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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. ATau

    Also, what headphone stand is this?
  2. andyDiamond
    You can look at them in my recent post - http://www.head-fi.org/t/788776/fostex-x-massdrop-th-x00-review/8520#post_12850472
    As per the stand it is from these guys
  3. hakiu1980
    Massdrop should do a collaboration with Audeze and Hifiman on a LCD-4? Maybe a HE-X.


  4. jeffri
    PSX_20160914_194544.jpg PSX_20160914_195158.jpg

    Some quick impression after doing a short head to head:

    - Purpleheart has more sub-bass, the bass is also tigher and faster
    - Purpleheart mids is a little veiled in comparison, possibly from the bigger bass
    - As the result, Purpleheart mid sounds a little thicker
    - Purpleheart mid-hi is a little sharper, more prone to sibilance
    - Purpleheart sounds more energetic, while Mahogany became softer in comparison
    - Mahogany is cleaner sounding
    - Treble extension is about the same, but Mahogany sounds cleaner and more open

    Note that, differences above is very subtle. Both sounds more similar than different, I admitted that I have problem picking the differences. Only the bass that I could immediately notice to be a bit different, while the others I outlined is, again, very subtle.

    The differences could also be the factor of the pads, which my Purpleheart is brand new and a bit stiff, while Mahogany is already worn and softer. I'm expecting the Purpleheart to sounds cleaner and more similar to my Mahogany after a bit of break-in. :)

    I'll update after I clocked more hours and see if I can pick more differences. Both sounds fantastic btw. :D
    TWerk likes this.
  5. Pingupenguins
    All you need now is the Ebony version. Headphones are like Pokemon, "Gotta catch em' all!" [​IMG]
  6. betula
    Thanks for the comparison. You confirm what I have suspected.
  7. jeffri

    Coming soon, late this year or could slip to next year judging from the usual travel distance to me. :wink:

    You're welcome :)
  8. betula
    Enjoying my Mahoganies almost every day, even after several months of ownership.

    Bass just brutally beats any opened back headphones I have ever heard (including X2s). Doing it so, that there is no 'bass bleeding' to the mids at all. 
    Yes, there are opened back headphones with more natural and airy vocals. But that is the speciality of good opened backs. Vocals and mids however are more than in line with the bass and treble in X00 Mahogany's case, than one would expect it. Mids are well-present, there is no lack of mid-range what I could more obviously sense with M100 for instance. Especially with the music I tend to listen to, different kind of Electronica (Trentemoller, Koan, Entheogenic, CBL, Vibrasphere, etc.).
     I find the treble very much present with the X00s. Much more than with X2s for example. In the first couple of weeks it was almost too much for me. By time however as burn in and ear-adjustment happened I started to love the treble too. Detailed, airy, but stays smooth. To my ears treble is just on the right side of the border, when we are talking about details/harshness versus loss of sparkle/smoothness. To me this is the maximum amount of treble I can bear without fatigue, and I am very thankful for having the maximum amount of details my ears can take treble-wise.
     X00s have a great space and open-like sound to a semi-closed can. Probably the best one can get in this category. 
     Yes, I prefer the openness and naturalness of a good opened back can. 
     But I love bass, impact and dynamism more. So X00s are my best compromise so far in this regard. :) 
  9. Change is Good

    No they're not. :rolleyes:
  10. Pingupenguins

    Be a man. Don't let your wallet speak for you. :wink: Th-x00s aren't too bad on the ol' wallet.
  11. Spork67
    I tried HE-400i for 8 days.
    Then I put the TH-X00s back on.
    Have sold the HE-400i.
    'nuff said.
    betula and Billheiser like this.
  12. Change is Good

    One TH-X00, no. Three pairs, yes. :wink:
  13. Change is Good

    Haha. I have both. Each has its own strong merits that compliment the other very well. Enhanced bass doesn't fit well with all genres to my ears, so my 400i has its uses. Oh, and I prefer the 400i for gaming and movies, as well. The X00 is very good, but again enhanced bass isn't always what I'm looking for.
    WayTooCrazy likes this.
  14. WayTooCrazy
    When I got the EL-8 Open, I felt that it bettered the 400i in all the places that I needed, so I sold it off. I think the PH compliment them well. Now I want to try an Ether C Flow... hehe.
  15. Spork67
    I found the 400i better for gaming through a cheaper SS amp.
    Through a better tube amp the TH-X00s got a lot better, the 400i's didn't scale so well.
    Sale will help pay for T1's - hopefully my "end-game" dynamics.
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