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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. sikki-six
    First impressions of the Purplehearts... No burn-in, plugged straight in.
    The big & low reaching bass of my D2000's is still here, very nice punch for hip-hop etc. Vocal clarity is very good (through ModiBit & Lyr 2). Mids are recessed quite an amount, but good quality. It's clearly a fun, non-analytical headphone, no surprises there. After using LCD-2.1 and Sine lots recently, it sounds totally different. The higher highs seem pretty low in the mix. 
    There's some very small bubble-wrap marks on the cups that I didn't notice at first, but they can be seen in straight 'n strong light - couldn't really care less. The wood is quite dark and not as red as many early photos, clearly purple. The headband seems to have less reach than the Denons, but just right for my big head fully extended. Earpads are a hair less comfy than the D2000 (with larger openings). But there's still very little clamping pressure, so I'd call these comfortable anyhow.
    I'm not listened to these right next to the Denons (going from memory) - we'll see how they compare.
    P.S. Cutting the bass a few db's from 125hz (on iTunes EQ) cleans up the low rumble lots.
  2. sikki-six
    Well, there is more mids on the Purplehearts. The Denon's are also more treble-happy with something unnatural sounding up there. The Denons might have the bass boost situated lower vs more mid-bass prominence on Purplehearts. Fostex's sound louder, but that might just be the more prominent mids. Denons do have comfier pads, but they are at least 5 years old.
    One thing I can say, they are clearly different, but obviously share many things too.
  3. dixopr
    After being through a fair number of headphones, I realize I like fun or engaging over analytical.  I learned the same thing with speakers. First generation LCD 2's, these purple hearts, and B&O H6 (neutral but not overly analytical) for travel.  PH sound great through Fiio kunlun, have not tired them with anything else yet.  I also find them very comfortable and I love the purple.  A fine headphone for the price if you like bass and don't care about a really wide soundstage.  
    I've been into audio for 25 years, first car audio, then home theater, then vintage hifi stuff, then phono gear, now headphones.  It always takes me many iterations to learn the same lessons, what makes me enjoy the music the most.  The funny thing is it isn't always the most expensive, newest, best condition stuff - you can find gems out there that sound great in combo with your other stuff.  Don't listen to what everyone else says and find out for yourself what you like.  These forums are great for sharing opinions and recommendations but don't put to much stock into internet experts.
  4. reeltime

    Some isolation.  I also bring the B&W P7 occasionally (less bulk, anyway).  The noise cancelling headphones sound like garbage to my ears.  I'd rather have fidelity.  Plus I have a great pair of headphones in the hotel room.  No one has ever complained about the headphones leaking, and a guy on my last trip slept soundly beside me while I played music the whole flight.  I've asked my neighbors if they could hear anything... nope.  I have a pair of UERMs that I used prior to this rig, but they're really neutral from a listening standpoint.  Too neutral.  Perfect for doing work, but not so great for pleasure.
    I purchased the Hugo (used, of course!) before the Mojo hit the streets.  Buying a Mojo would be redundant.  
    The Hugo has a swell leather travel case that fits the AK nicely in one package.  People still think I'm strange, but whatever... I suppose I am... and I don't care!
  5. Beezie
    got the X00 almost two weeks ago and using the Little Dot IV SE amp with upgraded tubes.
    they really do sound amazing  with this amp, Very deep punchy bass maby lacking a little on the upper high end on female vocals but its a trade off i`m ok with 
  6. FaezFarhan
    Nice, what else do you pair with the Little Dot IV?
