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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. moedawg140

    Ah yes, my apologies. Then in that case I'd get some THX-compatible pads so I wouldn't need to get just the rings - on fleabay or another site.
  2. MWSVette
    Also make sure they are removeable.  On some of the "cheap" flea bay pads the rings are glued in and very thin compared to the Fostex stock rings...
  3. moedawg140
    If it was glued in I would use degreaser or gingerly use my heat gun to get to the rings. [​IMG]
  4. Stig-san
    I just got my Dekoni eggshell prottein padz in the mail and slapped them on.  I have to say they really changed the sound for me.  They sucked out a lot of the bass and pushed the high into sibilant territory.  They are WAY more comfortable to wear, but I don't think I'll be leaving them on since they put the sound sig into something I don't enjoy and probably wouldn't want to listen to for long.
  5. AT Khan

    I for one would stick with stock pads until they retire. I'm on the EMUs, and to be honest, the HM5 angled sheepskin took away some of the pleasure the stocks offer.
    The inner plastic rings in the stock pads keep the pads quite firm (like inflated, if you will) and that forces the pads to not squash or flatten and retain their shape. This is a major play...
    I'm still curious about most other aftermarket pads. Still, it's gonna be a COMFORT over SOUND challenge. If they de-shape and are squashy, they'll be comfy. But that'll affect the sound. The stocks don't loose shape, and thus, the sound stays consistent. Until I find the pads that can do that, or maybe find a way to re-use the inner plastic rings to again, keep the changed pads INFLATED... I don't think it'll be an optimum experience. That's why the inner plastic rings are glued to the stock pads to do what they do.
  6. Gavin C4
    There is just some magic in the stock pads that makes them so good. Even the TH-X00 pads from Dekoni lacks the inner plastic plate. Even the pads are the same shape, it still lacks some element. This will change the sound signature. 
  7. m8o

    Try pulling the plastic plate with the oval opening apart from the stock pads and using it with the dekoni.

    Making clones of the plate in question is the second reason I have for buying a 3d printer.
    tradyblix likes this.
  8. Stig-san
    I'd love to, but I don't want to mess with the stock pads.  I'm going to try to replicate the inner plastic by cutting some crafting plastic into the same shape.  We'll see how it goes.
  9. VilMo
    I am on a lookout for slightly larger pads for my E-MU Teak, pads are identical to the TH-X00.
    Forum members have shared less than ideal results with different pads, but I have not yet seen anyone tried Denon pads like those:
    or TH900 Mk2 pads like those:
    The Denon pads seem of the same shape, with just slightly larger space for the ears that might be enough to fit my larger ears. The TH900 Mk2 have even bigger opening while keeping the basic shape of the original pads.
    If anyone can share their experience this could help also others with larger ears like me.  
  10. innaterebel
    Denon pads were among the first people tried, so the impressions are buried in the early days of the thread. But a Google search should bring you some result.
    Those are not TH900mk2 pads. Mk2s did not change their pads from the original TH900s as far as I can tell.
    I see them as the new TH610 pads,
    which we are yet to find out where to purchase them outside Japan... Oh, so you found them[​IMG]
    However they don't appear to have the inner plastic ring required by TH-X00s for their stock sound signature. If the pads on E-MUs don't have the plastic ring to start with, TH610 pads seem to be a good try for E-MU owners, but I wonder many TH-X00 owners still willing to, especially after the results of Dekoni pads (exact same shape with the stock pads without the plastic ring).
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  11. tradyblix
    I have the Dekoni pads and the ring which I removed from the stock pads like I was told to do in the massdrop thread and I have no problems whatsoever. If anything it sounds better. 
  12. vcmusik
    How hard were the plastic rings to remove? 
  13. tradyblix
    Not Hard. You do have to carefully flex them a bit to remove them and then replace them in the new pads, they fit tightly. Took a couple tries but then perfect fit. 
    Experience taking a bicycle tire off a rim will help in the approach :)
  14. innaterebel
    I hope we were not confusing the inner plastic ring (plate) with the mounting ring again here...
  15. vcmusik
    I actually was thinking about this when I asked the question, since I was referring to the inner plastic ring and not the mounting ring, but Tradyblix said it was "not hard", yet I checked and they're literally sewn into the protein leather. 
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