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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. jnak00
    I didn't notice until last night that the headband is not supposed sit vertically on the head.  It's supposed to sit at an angle, leaning forward.  Making that adjustment has improved the isolation and bass response.  Kind of a duh! moment.
  2. innaterebel
    You can rotate the pads to fit your shapes though.
    (Note both pads need to be rotated clockwise when you are facing each of them. Counterclockwise will take them off)
  3. m8o
    Finally found an alternate earpad I like better than stock.



    30mm thick, 105mm or 110mm across. Letherrettte tho ... gets as warm as you suspect after a while.

    It's like a veil was lifted compared to stock. Better from the lowest bass to the highest treble imo.

    Just not as comfy as the velour pads. But better than stock. Super plush and soft. BUT, the ear cavity isn't all that much larger than stock, since it's so thick. Still, it is more space for the ear.

    Tried it with the foam disc filter insert that came with it. But that dampened everything too much.

    As just hinted at before, I also tried a 105mm velor pad, maybe only 20mm thick or less. Comfort like a Beyer DT880; can wear from wake to sleep. But a undeniable tilt to the treble with that. I need tone control applied with this pad (and I have a Perreaux TC2 for that very need). I didn't think to try the foam disc filter inserts. Tho I suspect I won't like it as much as the leatherette.
  4. Pahani
    I'm extremely happy with the ZMF Comfort Strap and Lambskin Omni pads I added to my Purplehearts!
    I don't doubt someone with better ears than I could detect some sort of sound change......but for my purposes it's undetectable, and comfort skyrocketed to become the most comfortable set of HP I've ever owned :)
    My particular pair is still too light clamp-wise, I need to keep patiently forming them a little bit at a time so they're not in danger of falling off my head.
  5. FaezFarhan
    I imagined the stock pads would be as uncomfortable as the M50 pads after reading all the comments here, but to my surprise it fits my ears quite well and I like it. It gets hot yes, but comfort wise it's good.
  6. WayTooCrazy

    Do you have pics of how they look with everything on them now?
  7. Pingupenguins
    Yeah I tried playing with pads on my Th-x00 as well, but pad selection really changes the dynamic of the headphone greatly. Had to stick with the stock pads, however my ears are relatively small so no space issues. They just tend to get warm after a while. 
    Never seen headphones respond to pad changes so much! Especially considering they are basically semi-open and not working on a sealed internal volume. 
  8. sabloke
    My woodies looking good together [​IMG]
  9. drwlf
    >>> Comic Sans.
  10. WayTooCrazy

    Maybe a good choice, since it is labeled as "Shelf" and not "Stand"?
  11. ProfFalkin
    Any way you could measure interior dimensions of that pad?
  12. SleepingLesson
    I might give those pads a go. I actually don't mind the stock ones too much, but they could be softer.
  13. m8o

    The padding at the ear cavity opening is not a right angle. The opening at the surface in contact with your head begins at about 2 3/8" diameter (60mm). The diameter at the stiching about 1/2 way down the depth is hard to measure with a tape measure. But I approximate it's about 1 7/8" (47 - 48mm) diameter around.

    So it doesn't have as much space up/down for your ear as the stock pads, by a small margin. But it has more space front/back for your ear. I think the biggest factor for comfort for me is a combination of that front/back space coupled with the stiching. The back of my ear rests on the stiching with the stock pads. And gets aggravated. The stiching on these thick plush pads is much deeper, and the back of my ears aren't aggregated by it.

    The other photos at the eBay link I provided illustrates this quite well.
  14. ProfFalkin
    Thank you!   It was hard to get a sense of size on the internal area from the photo.   I can't stand it when an earpad touches my ear.  I can put up with stitching touching my head though.  (I'm weird, I know.)  For example, the T50RP stock ear pads were evil.  EVIL.  
    This is my biggest concern about my (hopefully) soon to arrive TH-X00's. I've found I need at least 48-50mm front to back for pads to fit right. But, I have the Alpha Pads, ZMF Omni Pads, many different HM5 pads, the Shure alcantara pads, etc. and I'll be pad swapping like mad if the stock pads don't fit, me thinks.  
    I appreciate the info!
  15. DeadEars
    Another Mapletree Audio fan here.  I tried my X00 Mahogany's with several head amps and found the V-shaped response a bit deficient in the midrange.  The MAD Ear+ does a nice job of filling in the midrange and rounds out the highs a bit as well.  Very pleased.
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