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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. FaezFarhan
    After 10 hours of playback, holy molyyyyy the sub-bass appeared.. Feels like I have a virtual subwoofer!
  2. jnak00
    Just got my purplehearts, bought a "used" pair with only a few hours on them.  First impressions - they don't have as much bass as I was expecting, but it is solid, tight bass.  Treble is nicely extended.  Mids are just a touch recessed, which I prefer.  Overall they sound a lot like my PSB M4U2s, with a bit more extension and energy in the treble.  This is fantastic - pretty much the sound signature I was looking for.
  3. Pankaic
    They respond well to EQing, so pushing the bass up 5-10db produces quite a rumble [​IMG] 
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  4. jnak00
    As I'm listening more, I'm noticing more rumble.  Maybe I just picked the wrong tracks to start with.
  5. ProfFalkin

    Thanks for the comparison and thoughts! In your opinion, why would someone get the Thx00 over the PSBs? (Do you have a preference?)

    Thank you
  6. jnak00
    As I said, these are pretty early impressions. I haven't listened to the Purplehearts very long.  To me, the PH and the PSBs suit different needs although I think the sound is somewhat similar, with the PHs having slightly better sound to my ears.  The PH has a more open, spacious sound, with relatively poor isolation.  The PSBs isolate way better and I find the noise cancelling function is quite good.  I generally do not listen to the PSBs at home - they are my travel cans.  The PHs will be my at home headphones. 
  7. ProfFalkin
  8. VRacer-111

    You put some tracks on with nice low end energy and the PH really pound it insanely into you head...take a track like "stellar" from Nigel Good's Space Cadet album...


    The low end on that youtube video isn't as menacing as it is off the Flac download though...
  9. TWerk
    Someone try Axel Thesleff, Bad Karma (youtube) if you want a song with amazing bass... If the PH is good in the bass, it should do this track justice and make you go [​IMG].
  10. jeffri
    PSX_20160914_033814.jpg PSX_20160914_033516.jpg PSX_20160914_032548.jpg

    Finally got my Purpleheart. It's been sitting on the local post office for a while and just had the time to pick it up yesterday. :)

    It looks gorgeous on the photo, but unfortunately, the bubblewrap mark issue is affecting mine. It's not easy to photograph it, but looking closely with naked eye will easily reveal it. Well, bubblewrap mark is one thing, but I also noticed a line mark that looked like a scratch (the surface is smooth, so I suspect it is the same finishing issue). Even more, a few place on the hinge have this leftover white stuff visible (not sure what to call them). And I'm not sure how to clean this as it seems to be permanently attached. Disappointing QC. :frowning2:

    That said, sounds is fantastic. I don't think I'll want the hassle to send it back, so I'm keeping this. Now I just hope the Ebony one won't have this problem, please learn from this Massdrop and Fostex.

    I'll spend a little bit more time to head-to-head this with my Mahogany. :)
  11. TWerk
    Please do post comparisons with your Mahogony - what difference you may hear between the two versions!
    A lot of us are interested to know from those who own both, together.
  12. i-am-iron-man
    That's bad news. I didn't know about the marked-cup thing until I got a mail from Massdrop saying they'd had reports of problems and were looking into it. 
    I wouldn't worry about returns just yet, but I absolutely would raise a case with Massdrop. You might choose not to return them if you're asked, but whatever their solution is, at least you'll have the option - they might decide just to send out replacement cups. If mine weren't perfect they'd be going straight back!
  13. jeffri

    Sure, I'll have to find some quite time with these two babies and will post back. :)

    Yeah, I think I'll try contacting them. :)
  14. andyDiamond
    So, finally, the de-lacquered mahogany cups are on their place
    They imo do look much better, one can really enjoy the wood texture
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  15. ATau

    That looks fantastic! Great job!
    Could you please post some other pictures with different lighting? I'd like to see how the grain stands out in brighter conditions and different angles.
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