1. m-i-c-k-e-y

    Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

    Geek Pulse is a high-definition DAC and 3W headphone amplifier from LH Labs that was crowd-designed and crowd-funded  on Indiegogo. Since its launched, word has spread quickly and Geek Pulse has become the most successful crowd-designed high performance audio component in the world.   Geek...
  2. isquirrel

    Gryphon Kalliope - First impressions

    My partner and I drove a marathon 1000 kms to Sydney to spend a day listening to the new Gryphon Kalliope.   Listening was conducted in peace with the upper showroom deserted for the whole day so we had the place to ourselves to play.   We also had a chance to listen to the Gryphon reference...
  3. econsumer666

    Is Sabre ES9018 the best DAC chip right now?

    Can you say that DACs based on Sabre ES9018 should be favoured over other configurations like WM8741 and PCM1704UK? I kinda keep reading over and over again that this Sabre chip is currently the best affordable DAC-chip.   Reason is, I've just ordered Audio GD DAC 5.2 and started reading...
  4. Gryphon Kalliope

    Gryphon Kalliope

    Product features Dedicated ESS SABRE ES9018 32-bit D/A converter for each channel Each ES9018 incorporates eight individual D/A converters in Dual Differential coupling for optimal performance USB input compatible with following audio formats via PC/MAC. PCM: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96...