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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Lohb
    Shelf liner mod behind the earpad would take care of the treble/sibilance.
    It was suggested in the D2k thread, but cannot find the link just now.
    (It does not seem to work so well with planar upper end spikes - causes other side-effects. But dynamics seem to be generally OK)
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
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  2. nicholars
    Yes think I will have a go at modding the X00, they have a good sound but could do with "cleaning" up the sound a bit, also do the Dekoni pads make them sound brighter or do they lower the treble?

    I was going to get some different headphones, but I keep finding that I like the sound of the X00, I think they have potential to be better though.

    probably I will do lawton mod on drivers + dekoni sheepskin (or hybrid?) + custom attenuator... Does this sound like a good idea?
  3. cathee
    +1 for the Dekoni hybrid pads.

    Currently have them on my Purprlehearts. The thicker film on the ear side helps a bit with the highs (more noticeable on my TH900) but overall the hybrids keep the sound signature very close to the original. Attenuation rings cleans up the bass on the X00s but you can just EQ it a bit too.
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  4. nicholars
    I do not want the treble any brighter or more sibilant, if anything less treble would be better, other than this I would like all of the usual improvements eg. bigger soundstage, tighter bass, etc etc.

    I have been told the brainwavz sheepskin are not that good (brighter etc.), so it is the Dekoni sheepskin or the Dekoni hybrid.... The ZMF pads are too expensive in UK.

    I am also going to do the Lawton driver mod.

    I do worry a bit about the durability of the x00, is there a fix if the hinges break? I read this is a common problem.

    I do like the X00 though, I have tried various other headphones and I still like the X00, even though they are technically "worse" than some of the other headphones I have tried.

    Anyway yes if someone can answer all of my questions that would be extremely good, I have searched the thread but I cannot find answers to all of these questions.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
  5. cathee
    TBH I didn't find the Lawton driver mod to affect the sound that much. It's there but not nearly as noticeable as say something like their chambers. I'd save the money.
  6. nicholars
    Interesting... no improvement at all? Did you get any improvements from changing pads?
  7. nicholars
    Why wouldn't the Dekoni Velour pads be good? I would have thought they would smooth out the treble a bit, and with one of those "custom attenuation rings", would have good bass as well? Also velour is more comfortable than leather. I read one review that said they were good, but other reviews saying anything velour is bad on X00. Anyone tried Velour with a "custom attenuation ring"?" I would have thought this might be good for my preferences (less treble), although maybe they completely ruin the sound I have no idea!
  8. cathee
    I wouldn't say improvements, more like minor adjustments in sound signature. Don't expect the Lawton mod to make a TH610 driver into a TH900 driver. Theoretically it's supposed to reduce resounance of the plastic materials on the driver, in practice, I didn't notice nearly as much of a change on the sound signature as: pads = chambers > attenuation ring.

    For some reason velour pads translate to a mess in the bass. Adds a couple of dbs (maybe why some people prefer it) but gets loosey goosey and muddles the mids.
  9. theangelboy
    Everyone differs, but to me the Lawton driver mod did only good things, with improved clarity across the spectrum without adding or removing anything to the frequency response. The headphones didn't sound like they were worth their price until I installed it. It should really come from the factory like that. And as far as pads go, with every pad that I have tried it has made the treble more prominent. The stock pads have the smoothest and least offensive treble. Although I have to admit that I haven't tried Dekoni pads.
  10. egokun
    Say guys, I got a TH-00 Ebony on the latest drop.

    I’ve had it for a couple months and while the bass is everything I could hope for, I find the mids slightly recessed for my taste and the overall sound signature kinda... shouty. The first time I tried the Ebony with a simple iPod Touch -> Topping A30 chain, the earliest Beatles song were almost painful to listen to.

    The sound is much better and a bit tamer with PC -> Topping D30 -> Topping A30/Magni 3, but still I find myself craving for some more forwards mids and there’s still some shoutiness.

    I was wondering if I wouldn’t be happier with the Mahogany or Purpleheart. Anyone tried the other models and can give me suggestions?
  11. jmills8
    So you want more mids ? Then youll get less bass and less treble. Then you will have another kind of headphone.
  12. theangelboy
    Purplehearts have the most treble and most recessed mids, so I don't think you would like them better. Haven't heard the Mahogany, so I can't speculate there. Amp pairings matter with these headphones, so you might try tubes to achieve the smoother sound you are looking for. As dinky as it is, my Purplehearts sound pretty good out of my Bravo Audio Ocean (rolled with NOS RCA Blackplate tube).
  13. nicholars
    How long ago did you get the Ebony? I was under the impression that they were not going to be sold anymore because it is a rare wood? Is that a load of rubbish?

    In response to your question you might prefer the Mahogany but overall I am not sure there is THAT much difference between any of them, it is still the same driver, same pads, just different cups.
  14. Assimilator702
    The sound signature between all three are very similar. Just slight EQ differences. The Mahogany mids are still lack luster when compared to a Sennheiser 6XX or even the 58X.

    I sold my Mahoganies since at wasn’t using them. The bass was impressive but I have iems that do bass better and a pair of M50X that ALMOST matches the bass on the Mahoganies. Plus the clamp is non existent for me. If I move my head they fly across the room.

    I might get the newer TR-X00 Ebony since I still have my Dekoni Hybrid pads but until Fostex does a major revamp on these cans I’m in no rush. Too many build issues and sound that doesn’t come close to the 6XX.
  15. nicholars
    With changing pads, I see a lot of people saying "I swapped for xx pads because they have the closest sound to stock pads". The stock pads are not exactly the most comfortable pads I have ever used, but I do not have problems with the comfort, the only reason I would want to swap pads would be 25% comfort, 75% sound quality.

    But I keep reading that most pads sound brighter and worse than the stock pads. So is there any point in me changing pads for sound quality? Or should I do the lawton driver mod and keep the stock pads? The only pads I have read mostly positive are the ZMF Ori or Eikon, both of these are too expensive for a pair of pads. The Dekoni sheepskin and hybrid look quite good but are they an improvement in sound quality from the stock pads or just more comfortable?
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