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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. onefatsurfer
    J$ pads + markl mod
  2. onefatsurfer
    I may have been too quick to jump to that conclusion.  I prefer the sound signature of the D7000's on first listen though.
  3. Whitigir

    Ah, those. Well ofcourse you can always mod the x00. The thing is that if it is and can stand against the Denon by just a little, there is potential to mod them to what you want :D ofcourse ! Beside, let burn-in , both brain and diaphragm hehhe
  4. westermac

    Give your ears some time on THx00 and let us know! In my (limited) experience directly comparing two headphones can present things as weaknesses which can completely disappear once my ears adjust and I can hear them in their own context...
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  5. audiobot
    Nice. Mine r delivering today. Of course ups delivers on Saturday. Woop!!!!!
  6. onefatsurfer
    Yeah.  I am already realizing that I was too quick to jump to that conclusion, and edited my previous post because I don't want to steer people wrong.  These sound better the more I listen to them.  Probably "undoing" the year of listening almost exclusively to the D7000's.
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  7. Whitigir

    So who is to say ups don't move on Saturday ? Mine is only a slip...and it is like they didn't ship it, and today is their day off from the warehouse lol
  8. JohnYang

    Here we go! Brain burn in process!

    Just got my tracking email 6AM this morning, wonder if they actually work that early or just email delays.

    Anyway, move on from refreshing email 20 times a day to refreshing dhl tracking 20 times a day now.
  9. audiobot

    Some were saying that ups does not ship on Saturday for ground shipping. I found that odd. Anyways, my tracking has updated and shows it is out for delivery. Hope everything goes smoothly.

    Scheduled For Early Delivery On:
    Saturday, 12/05/2015, By End of Day
    Originally Scheduled For Delivery On:
    Monday, 12/07/2015, By End of Day
  10. onefatsurfer
    The midrange in the TH-X00 is more forward.  Bass quality is similar.  Highs sound smoother on the D7000's.  A touch of sibilance on the TH-X00's, though my ears are very sensitive to peaks in that frequency range.  The TH-X00 are excellent.  They sound considerably more closed than the D7000's, probably because of the pads.  Pads are interchangeable.  I'm going to try swapping them. 
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  11. Whitigir

    So D7k must have the same driver as th900 ? As you reported, closer soundstage. I don't think there is anything that can hugely affect the soundstage.....except the magnet itself.....lets supercharge it lol...
  12. Groot Geluid
    Sound signatures can be like different sunglasses. After a while you get used to the "timbre". Other effects are more difficult to get used to, like overbearing resonances, specially in the low end, but not only. And distortions.
    I did the Lawton damping treatment, on Denon 5000, Fostex TH 600 and TH900. Where with the Denon dampening the cups too much did really flatten the sound too much, loosing a coherent sound picture. Also with the 900 I left the cups alone after the dampening of the drivers, it then sounded very balanced. The 600 benefitted most and with all damping, drivers and metal cups it changed a lot for the better, loosing the mid low bass bump, and more even mids, with, still, a little overemphasized treble (that really shows when a recording is not clean........) The damping on the drivers helped in all types.
    I also have a Denon 7000 which I treated with what I had left of the Lawton materials. It has definetely a different color to the Fostex (and the treated older 5000) where the 7000 seems to have much less output between 3000 and 6000, or low treble, compared to the Fostex, but a very nice sound signature it is too. It is difficult to choose which headphone to prefer, though the 900 always sounds the most coherent and "real".
    The Fostex's seem the more resolving headphones and I am really looking forward to listening to the X00 when it arrives. Received mail today and it is shipped with DHL to NL.
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  13. onefatsurfer
    The J$ pads smooth out the highs and bring the mids down a bit.  These two headphones sound very similar with the same pads. 
  14. bavinck
    Do you guys have any idea how lucky you are to get mail on a Saturday? Here in Canada I hope to get it before Christmas, but it will probably get to the border in a day.....our mail delivery systems and customs are a joke (though I have found DHL to be quick).
  15. onefatsurfer
    These headphones kick ass. [​IMG]
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