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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. hung031086
    Well the omni pads are out of stock right now :frowning2:.
    Anyone tried these pads yet ?
  2. claud W
    Great headphones to listen to my putter system while I surf. The Wywires Red cable helps too. Silly me, I have no desire to change the pads. Plenty of well defined bass for me. Must be the cable.
  3. fjrabon

    I think most people are pretty happy with the stock pads sound wise, most pad swapping is for comfort reasons for certain ear shapes.
  4. AT Khan
    Amen to that.
  5. Vonsid
    I was concerned about the stock pads as the hole appears to be pretty tiny on the pictures, but somehow it perfectly fits my ears. The rear of my ear sometimes touches the pad, but i don't feel any discomfort or pain or hotness sensation due to that, even after long sessions. Excepted if you have ears notably bigger than average, i wouldn't be worried about that.
  6. inertianinja
    The stock pads just barely didn't fit my ears, so I wasn't getting a very good seal. 
    I've cycled through a number of different pad types, and although people tend to go towards HUGE, THICK pads, I am more-and-more looking for options that are close to stock pads in depth.
    I think I posted a few pages back, the MSR7 pads are working out great for me. They're a bit of a bitch to get on the plastic ring the first time, but they stretch out to be basically the same as the stock pads with a bigger opening, maybe a bit softer overall.
  7. chenjy9

    I tried the one for TH-X00, not TH-900.
  8. Vonsid
    Purpleheart are available again on MD too. I wonder if i should cancel my participation in the Mahoganies drop and enter this one. Anyone owned both of them and can make a quick comparison ? I prefer the Mahogany look, i've been able to hear them and i like them, the 50 $ extra for PH are a bit problematic but i guess i could add them if the sound is significantly improved.
  9. hung031086
    How does the sound change ?
  10. chenjy9

    Noticeable decrease in mid bass, more open/airy, and treble felt more pronounced
  11. chenjy9

    Could always just buy Mahogany cups from E-Mu. Their cups look better quality anyways.
  12. Vonsid
    Yes, but from what i've read, they might be reluctant to sell cups if you didn't buy E-MU headphones.
  13. mdoxey73
    I own both and have compared them quite a bit out of the same source and amplifier chain. The differences are subtle, but ultimately I went back to the mahoganies because of slightly improved perceived mid performance (probably a result of a slight reduction in treble energy). I'm eagerly awaiting the ebonies before I decide which two to keep (one for home, one for office).
    Vonsid likes this.
  14. Vonsid
    Thanks for your input :) How does the bass compares on the two headphones ?
    Edit : nevermind ! I saw your detailed post here http://www.head-fi.org/t/788776/fostex-x-massdrop-th-x00-review/8550#post_12858753
    That was completely the type of advice i was looking for :) I'm not a great expert in sound and i'm not sure i would be able to distinguish a subtle difference. Also, i like the look of the Mahogany better, and they are 50 bucks cheaper, so i'm probably going to go for them if there's not a major difference, specially in bass.
  15. fjrabon
    Lately my EMU ebony cup THX00 with Lawton damping have been reminding me a lot of a HD650 with more sub bass. This is with the stock earpads. Same powerful, smooth midbass. Same notch at 2.5kHz. Same slight bump at 10kHz. Same liquids smooth mids (albeit about 3dB less mids than the HD650) Basically sounds like an HD650 with an amp with bass boost turned on. The Torpedo III really makes the bass kick like a mule, without losing definition at all.

    Normally I don't love tubes in the chain for the THX00, but the iDAC6 (tube DAC) and Torpedo III are keeping it smooth, yet powerful and neutral. Really letting the THX00 shine.

    Changing back to the stock earpads was truly like coming home with these headphones. Even though I prefer the stock earpads to the Lawton pads, the Lawton internal damping is a 100% improvement with no tradeoff.

    Can't wait for the people who got the THX00 ebony to get theirs, because my emu ebony cups are a subtle, but to my ears, very marked improvement over the purpleheart and mahogany.
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