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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. erich6
    I wonder how these compare to the B&W P7 (wireless).  They are both $399 and closed-back. I've heard the P7 and I like it quite a bit.
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  2. Vonsid
    Any european or even better, french buyer that participed in the last drops of this item who can tell me how much additional charges (import etc) i can expect when receiving these from Massdrop ?
  3. HungryPanda
    I'm in the UK and had to pay 20% plus handling charge
  4. HiFiChris Contributor
    I have both (well, the 250 Ohm version actually for the Beyerdynamic) and love both (for their respective prices). The Fostex however is in a considerably higher league than the Beyer.
  5. HiFiChris Contributor
    For my Mahogany TH-X00 delivered to Germany, the 19% VAT plus 2% customs clearance were around €100.
  6. Pippin76
    In Denmark, the package will probably sneak past the customs guys [​IMG] All my Hifiman phones did. And my Nikons too. In fact, I only ever paid customs once in my life for an outside-EU package.
  7. Vonsid
    Heh i doubt i will be that lucky Pippin, specially that those should arrive during the holidays/end of the year period and that's probably when the biggest volumes are transiting, so potentially more money to make on customs i guess ? Or maybe there is so much volume that they let some slip through ? Wouldn't know. Anyways, 80/100 euros is what i think is  acceptable to get a pair of those new. Thanks for the answers.
  8. hung031086
    Any recommendations for earpads replacement to make it more comfortable ? Should i go with dekoni earpads on massdrop ?
  9. vourt
    Owning right now the Denon D-7000 headphones which used to be based on Fostex design as well. Does someone have the idea if they are similar or if i will gain better experience moving to this TH-X00?
  10. Hunki Chunki

    If you have small ears the dekoni will be nice as it is very soft. If you have large ears like me, the dekoni will still be too small, i am using the zmf omni lambskin, it covers my whole ear and is really nice. The zmf oval cowhide is also very nice and fits well too.

    I have all 3 pads. Current i am using the zmf oval cowhide as it sounds the best to me. But i also destroyed the original pads and reused the hard plastic tuning ring on the other pads.
  11. fjrabon

    At best its a side grade from the D7000 to the THX00, assuming your D7000 are in good condition. The only way I would make that switch is if my D7000 was starting to get worn out.
  12. AviP
    I bought the Dekoni pads and I was disappointed with how it changed the sound.
    Supposedly it has to do with the plastic piece sewed into the original pad, which doesn't exist on the Dekoni pad.
    There's a lot of discussion on this topic in the Dekoni discussion page on Massdrop.
  13. xenithon
    Does anyone perhaps have these and the Meze 99 with the new larger pads? Worried about the small openings of the Fostex - the 99 just fit with ears touching pads on inside and against the driver fabric. Ideally wanted a headphone where the ears don't touch. (Alpha pads an option though would prefer not to have to change)
  14. hung031086

    How does the sound turn with zmf omni pads ? Did you try alpha pads yet ? 
  15. Hunki Chunki

    Hi there, it was nice with the zmf lambskin omni pads, it removed some of the painful treble but the cowhide seems to do it better for me.

    Yes i also have the alpha pads, i find them very similar to the zmf lambskin omni pads, both very nice and super comfortable, the omni has a slightly larger hole, but they are both much more comfortable than stock.

    Putting the hard plastic original tuning rings from the stock pads into the new pads is quite important as i feel personally they help with the bass
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