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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. theangelboy
    I did some listening last night comparing my Amiron Homes and DT1990s to my X00 and the above statement I made regarding the bass is completely false. The Beyers have bass that extends deep with good rumble but the the bass doesn't EQ that well and even with EQ it doesn't slam, especially compared to the X00s. I apologize to everyone for this, I just wanted to make sure I cleared this up.
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  2. gimmeheadroom
    Thanks, for me this is no problem. I'm looking for something analytical and that kind of goes along with being somewhat flat.
  3. VRacer-111
    Okay...the electro-harmonix 6H30Pi tube and Loki + Foobar EQ makes it a basshead setup:

    An absolutely sublime totally enveloping subbass presence...
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  4. Billheiser
    The Elears are sort of like a higher end HD600, with no particular weak points. I still like the HD600's on TUBE amps a lot; very musical. The X00 for me thrives on a good solid state amp, and it has that bass.
  5. bartlett
    For me, these first 2 can be harder to listen to, due to the treble. Usually I have to turn the volume down a bit:

    With this one, I definitely need to turn the volume down due to the treble. I am not a big fan of how it sounds on the X00. Maybe the HD6XX was better, but nothing notable there:

    And this one for pretty good bass:

    Could you kindly listen to those with the X00s and the 1990s?

    I agree that the bass is not as tight as I'd like, especially since I am using a tube amp and not a solid state one lol. And I think I can agree with it playing more like speakers. That probably lends to its non-fatiguing sound.

    I think I will do the Lawton mod + get another pair of pads. The price of the TH900s are just a bit too much to justify. If I knew how much I'd like the X00s before buying them, then I'd probably get the TH900s outright though.

    I'm looking into the ZMFs now, along with the Klipsch. They all look pretty good, but I need to dive a bit further because they're $1k+ lol. One aspect I need to think about as well is having a headphone that can complement the X00 vs. replace it. I thought a complement would be the HD6XX, but they're not good enough or distinct enough to warrant much listening time. They also sound a bit lifeless to me.

    The 1990s seem more interesting than the 1770s, but I am afraid the treble might be too hot.

    Yep, they definitely have some good kick and bass in those tracks. But, I was expecting a bit more to be honest. Refer to my 1 bass song listed above to see what I mean :p

    But, I haven't listened to live recordings in a while, so they were refreshing to hear.

    For reference, I am using a Topping D50S, X00, and an Espressivo amp. Although the amp isn't necessary, I feel it adds a bit more punch.
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  6. theangelboy
    Here are my general impressions. Please note that I don't listen that loudly. My normal listening volume is probably around ~80db. I did all listening on my THX 789 to make sure it was a level playing field. Also, my X00 is modded with the Lawton driver mod and Dekoni hybrid pads. My 1990 uses the "balanced" pads.

    Get U On - Darci
    Nice bass thump. Not a lot of midrange to speak of so I can't really comment on that. Treble is sharp but it isn't unbearable. This feels to be an intentional mixing choice. It didn't make me turn it lower than my normal listening volume. Not the absolute best headphone for this type of music but it's pretty good.

    1990 Pro:
    Where did my bass thump go?! Some parts of the song have some decent rumble but it doesn't have the thump to bring music like this to life. Treble is surprisingly manageable if you don't turn it up looking for the bass.

    Resentment - A Day To Remember
    Bass is good. Thump makes it feel nice and full. Midrange lacks definition. Guitars all blend together with the vocals making a midrange soup. Treble is aggressive. It's not unbearable but I did turn it down a tiny bit because of the treble.

    Bass has less thump, for sure, but music like this doesn't need it as much. Midrange is much better separated but makes it clear it's not the best mix. Brick wall not withstanding. The treble surprised me. Less aggressive on the 1990 but more revealing. You can clearly tell they dropped the ball on some of the de-essing. Overall, I would probably give the nod to the 1990 but neither headphone shines with music like this.

    Chasing Time - Vicetone
    Bass nice and full but this song has less thump Than i thought it would. Midrange is alright. I feel like they eq'd the crap out of this song while mixing so there is this vast chasm between the treble, midrange, and bass giving it a false sense of separation. Yeah, that treble is a bit much. Definitely had to turn it down on this one.

    What little bass the X00 had in this song is gone on the 1990. Midrange is better, cleaner. Treble is less harsh but there is still a lot of it. My first reaction wasn't to reach for the volume dial. Not really good song for either headphone. Honestly, I don't know what headphone would. It doesn't have enough bass to be fun with bassy headphones and too much treble to sound good with much else.

    FreakYa - DCMBR
    DAT BASS THO! I wasn't expecting it to hit that hard. Took me off guard. Midrange is good too. Vocals sound clean. Treble is just right too. This song sounds like it was made for the X00.

    Yeah, bass (or lack thereof) compared to the X00 is pretty disappointing. The rest of the mix sounds nice though. Better separation, cleaner overall.

