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[FYI] Various IEM's tips pictorial comparison (updated Sept 29th, 2011)

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  1. Luckbad

    I dislike Comply foam tips, but like Monster Supertips (gel and foam) and Sony Hybrid foams.
  2. Jazic
    This might be an odd question but is there a glue that will adhere to the plastic on tips?
    Reason I ask is I have a pair of SE846's and I love the triple flanges but hate the stock Shure triple flange. I've found through some modding that I love the sound of the wide mouth triple flange with an adapter. I've future more used small orings as spacers.
    My question about the glue comes into play when I try to secure the tip into the smaller mouthed adapter tip to the wider mouthed triple flange. 
    It has a decent grip but I prefer to know it's in there and secure and will come out 100% of the time due to its deep insertion into my ear. 
    Here is a post of my mod but it hasn't been 100% successful. The heatshrink came off eventually and luckily without getting stuck in my ear.
    So to recap: Does anyone know of a type of glue that'll lock this thing in? So far I've used Gorilla "Super Glue" and Gorilla "Fast Drying Glue". Is there anything I should be looking for specifically? I'm thinking epoxy but I'm hoping someone has some experience. 
    Maybe Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy would do the trick?
  3. Benistgud
    Does anyone know what tips Noble Audio uses? I'm using their silicone tips but finding the fit uncomfortable, not sealing well and too shallow. They've got an inner opening of about 4mm and their end opening is quite large. I think I prefer a smaller opening for more bass quality. Is there a deep insertion silicone or hybrid tip out there that has a larger inner opening?
  4. ClieOS Contributor
    They use the typical wide bore eartips. If you want a smaller opening, Sony hybrid usually is what I'll recommend. SpinFit should work as well. However, those are not particularly deep insertion. For deep insertion, you will want bi-flanges, but they usually have a wide opening. Hifiman big bi-flange might work as well.
  5. hale93
    Hi, first time posting and a newbie, superb amount of info, been reading .  I have MEE audio M6 Pro, wanted to pick up some tips for them, the ones that came with did not fit.  I have big and deep canals it is hard to find noise isolated earbud tips. I have tried Comply T200 they fit really good and what size is the inner tube, but I sleep with earbuds and those tips break fast.  I was looking at the monster foam supertips, but should I get the large and will they fit on the earbuds, will it fall off the earbuds?  
  6. mortenmarkussen
    @hale93 Have you considered triple flange tips?
  7. hale93
    @mortenmarkussen, thanks for the reply yeah I did, it fit pretty good, but when I use them I go to sleep with them and I feel it is really reaching for my brain feels a little uncomfortable in a little while.  When I posted for help, I went ahead and tried the monster large foam super tips and it did not fit it kept on falling out of my ears.  So now I have found a Sony hybrids tips these work good, but I had to remove the memory wire if not too shallow the Sony's were to fit in my ears.  Yeah it was really trial and error spent quite a bit of money on just tips, but now I bought Audio Technica's IM70's it takes a whole month to reach me from Japan, so waiting on what tips I can use with those.
    Any suggestions on tips for the IM70's, please let me know and thanks again for the help and reply. 
  8. mortenmarkussen

    I sent you a direct message.
  9. zerolight
    I'm having a hard time finding a comfortable fitting tip. I've tried the comply that came with my Angies, in all sizes, and the Comfort version in small and medium. My ears ache after maybe 40 mins. I've tried medium spin fits and again ears ache. I just put on small spinfits and have tried them no more than 10 mins because they are sensitive to insertion depth - they seal initially up to about 2/3 insert, any further and the seal is gone. Any recommendations please?
  10. SparkOnShore
    ClieOS, could you possibly try the Shure grey silicon flex sleeves on Addiem? Shure sleeves are having a smaller bore than the metal mesh opening of addiem, but they fit perfectly if stretched. Question is though whether they degrade the sound of the addiem, since the bore’s diameter is smaller than the one of addiem’s metal mesh opening and even stretched, the tip of the sleeve never gets as open as the core section. Of course the metal mesh is much wider than addiem’s own nozzle, without the mesh screwed on it, but still... Sony hybrids cannot be used with addiem since they have exactly same diameter with the metal mesh and as a result they come off quite easily, even staying inside the ear when you remove iem...

    Thanks a lot...
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    Don't think I have any Shuure grey flex left for comparison. I haven't bought any Shure IEM for ages.
  12. SparkOnShore
    Neither have I, but since I had them here and they are so comfortable to my ears, offering also exceptional seal, I would like to use them on addiem. In general would you think that the small bore of flex sleeves, in comparison to the bigger diameter of iem’s metal mesh, will degrade the audio of addiem, bearing in mind that this iem presents some quite extended highs? Thanks again...
  13. ClieOS Contributor
    Generally speaking, it probably will reduce some treble and give a bassier emphasis.
  14. SparkOnShore
    Ok, I think that resulting sound could be good on addiem especially, since they really emphasize high mids & highs quite a bit...Thanks a lot for your help!
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