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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. WayTooCrazy
    I thought pizza goes with beer.
  2. AviP
    These headphones are so sensitive!
    I have like no room to play with the volume control! (Vali 2)
    Is there something I can put between my DAC and amp to lower the volume being output by the DAC so that I have more room to play with the volume on the amp?
    Right now it's being fed by my Modi multibit which outputs 2v, if I could lower that to ~1v that would seriously help...
    Any ideas?
  3. HungryPanda
    I'm loving mine and they are indeed very easy to drive. On my Fubar HD I'm on low gain and usually between 9 and 10 o'clock
  4. sheldaze
    Are you using the Vali on the lower output gain?
    And yes, Schiit makes a box called the SYS which will give you some more volume control. Put the SYS between the Vali and your source, and you can lower the output without any loss of fidelity.
    AviP likes this.
  5. AviP
    Yes, I'm on low gain.
    Great idea! I guess I'll order a SYS.
  6. sheldaze
    I have a SYS, use it for a lot of purposes, and both directions (in reverse just need to turn up volume to full, then it can be used without issue). I have never heard any sound degradation due to SYS. And I have a friend who uses it exactly for that purpose, to give him some volume control when he plugs in his very easy to drive Grado headphones.
    Hope you have luck!
  7. andyDiamond
    After several thoughts on my poor skillz in woodwork I decided to go to my friends in Kennerton for an advice and help.

    Here are the cups treated with Tikkurila anticeptic and finally sanded with 1000 - 2000 - 2400 sandpaper


    Then Carnauba wax was applied (to take care of the cups and preserve the wood)


    Finally the cups were powered by Kennerton Team from the inside


    Here is the wood video:

  8. Eudis

    Uh did he finish the inside of the cups? You're gunna get more brightness due to the reflectivity..

    Is it the hazy in person? The images make the finish look hazy.
  9. andyDiamond

    Actually I don't know yet - I am going to get the cups only on Monday

    The inside of cups was cleaned from dust and a tattoo was made, nothing else
    I am going to dampen the inside anyway
  10. Gavin C4
    After quite a while of listening to the TH-X00 (mahogany) . I realized my preference lean towards a warm sound signature. The TH-X00 gives THE perfect bass for my taste but there is just a bit too much treble for me. Overall it is a great headphone. Great for EDM. Sometimes EQ a little to reduce the treble.
  11. MWSVette
    Sweet,  they turned out very nice....
  12. betula
    I think, I pretty much have the same preference.
    I also own Mahogany for quite a while, loving it to bits.
    I am happy with its bass, however probably still could take 5% more bass. 
    And I probably could take 5% less of the treble. (5% is not much.)
     Yeah, little EQ in Foobar makes it almost perfect.
    I am just wondering if PH for example would be more to my taste.
    Mahogany is still my best hps ever owned. 
    It is just going for that last possible 5% to my own personal taste. :) 
  13. Billheiser
    Why were they treated with an antiseptic?
  14. ProfFalkin
    Don't want them catching a cold.   Hard to hear music if they get congested.
  15. drwlf
    Tikkurila is a Finnish company manufacturing paints and lacquers, so he probably used some wood varnish by Tikkurila :p
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