    If you want an analytical can with tons of detail and accuracy (they will really make you wish your music collection was recorded better) but don't mind missing out on some bass, the 1990 is a good option. Bass head cans they are not. If treble is what you are worried about, it feels less aggressive and harsh than the X00. I think the treble spikes are both lower and higher in the frequency range compared to the X00. If the lower treble area or the "ess" range (10k+) bother you in particular, steer clear of the 1990. Hope that helps! :)
  7. gimmeheadroom
    I'm EQing the X00 with my RME. Cooling off the treble makes it a lot more balanced. I'm finding the X00s are killer for Latin music since the Fostex is so good with percussion instruments. Without EQ I really don't like the X00...
  8. Vvnz100
    I’m still in love with my 2015 TH-X00 Mahogany, but I’m thinking to change the stock cable... where can I do it? I saw that Peterek is not a valid option anymore...
  9. Purplezorz
    How come?
  10. Vvnz100
    On the Peterek thread... he disappeared with headphones and money.
  11. Purplezorz
    Holy s***

    Reading now o.o
  12. U2Edge
    A bit late to the Fostex game, but it looks like I'll be getting my first set (TH-X00 Mahogany). I've got a big head (which is good for these cans, from what I understand), but I also have big ears (I've heard the stock pads make these feel more "on ear" than "over ear" -- I prefer the latter). Do Dekoni pads offer more "room"? How much do they alter the sound? And I've heard mixed thoughts on pad swapping and/or the attentuation ring. Any feedback?
  13. gimmeheadroom
    I have no idea what size ears I have. I do not blow away in a strong wind and have not felt any flapping. But it seems to me the ear holes on the TRs are kinda smallish. I have no experience with other pads but from what I read it's difficult to find pads that don't kill the bass quality.
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  14. VRacer-111
    Dekoni pads (at least the ones I've tried) are no improvement in comfort over stock...opening is actually slightly smaller than stock. I have big ears and the Dekoni's are no-go for me, both in comfort and sound. ZMF Ori or Yaxi 'leather' pads with custom attenuators would be my two preferred pads for my Purpleheart (other than the Jmoney V3 which is my favorite but is not an option due to not being made since many years ago...). I've posted it before, but below are my thoughts on different pads I've tried, specifically with the Purplehearts:

    Brainwavz HM5 Hybrids (with custom attenuator) - see Dekoni Premium sheepskin for sound, for comfort they are better than any Dekoni or the stock pads.

    Dekoni Premium Sheepskin (with Dekoni attenuator) - More muffled than stock with about almost same detail, bass similar but slightly more boomy with the attenuation rings. Mids more recessed, highs about same. Less comfortable than stock pads - actually have a smaller opening than stock.

    Dekoni Th900 sheepskin (with Dekoni attenuator) - Less issue with muffledness, but reduction in the bass and just not that dynamic sounding. Thin pads as well, the headphone will clamp less than with the stock pads... loosest fitting pad I've tried have to be careful , tilt your head and they could fall off. The earholes are round and small in ID , so worse comfort than the Dekoni Premium sheepskins.

    Denon AH-D2000 - Sounds similar to stock TH-X00 pads, but better as there is a little less bloom to the bass and slight improvement in detail/finese. Comfort improved from stock, but not as good as Jmoney V3, Shure, Yaxi, or ZMF pads

    Jmoney V3 (with custom attenuator) - You want a rich, musical sounding experience with great deep reaching and hard hitting bass that is also more detailed and tighter than stock, these are the pads. They are THE pads for a Purpleheart version, only problem is they are unicorns that are impossible to find... simply don't exist anymore. Mids are more forward than stock and the highs have great energy yet don't cross the line. Comfort is very good, but the ZMF and Yaxi pads are better in that regard.

    Lawton Audio Angle pads - While it has great sound quality technicalities, it is absolutely the wrong pad for the TH-X00 unless you hate the stock bass. It pretty much destroys the stock bass feel...loses much impact and overall bass presence. It is a highly detailed sounding pad, but it ruins the TH-X00 in the process. You might as well get an Audio Technica openback if you want that kind of sound. Comfort is surprisingly not that great either...the 'foam' material is stiff yet light and it fits weird on the head. Jmoney V3 , Shure, Yaxi, and ZMF pads are more comfortable. It also one of the most expensive pads for a TH-X00.

    Shure 1540 (with custom attenuator) - EXTREME V profile with the treble extremely piercing and the bass beyond a bloated mess, mids nearly absent sounding being drowned out from both ends. Comfort is pretty good though, only behind the Jmoney, Yaxi, and ZMF pads.

    Shure 1840 (with custom attenuator) - Noticeably better than the 1540 pads, much less V but still not suited for TH-X00 duty. Comfort about same as 1540 pads.

    Yaxi Alcantara TH900/610 (with custom attenuator) - A more even and relaxed neutral presentation than any other pad I've tried. Tames down the highs and bass, mids about same as stock. A little more neutal and balanced than the ZMF Ori suede, along with being more laid back. Very comfortable pads, at least as comfortable as the ZMF Ori.

    Yaxi 'Leather' TH900/610 - (with custom attenuator) - Synthetic leather pad that is more inline with the ZMF Ori Sheepskin sound, but a little more empasized and fuller sound. Very comfortable pads though the Alcantara version is a little more comfortable.

    ZMF Ori sheepskin (with custom attenuator) - Best currently available pad I've tried on the TH-X00. Better clarity and details than most other pads, the suede version bests it here. Bass level while less than stock is still nice and impactful, and integrates better with the mids than any other pad.

    ZMF Ori Suede (with custom attenuator) - The most balanced pad I've tried for the TH-X00. Less bass impact than the sheepskin version, mids are more forward as are highs. Detail and clarity/resolution is the highest I've heard. Very dynamic sounding and It's more cold sounding than the sheepskin version. Comfort like that of the sheepskin version.
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  15. gimmeheadroom
    Thanks, this is great info. Will these all work with the TR-X00?
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