Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

  1. stuck limo
    It's Jarek. We have about 15 people in the company from what I've been told.
  2. pedalhead Contributor
    Thanks Jarek. 15 people. Does Larry allow any of them to actually work on getting products out? :deadhorse:
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  3. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Manny always delivers!

    Always my best wishes bro on your undertaking.
  4. Hercules
    Hi Manny, nice to see you again, you are helpful when you still active, I'm always using Ticketing system, latter stage I got a vip email address for direct communication hopefully it's not bypassing the CSA, and Larry, Matt and Diana jumped in directly for technical support and shipping, hopefully I'm not in not in the blacklist.....
  5. Mannytorres
    Alli know is I had to file a claim with the state to get my last two paychecks. From what i was told directly from other co-workers is that they are following in my steps too. :frowning2:
  6. doctorjazz
    That is NOT encouraging!
  7. pedalhead Contributor
    Sorry to hear this, Manny. I hope you and your colleagues are able to move on to other jobs quickly. Not unexpected, but on the surface at least, this has serious implications for those still waiting for LH Labs product.
  8. doctorjazz
    On the other hand, they DID come up with the money (when forced to)... Companies going into bankruptcy try not to pay, as they will get out of many obligations once they get protection, so maybe they can still pull it out. It still seems to me they wouldn't keep updating if they were closing up shop. They would just take the money and go away (many crowd funded companies have done this).
    I never thought it would go on this long, though, had almost written this stuff off (and the other LH Labs gear I tied up big bucks in...)
  9. stuck limo
    I just had very long discussion with Matt (tech support) and Larry. They are definitely not closing up shop or taking the money and running. They're still fully in business and we're hopefully in November going to post an update on the state of the offices. Right now they're moving offices so we don't have anything, but I'm in talks with Matt and Larry to get me data and pictures and descriptions and maybe some videos.

    It looks bad on the outside, but on the inside things seem to be going extremely well in the Light Harmonic division. Lots and lots of activity on that end and there's also a bustle of activity on the software development side of LH Labs. People are being paid, the employees are excited and happy for the projects being worked on, the overall mood is positive, and I also found out the truth behind some stories that have been told and whispered/rumored about.

    So hopefully, we can shed some light on the inner workings of the company and LH can show customers what's really going on in the offices.
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  10. MikeyFresh
    We don't "hopefully" want a November "update" topic on the moving of offices, and incidentally, that story had also been used previously at least once if not twice, where it has been stated that LH Labs had moved offices.

    We want and are quite frankly owed a real update with actual numbers of units produced and shipped to backers, timelines, and challenges on delivering the remaining Pulses, and Vi DACs that were paid for years ago.

    It looks much worse than just bad, and that's been the prevailing theme now for easily 2 or more years, nothing good at all.

    Please elaborate if there is anything positive there to report.

    There's that word again, but so far there has been no reason at all for anyone to have any real hope, because nothing at all tangible has been delivered, nor even any news specific to production, shipping, timelines etc... has been provided.

    Please don't bother wasting more time with another grand story about offices and "inner workings" carefully designed to divert attention and change the subject: we've seen that movie a dozen times now... MQA, Apt-X, chassis tooling, port closures, etc... it's a very old and beaten dead path.
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  11. stuck limo
    I'm working on those. I know, I get it, I understand. I can only update what information I'm given.

    Any update I provide on the general state of the company is not designed to divert any attention. My job is to communicate and show transparency. My role isn't *only* related to LH Labs products. If we have a bunch of people wondering what people do in the offices all day, or if we're open or closed, or thinking that Larry and Co. are running away with the money, the job I have is to show and provide information for the backers. If we have an update posted you're not interested in --- simply don't read it. There will be other updates more along the lines of what you you'd like. But we've had lots of people request general interest type updates, and in our duty to those backers, we intend on delivering the type of content they are wanting to see.
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  12. WoodyLuvr
    As much as your time and postings (updates) are appreciated you nor LH Labs are in any position to be "defensive" or "flippant" in responding to upset customers who are rightfully demanding answers and challenging information being given to them.

    General interest type updates should be the least of your's and LH Lab's concerns at the moment don't you think? Your track record does not warrant much leeway nor wiggle room at the moment. Nothing that can not be corrected by best business practices and forthright explanations followed by fair, timely actions.

    Best to weather this one with teeth clinched and a big smile. Take it on the chin as it is well deserved with more than legitimate reasons behind it (e.g. non-delivery of goods being one of the biggest ones).

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  13. wingsounds13
    People have been asking for communication and more information from LH Labs and Jarek was hired for this very purpose. He is working remotely and has only the information that he can gather. We are getting far more communication this past month or so than in the last couple of years. Are people REALLY complaining about getting more communication than we have had since Gavin (the used car salesman) left? I get that certain people want specific information and nothing else. Sorry, but that's not happening. Updates are tailored for the general population, not individuals. Even direct responses in forums are limited to what he has access to and what can be presented in public. Many people are interested in a variety of information and at least we are now getting some. At least the flow of information is improving, let's work with that for now. Hopefully communication will continue to improve.

    Yes, it's frustrating and we all want more. I certainly would like to know more. I am willing to bet that Jarek would like to get far more than he currently gets from his remote access, and is telling us pretty much everything that he gets. We can work on getting more, but fer crap's sake, don't shoot the messenger!

    Seriously, how many of your questions would be answered by Sony, A&K or other big players in the market? Even small and fairly open companies such as Schiit would not answer many of the questions being posed to LH Labs. Keep asking questions, but don't expect an answer to every one. That, and Think... What would your response would be to someone demanding answers from you, particularly answers that you don't have?

    While I have received my Pulse, I am still awaiting delivery of several other LH Labs products. I'm as curious as anyone as to what is taking so fracking long, but trying to practice patience. Obviously something is royally screwed up at LH Labs and hopefully it is improving rather than getting worse. Only time will tell here.

  14. marflao
    Apples and Oranges... those companies don't offer wrongly advertised devices just with the purpose to get the customers money first. Hence the flood of questions towards LHL are their own fault.

    And that's one of the dilemma LHL has put themself in.

    I still think it's a lame excuse to say it was a mistake or misunderstanding between the marketing and design team (for instance the aptx topic). If this would be a huge company I would understand that marketing always demands more than the design team can deliver (and align too late with the design team). But LHL is a few people company where Larry and Gavin sat side by side. Hence I doubt they were not discussing and aligning the perk descriptions.
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  15. spyder1
    Since Larry Ho, and Team are designing audio equipment for competitive markets, you can't expect highly descriptive responses. I bet other audio companies would love this! At best we should expect simple Yes or No responses, w/ easy explanations. Up dated timelines would be helpful.

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