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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. DavidA
    +1, Shure SRH-940 velour pads, or the alcantara pads from the SRH-1540 are even better.
  2. AT Khan

    They seal too much. So much, any louder the music and they give me fatigue and my ears ringing. I even had to remove the speaker caps inside the cups to tone them down on the highs.
    They're perfect... for monitoring, or maybe good inflight.
    If you wanna produce music with them, or listen and enjoy and have fun (or try to, at least), you need to mod em and change pads. Stock will tire you so fast...
  3. VRacer-111
    Doing some pad rolling...changed from Shure 1540 pads on my SHP9500's to Shure 1840 pads. Since I had the 1540 pads lying around I got curious on how the TH-X00 PH would sound like with them....so I currently have them on my Purplehearts. I'll say this...I'm REALLY digging how it sounds; clearer than the J-Money pads while bass is back to stock levels or more...yet it blends better and detail is better than I ever heard it from the PH... Comfort better than stock but not as good as the J-Money.
  4. KewlMunky
    That's excellent to hear, as I have a pair of the 1540 pads on my SoundMagic HP100. Once I get my Ebony's I'll have to put them on and see.
  5. fjrabon
    So, I now get to work from my home office 4 days per week (unless I'm traveling) so, the THX00 are no longer my work headphone, as I couldn't bear to just leave them at my office 4 days a week. That means they're now at home and more of a change of pace headphone from the HD800. As such, I wanted them to be a bit more different than the HD800, so I decided to switch back to the stock pads from the Lawton pads. While I definitely enjoyed the Lawton pads' greater soundstage and better separation, these stock pads sound so pleasantly smooth and warm and punchy. It was like coming home as soon as I put them on. The ebony cups and Lawton internal damping are still there, so they're still a bit more resolving and less harsh than stock, but the stock pads just make them so buttery and punchy. The ebony cups extend the bass lower and the stock pads brought back that hard, fun midbass punch.

    I can't decide if one pad is absolutely better than the other. I prefer the signature of the stock pads, but prefer the soundstage and separation of the Lawton pads. Probably going to buy an extra set of rings so I can more easily change them out.
  6. VRacer-111
    Just so you know, I removed the backing foam on the 1540 pads since the foam veiled the highs way too much on the SHP9500 and sounded less clear than stock pads... so this is an observance of the 1540 pads less foam backing. I imagine the bass would be similar levels with the foam intact but the highs definitely reduced and not as clear over not having the foam. It may be good to try first with the foam intact to get a feel for the bass before defoaming the pads (irreversable process...)
  7. twiceboss
    So now, I have th600 and my roomate has th900. To me, th600 is not what people said bad. TH900 is just better with clarity and soundstage. Same highs and i fell like the highs are even greater with th900.
    Well, i ordered th x00 pad. Gonna try with my th600 soon. 
    Currently listening to hd800 and love it damn much. paired with mojo is a heaven sound
  8. jrjr99
    I too have the hd800 and chord mojo... a very nice combination. However, not great for rocking out...which is why i added the purple heart x00. They kick hard and for closed back phones have a good soundstage and are pretty revealing...great at filling the gaps of the hd800
  9. HungryPanda
    on my TH-X00.... great
  10. GU1DO
    Live Now [​IMG]
  11. Vonsid
    Entered, really wasn't expecting another drop of those since the Ebony's have not even been delivered yet, but i'm happy as i vastly prefer the Mahogany looks
  12. tgh5000
    I know it's unfair comparison. Still, how does the DT 770 fare against the TH x00? I am considering the 32 ohm version. Thanks.
  13. SHAMuuu

    I would imagine the 80ohm being more beefy to match up against a x00 [​IMG]  32 ohms behave strangely
  14. Dustinthewind0
    Anybody own both the X-00 and the ZMF's Vibro Mk II? I'm considering both, and have had a hard time finding a comparison.
  15. HungryPanda
    I have the TH-X00 purpleheart and the DT770 32 ohm and have to say the TH-X00 is vastly superior in both bass and treble. It is warmer as opposed to the colder and more boomy bass of the DT770. I do like both headphones but would pick the TH-X00 up most of the time
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