTG cable. Install HibyMusic and play some music. If it works. The culprit is in your PC.

    If not, a bit risky for it might damage your unit, try a BIOS reflash (be sure to have the right one).
  4. Shawnb
    I'm having the same issues as I did before with my Pulse. Have to turn it on and off endless number of times before it'll show up in Windows even then it's crap shoot for it to work.
    I'm hoping it works with my Source SE otherwise I'm giving up on it. It's nice when it works 1% of the time, otherwise it's a useless POS paper weight. Not worth it to go through the purgatory of making a "support" ticket. Still have a ticket Open since 181 days 17 hours.
  5. pauldgroot
    Does anyone here have the 2V0 firmware bin for a Pulse X FI that he/she can upload here? I've also been experiencing having to reboot my Pulse (sometimes several times) in order to have it work correctly over USB and I'm hoping a firmware reflash might solve the problem.

    Also, if I remember correctly I've read somewhere in this thread that Larry posted something about some resitors and a USB handshake issue a while back but I can't seem to find the post anymore. Does anybody have a link?

    My unit:
    Geek Pulse X FI
    Firmware: 2V0
    Main: 3.0
    MCU: 2.4
  6. Greg121986
    11 days later and nothing. So much sadness and heartache. :frowning2:
  7. doctorjazz
    I sent in a ticket about some errors in my listing at the site for what I ordered about 10 d ago, haven't heard back.
  8. Shawnb
    I have you all beat. I made a ticket asking to use my "Marketplace Credits" and can't get a reply to save my life
    Open since 185 days 18 hours

    What an utter joke
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  9. stuck limo
    Replied to this.

    I let the tech team know of this ticket again.
  10. Shawnb
    Thanks. On second thought, maybe not.
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  11. doctorjazz
    What am I, chopped liver?
    (kidding, but it would be nice to hear back, didn't order 2 Waves, just 1 fully tricked out...)
  12. stuck limo
    I put this into Matt's box for you.

    PM sent.
  13. Shawnb
    Forget it. What's the point.... I give up.
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  14. stuck limo
    This appears to have been resolved and you were emailed back on Nov. 12.
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  15. doctorjazz
    I didn't see the response.

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