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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. rcoleman1

    OH NO NEVER! Lol [​IMG] 
  2. sheldaze
  3. Soundsgoodtome
    It's been quite awhile since I've had the he400, from what I remember the hifiman had more bass slam with speed both on the lead and decay, the treble was problematic in its peaks and the soundstage / imaging was a bit off. The V-shaped signature with its deep dip also made them more for edm, rap, and such. Genres I'm not much into. I do remember they were great for movies.

    The THX00's bass has a bit more bloom and decay, its got a little less bass control but nothing to frown upon and really is part of the headphones character. The mids are more even in response and has a nice liquid touch than the dry mids on the 400 and the highs are also better tuned with long listenable highs on the thx00. It has less air than the he400 but well worth the trade off in the fatigue dept.

    Pardon the quick response, I'm quite tired but still stuck listening. Also a reminder the he400 is from memory of more than a year.
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  4. sabloke

    What I meant is that only the best portable amp DAC will do to make sure I get the best of my new cans. Tried the Mojo today and I was simply blown away about how my PM3 sounded. Getting the best takes guessing out of pairing, at least that's what I hope.
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  5. inseconds99
    Got my tracking number at 12am eastern, woke up to it this morning!! Can't view it on ups yet though, too soon I guess.
  6. Whitigir

    Like someone already said, it won't be moving at all through the weekend because ground shipping ?
  7. sheldaze
    Well, mine will literally be sitting 9.5 miles away from its destination, where it arrived Saturday at around 2am, until they deliver it on Monday [​IMG]
  8. Whitigir

    Lol you woke up in the morning to check on it ? Wow..awaiting for Santa eh
  9. sheldaze
    No, that would be silly [​IMG]
    Probably something I would do, but not this time [​IMG]
    Because I knew I would be so busy these two weeks at the end of the year (and had no clue UPS or USPS - or even when the headphone would ship), I sent it to my Mom's house. She's less then an hour away so I'll pick it up from her sometime, and probably get a good meal [​IMG] 
  10. Exqlusive
    Thinking of possibly delving deeper in and getting myself a dac/amp thing. Looking at things that won't make my wallet cry a ton, however I don't know jack **** about any of this. What do you guys think of the FiiO E07K / E11K / E12A? Would it work well with these?
  11. sheldaze
    I won't be able to answer your question in detail because I'm not familiar with FiiO products. But it would help if your gave a little more detail on what you are upgrading from? What do you use to listen to headphones today?
    Generally speaking, the amplifier required to drive the Fostex/Denon headphones need not be that strong - they are easy to drive. So I would think the cheaper end of the FiiO lineup would make sense. But I also know from my personal experience with the Denon lineup, a high quality DAC goes a long way. So if we know what you are using to listen to music today, it would help to find the best "bang for the buck" in terms of suggesting an upgrade.
  12. Exqlusive
    Xiaomi Piston 2's/ stock Samsung and Apple earphones and a bunch of cheap stuff lmao. As you can tell, I have no experience with this whatsoever.
    Mostly listen to Rap / RnB. I was looking at the FiiO ones because they had a built in battery so I can use it when out and about or on a flight and they were fairly cheap compared to the other options.
  13. Whitigir

    Get lg v10, it has even newer DAC and opamp inside than fiio you mentioned about, sound quality wise ? I have not heard those fiio, so I can't tell you. One thing for sure is that I experienced V10, and it is heck of a phone for audio quality. Some people even reporting that it is better than fiio x5 and similar sound to oppo ha-2. However, my personal experiences, and comparing to my zx2, I totally recommend V10, because it is only a little bit behind from my zx2 but it has more power output. Sound quality totally subjective depends on each person taste and experiences. The best is that v10 can stream tidal, and it does so with it hi-fi DAC. V10 run my z7 and sa5000 without sweat, I don't see why it can't have thx00 for breakfast why singing to the best of it ability.

    V10 audiophile phone follow the links


  14. Exqlusive
    I have an iPhone 6S / '15 MBP 13" / Note 3 and a self built PC. Planning to use the dac/amp combo on all of them depending on which one I'm currently using. I don't think getting the V10 would help me here. Besides, the V10 is over $860AUD on eBay compared to the $80-200AUD for the FiiO stuff..
  15. Whitigir
    Never mind, you do what you think is best then. Good luck on your quest, and welcome to head-fi
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