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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Gavin C4
    For the Fostex TH-X00. Do you mean removing the plastic ring from the TH-X00 and put them in the Brainwavz pads so I can put them on the TH-X00? 
  2. ProfFalkin
    Everything I read points to that as well.   If you go to the original massdrop link for the E-MU Teaks, Chan directly states in the comment section that the Teak cups are for E-MU Teak customers only.  You need a purchase order # or some other proof to purchase replacement Teak cups.   They will sell the rosewood and ebony cups to anyone though.  The rosewoods I purchased were $100 USD per pair.  Depending on how the Teak and Rosewood cups sound, I may get the Ebony as well.  Then my conversion to the dark side will be complete.
  3. AT Khan

    Yes, but there are two rings. One ring is a narrow ring that holds the pads (it's more like the pad holder).
    There is another ring inside (under my finger in the photo, which you can see is a white layer below the holder ring), that's been cut like the back of the pads, and covers the whole pads except the hole/gap for the ears. This plastic (sheet with a hole in the middle) is doing something to the acoustics, and with swapping the pads, you'd actually need to GLUE this to those pads too, to get the best out of the cans. That's why I went back to stock. The ring is glued in there, really.
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  4. Gavin C4
    @AT Khan Oh! Yes. Thank you for reminding. That inner ring also helps to focus down the bass and sound. I understand what you mean. 
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  5. ProfFalkin
    I've also heard there are differences between the plastic ring used on the E-mu vs Th-x00.  The E-mu uses a plastic ring compatible with the Denon line, and the X00 is using one that works for Fostex branded cans... someone correct me if I'm wrong, please.
    Somewhere buried deep in one of these threads is a link to a place that sells the rings for the denon line, and if I get the desire to pad swap, I'll either buy one or try my hand at 3d printing one up.
  6. m8o
    ... otoh achieving that 'focusing' is at the expense of creating internal reflections and high pressure between the driver and that thick acoustically opaque plastic 'focusing ring'. It may take several reflections between driver and the ring before an impulse escapes that cavity. That tends to 'smear' detail, and create artificial cancellations or reinforcements of upper frequencies. (upper due to the short distances)

    In my opinion it's a major contributing factor to why the first thought that entered my mind when I affixed the pads I shared a few pages back was, "it's like a veil, (solar shade?), was removed between the drivers and my ears."
  7. chenjy9
    I thought I posted this, but guess not. Does anyone know if the plastic ring used for the TH-X00 is in fact the same for the TH-600 / TH-900? Thanks!
  8. AT Khan

    I don't think there should be any problems. These Fostex/Denons/EMUS are all the same chassis so the pad holder ring should be the same across the board. I'm 99% certain that's the case.
  9. chenjy9

    I will buy a couple of replacement plastic rings then in case I want to switch between pads with ease. Thanks!
  10. ProfFalkin
    Found these http://www.partstore.com/Part/Denon+Electronics/Denon/9H30001707/New.aspx from this thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/443275/mini-review-jmoney-replacement-leather-ear-pads-for-denon-d2000-d5000-d7000/90
  11. chenjy9
    I ultimately went with these, since that link didn't have any pictures:
    Thanks for the help!
  12. ProfFalkin
    Yeah, I was just about to pull the trigger on this, cause they are cheap, but now I'm sitting here trying to make 100% sure there are no differences between the two.
    Edit:  Naw, going to wait.
  13. AT Khan
  14. chenjy9

    I'll report back on the compatibility of mine once I get them and my lambskin Dekoni pads.
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  15. Gavin C4
    How about the inner plastic plates? Is it possible to get them? 
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