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Galaxy S9/S9+ audio quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by swesko, Feb 26, 2018.
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  1. swesko
    So the phones have been announced I'm actually using the s8 and hesitating to upgrading to the s9+. Demo models should be available soon and so will the reviews. Please post detailed audio analysis of you find any. I suspect the exynos will have a better audio chip
  2. Andr_id
    Why do you think so? Without a dedicated DAC will be about the same, I think.
  3. swesko
    because on the s8 exynos the DAC was a cirrus logic chip while on the Snapdragon variant they used Qualcomms integrated audio chip
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  4. Andr_id
    I did not know, thanks for the information. In my country will be sold version on exynos.
  5. HugoBerg
    Here is something i found:


    Connectivity and Audio
    There's not much Samsung or other manufacturers can do to improve connectivity on a 2018 flagship smartphone. Like the S8, the Galaxy S9 has all the things you'd expect including 11ac dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS, USB-C and a headphone port.

    There's no Quad DAC for better headphone audio like the LG V30, but Samsung has improved the speakers on the S9. There are now stereo speakers with the usual down firing one on the bottom and now one where the earpiece is above the screen.

    It's the same setup Apple uses for recent iPhones, and also one Sony has adopted with the XZ2.

    It might sound a little odd with both firing in different directions but we'll take it over a mono speaker any day. There's still tuning from AKG and this time Samsung has also added Dolby Atmos which you can toggle for a bigger, more spacious soundscape.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
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  6. musicday
    Hope the FM radio tuner is not locked again.
  7. swesko
    Still no info on the audio chip and I don't think many look at these in their reviews
  8. bigshel99
    Curious to know too but I like my V30.
  9. swesko
    so i got my s9+ yesterday, its the exynos version. It is louder and mmuch clearer than the S8 exynos i have. I'm pleasently surprised, using the same tracks/headphone (Westone W80) i can hear some nice improvements
  10. EirikM
    thats good, then they use the new CS-dac
  11. swesko
    most likely yes, we'll wait for teh phone to be rooted or kernel sources and see what it got
  12. gddctr
    Should I even care about upgrading from my S7 just for audio at this point? I run a Mojo hooked up to the phones mini usb when I listen 90% of the time anyway. Doesn't my digital signal bypass the phones' DAC and run straight through the Mojo's DAC making the DAC quality on the phone moot as long as I'm using the Mojo?
  13. Andr_id
    Very interesting about the comparison with the LG V30.
  14. swesko
    I have the mojo as well of course it bypasses your internal DAC it will sound better than the internal dac of the phone I'm only addressing those who use their phones as a source and comparing to the s8 it sounds better and its louder.
  15. loomisjohnson
    more comments on the quality of the headphone out would be greatly appreciated...is the s9 significantly louder than the s8?
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