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Full Size Over-Ears with comparable sound to UE700s

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jburn244, Jun 2, 2011.
  1. jburn244
    Hi folks,
    For months I have been using my Ultimate Ears UE700s, with much pleasure. I love the sound of these earbuds, extremely clear, detailed, and the bass has come in nicely after many hours of use.
    Recently I have gotten the itch to purchase a new pair of full-sized cans. From before I got the UE700s, I have a pair of Sony XB-500s, and a pair of Sennheiser HD202s. Neither of these even compare in sound for me. They sound pretty bad in comparison. Nowhere near as detailed, mids are distorted/muddy, etc.
    I'd really like to find a pair of full-sized cans that have a similar sound to the UE700s. I do realize, that given the major difference in design of earbuds and full-sized 'phones, the sound will never be identical. I would really like some decent bass from a full-sized set, but the clarity and detail of mids and highs is more important. I'd take a set lacking in bass a little, if the mids/highs sparkled as they do in my UE700s.
    Would Sennheiser sets such as the HD555 and similar models even come close? I don't really have a good place to sample different sets.
    At one point I actually purchased the Senn. HD428, and liked the sound overall, but took them back because they don't clamp on your head! A small shake of the head jarred them from my ears. So I think I need some good head-clamp as well.
    I listen to mainly rock music, sometimes rap, electronic, sometimes country.
    I'd be looking for the cheapest option that will give comparable sound...I'd love to spend less than $100, but I realize that may not be possible since the UE700s retail for $199.
    Again, I understand we are dealing with two different styles, and it may be an apples to oranges comparison to some extent. Just thought someone familiar with the UE700s might be able to comment on a full-size set that has a similar sound signature.
    Thanks in advance!!

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