  7. Beezie
    the tubes?
    i use
    6N30P-DR 6H30P-DR
    Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV
  8. Shogster
      I finally got to listen to the damn things for almost a day,and i have to say i am really happy with the sound.The bass is definetly there.On some tracks it is mouth watering.Don't have anything to say about the mids they sound sweet to me.The highs though are good,but on some tracks they get pretty harsh and it is almost unbearable.Don't know if that is the headphones or the Magni 2U.I am still burning them,so i hope the sound will settle and the highs will get a bit smoother overtime.But comparing them to my M50X...in a different league.The clarity,resolution,bass extension is great.Just better in every way.People say the X00 don't have big soundstage,or they don't have at all,but to me,they have good soundstage.I have not heard that in the M50X.And they definetly pick out bad recordings.I had a few times where i played a track that i thought sounded good on the M50s,but with the X00 it sounded bad.
      Pairing them with the Zdac V2 and the Magni 2,i would say i am pretty happy with the pairing.The Magni is a cute little Schiit indeed.Did not expect it to be that small,and i even giggled when i took it out of the box.I plugged them in the headphone out of the Zdac,and they sounded great too,but from the Magni,the bass and the overall image of the sound is more..crispy sounding idk.Maybe because of the highs,im not sure.Did not expect it to be that small,and i even giggled when i took it out of the box.But my hands are itchy now to try some different Schiit.A Mimby maybe..
    I would like to EQ the highs a bit,but im not sure what to EQ exactly,so if anyone has any tips on how to do that,give a little tip.

    Here is a pic of my ugly rig. xD
  9. fjrabon
    you hear very mixed things about the THX00's soundstage, because the frame of reference varies so much for them.  Some people are comparing them to things like the HD800, LCD2.2f, HD598, etc.  However, if you compare them to most other closed headphones, they are very good in terms of soundstage.  
  10. PopZeus
    I can't say for sure but I feel like burn-in helped mellow out some of the harsher highs on the PHs. I was leaving the door open to sell these off and try to get the ebony model when they're released but now maybe not. I can't tell if the drivers are actually changing or if I'm getting some wicked build-up from all the damn hp usage my ears are getting.
  11. ProfFalkin
    How would the highs on the TH-X00 compare to Beyer cans?   I've heard the 770 pro and 990 premiums.  I found both were unusable due to the painfully bright treble.
  12. PopZeus
    The only Beyers I'm familiar with are the T90s, which were on a whole other level of aggressive treble than the TH-X00 PH. The Fostex have parts of the frequency where the treble peaks but the sound is fairly recognizable as a very refined mid-scoop. I've been told the 990s had a lot more bass than most other Beyers, but the T90s had a ton of response all over the upper register and a very lean bass (house sound?), which apparently makes treble fatigue worse. If that ends up being true (I just got my pair so I'm still figuring stuff out), the amazing bass response of the TH-X00 should help ease any bright peaks that might otherwise make fatigue way worse.
    Personally I would never listen to music with T90s (770 & 990 maybe different story, probably not). The Fostex are made for enjoying music. I feel like the T90s were made for critical scientific audio applications, so if I was working for SETI or NOAA the Beyerdynamics would be how I discover extraterrestrial signals in deep space. Hehehe.
    vcmusik and ProfFalkin like this.
  13. ProfFalkin
    Thank you.   I was in on the last TH-X00 drop (am waiting for them to ship), and I kept reading about them and the sometimes peaky highs.  It had me a little concerned.
  14. WilliamLeonhart
    you know, in the world of "audiophiles", good becomes unimaginably great. If I believe everything I saw on head-fi I would have stayed with the o2 odac and sr325is instead of selling and buying a few dozen amp/dacs and headphones.
    That said, the thx00 is a pleasant surprise in terms of sound stage. I'm sure that it's more spacious than my old sr60i and hd558 which are both open headphones
  15. wahsmoh
    I wouldn't recommend them for an airplane.. They're just a little too big on your head and the cable is wayyy to long... Isolation isn't the greatest cause these are semi-open, but once music starts playing you don't hear the ambient noise of the aircraft.
    I took them with me to Peru on my trip over the summer. It takes awhile to coil the cable while sitting in  your tiny airplane seat. These do make very good travel cans if you are staying at a hotel or a house and you just want to kick back.. then grab yourself a headphone case and relax [​IMG] 
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