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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. VRacer-111
    I have old J-Money lambskin pads from my AH-D2000's on the TH-X00 PH. Gladly take the small hit in bass impact/volume for better bass extension, clarity, and speed, the mids brought forward a tad and clearer, and highs about the same with just a little more detail/energy. Not to mention the comfort of the pads.
  2. jeffri
    Dekoni lambskin earpads is nice. I'm still conflicting between ZMF Omni Pads and Dekoni, but I think both works very well with TH-X00 PH. Omni Pads is of course more roomy, while Dekoni have a more similar feel to the stock pads. :)
  3. VilMo
    My experience with the ZMF Omni Pads is that while confort is really much better than stock pads the ear stays at a bigger distance from the driver than intended/optimal. This results in less impact of the mid and sub-bass for me. Trying D2000 pads brought more air and very nice sub-bass extension but also siblance ... In that case the whole is slighly bigger, but the pads are less thick which brings the ears closer to the driver than stock...
    The Dekoni seems the closest to stock which must be a good thing but are they more comfortable?
  4. marts30
    Dekoni is extremely comfortable for me, memory foam is really soft and the seal is good too. Stock pads are quite firm and you start to feel that after a while. Dekoni definitely closest to stock sound.
  5. jeffri

    Yes, yes they are. The room for ears is the same as stock pads, but it's softer, and since I opted for lambskin version, it feels nicer to my skin too. :)
  6. Hunki Chunki
    The Dekoni has a small ear hole space, similar to the stock pads, if you (like me) find  that too small and uncomfortable, the ZMF sheepskin Omni pad or cowhide oval pad will be a great solution to that issue.
    They all fit very well and feel great
    Yes I have tried all 3 pads haha =)
  7. jeffri

    Thanksfully my ear is small enough, the small opening on the stock pads never bothered me. :D I never tried the cowhide pads, what do you think of it?
  8. Hunki Chunki
    Hi there
    I found the X00 a bit too bright sometimes with the stock and the ZMF lambskin Omnis. 
    The cowhide ovals removed that little over-brightness for me, so I like that alot <---- -disclaimer: YMMV
    And it smells great.. hahaha
    It is not as tender-soft as the lambskin, but it is still soft leather.. 
    It is a very nice, premium and comfortable set of pads, like the lambskin omnis, but different.
  9. jeffri

    Thanks, very interesting. I think Omni pads already tamed the high a bit, but I agree it still overall quite bright. Looks like cowhide will be worth a try. :)
  10. z1ggy
    How are the isolation on these? I'm looking for a high quality closed back design for work, and the office is often very much near silent. I have coworkers all around me, and I don't want even the faintest hum of music to be audible to them.
  11. AT Khan

    No... just... no. Any cans with a good sound-stage and open, more natural sound (like close to natural in this case) are not gonna seal properly. This is an ever-going concern. The best of headphones... the BEST of them, are always leaky. They will not seal you from the outside, neither will the isolate the outside from you. So it goes both ways. You wont get the desired isolation (some noise from the outside will get into your experience) and your music will certainly leak causing discomfort around you.
    It's a trade-off, and simply not possible to achieve both. Technical hazard. You can't have both.
  12. NewbieSteve
    These are semi-closed/semi-open and they will leak a small amount of sound. Usually acceptable in most offices unless it's a near silent one like yours.
  13. jnak00
    Also depends how loud you listen.  But if you need isolation, get a proper closed back design, not these.
  14. z1ggy
    I understand this. I have totally open AD700's right now and I can hear what's going on in them from 2 rooms away in my house. A LITTLE leakage is ok, somebody in the immediate cube could deal with a faint bit of music, but I just don't want to disturb others at normal listening dB.
    It's hit or miss here. Usually in the early morning it's dead silent. Once the day goes on, especially during and after lunch there's some background noise. I'd just like to have as much seal a possible while still getting a good experience. FWIW, I listened to some Sony MDR-1A's yesterday and was pretty impressed. Isolation seemed pretty good, I couldn't hear any customers or background noise from the showroom.
  15. AT Khan

    Well yes like others said... depends on listening volumes. BTW, the leakage is not as much as other semi open or like properly open backs here. These will leak, but not to super levels. But I must say - their leakage shouldn't hold you back. The leakage has to be there to give them that wide soundstage (for the form factor). The best way would be to maybe demo them and to assess if the sound quality still warrants the leakage. And yes, on lower volumes, I don't think they will leak a lot. Someone could help telling you what's the ideal volume where you're not detected.
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