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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. wahsmoh
    I feel like the TH-X00 keeps a better pace with the music though. i.e. it sounds "faster". Maybe this could be because I lean towards the DT880-type presentation wtih the caveat that the HD600 has a better midrange and sounds more open than the semi-open DT880. I also think the HD600 has a more realistic tonal balance than the DT880 which seems like a headphone more suited to track or mixing since it has a more pronounced treble and drier less inviting neutrality. (lacking midrange bump that our human ears enjoy)
    The TH-X00 does suffer the treble "splash". Like you're getting a little bit too much at the end while the HD600 sort of rounds off the upper frequencies a little. I like the TH-X00 more from top to bottom but the HD600 does do extremely well with vocals and I think it was also at a disadvantage being paired with Asgard 2 versus the BH Crack. <-- could be why it sounded more "stuffy" or veiled. With HD600 connected to BH Crack it always sounnds airy and very ethereal like you are there.
    TH-X00 will spank the HD600 any day when it comes to electronic music and hip-hop. But I guess they both serve their purposes well and I can't say one is definitively better than the other since they are tuned more towards specific genres of music. 
  2. Gavin C4
    Totally agree with the suffer the treble "splash". I hear the same on my X00. Sometimes I just think the splash is too much and cover up the track. All I can hear from start to end is endless splashing and bass. 
  3. vcmusik
    Have either of you tried installing the Lawton Tune-Up Kit mod on the X00? I did it with my Purplehearts and it really cleaned up the sound nicely. I know it might seem like a downside to have to spend $50 more and some time to mod them, but the difference, at least IMHO, was like night and day. The mod tamed the treble quite nicely without blunting them, and in turn I think that indirectly brought out the mids a little more, so the sound sig is a little less scooped. 
  4. Pahani
    Pretty much agree with all the HD600 vs X00 assessments so far. In terms of overall fidelity, I think the 2 are roughly equal (not taking into account the obvious FR differences). They are a decent pairing.
    However, I feel like my Stax is an even BETTER pairing with X00, by virtue of them being a much, MUCH faster driver than the HD600 offers. My Stax is still more or less neutral, but more forward and with more energy. HD600 is more laid back and smooth.
    I also feel my Stax have greater overall fidelity (I use this only in a generic sense)...and you want that in your Neutral half of a pairing. I feel both get adequate listening time this way, whereas if HD600 was in my pairing, I feel I'd listen to X00 much more overall. Where X00 is clearly superior in EDM and such versus HD600, the Stax makes up a fair bit of ground and is quite enjoyable.While they don't have quite the bass rumble of X00, their deep extension helps out a lot.
    I put ZMF Comfort Strap and Lambskin Omni pads on my PH, and loved the results comfort-wise :) They now lovingly cradle my head in pillowy softness, though I need to get the clamp force higher. I do not consider my ears good enough to tell if there was any appreciable difference in sound quality from this..though given the absence of the plastic "shaping" disc now, there almost has to be, somewhere.
    I do also have the Lawton Tune-Up kit, and just haven't gotten around to installing it yet. I'll install 3/4 of the kit first and see how it works out.....and do the foam discs in the cups last if needed.
  5. Gavin C4
    I would test on pads rolling and see if I can tame down the splashy treble. Might look at lawton mod later
  6. glitch39
    I have tried both Brainwavz HM5 hybrids and angled (pleather)
    IMO, they both provide more comfort (larger inner ear opening) and larger soundstage (thicker pads, my ears sit farther away from the drivers).
    To me, angled has more bass and slam. It also mimics the OEM pads better. The hybrids seal a bit less but has more neutral presentation.
    Worth getting both, they are not expensive and are very easy to switch out.
  7. MWSVette
    I find that the earpads affect sound signature more on the TH-X00 than on any headphones I own.
    I have use stock, Alpha, TH-900 and a couple Audeze vegan both a and not.  This allows you to tune the TH-X00 to your personal preference.
    And it is easy and cheap to roll earpads...
  8. AT Khan
    Well I have both HM5 pads too... using them on other cans. I still prefer the stock pads. I may only replace them when they wear out. Maybe then, from reading from what all you guys say, I think I will opt for omni pads. I will still have to salvage the inner plastic ring (the one besides the pad holder ring) to optimize acoustics. Until then, I'm good.
    I actually felt the stock protein pads are much more breathable too, and feel lighter on the ears. The lambskin angled pads get a bit hotter for me than the stock. Hybrids I feel may compromise bass a bit too much.
  9. Gavin C4
    I am thinking if it is possible to DIY your own inner plastic ring. For example using the cover of a binder folders. Cut it with a hobby knife or a laser cutter. Then stuck it inside the pads.
  10. AT Khan

    I'm sure it is possible. The plastic can be easily cut with a knife even. We just need to find a sheet and do it. But we need to figure out the dimensions, or otherwise screw up the stock pads to salvage it (non-reversible short-cut).
    Actually, I like the way you think. Let's make our own, and skip all the trouble. Just need to find the right sheet now.
  11. ProfFalkin
    Kydex can be formed with a heat gun, and might be perfect in thickness and durability.   I've never had to cut it though, so I don't know how that will work out.
    https://amzn.com/B00CBWNUR0 or the slightly thicker https://amzn.com/B00HFDNMN2
    https://amzn.com/B00BOUUX6G might even work.
  12. sabloke

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  13. Gavin C4
    Nice review from the innerfidelity. Totally agree that these headphone are all somewhat on the bright side. 
  14. starence
    The storage bag that came with my X00s is nice, I usually keep my cans in a drawer when they're not in use, and the bag keeps them from getting dinged up. Anyone know where I can buy similar bags for my other headphones?
  15. AT Khan
    Why don't u just buy this instead? Complete protection. Fits all my cans, anything smaller than Audeze or Hifiman 560 etc. I think it'll even fit Ether. Maybe it will fit LCDs. Who knows. But much better. Hardcase is always just better (if u think it's not too much money over bags).
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