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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. WayTooCrazy

    Which cable mod did you go with? Not the SMC, right?  I'm wondering what type of connector the Ether headphones use. I would like to look at those connectors as a possible use instead of the SMC, so that if/when I upgrade to an Ether, I can continue to use the same cable.
  2. MWSVette
    Not SMC.  Went with the 2.5mm.
  3. WayTooCrazy

    Nice. I don't want to clog up the thread, but did you have to trim the cups? Do you have the part(s) you used? I would prefer 2.5 over SMC myself.
  4. MWSVette
    Did not do it myself.  Peterek did them for me and yes the cups do need some minor trimming.
  5. fjrabon

    they're tied in a knot on the inside of the cup.  Theoretically a major stress could cause the knot to tighten too much, and thus cause the portion of the cable that is knotted to knot too tightly and maybe put too much strain on the cable.  But practically this isn't an issue.  It's impossible for it to put strain on the cable connection though, because it would have to pull the knot through the cable cup entry, which just ins't possible.  You'd tear the cable before you did that, which would take greater than 70 pounds of pressure.
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  6. MWSVette
    I also have these allowing me to use either type of connector.
  7. betula
    I am more and more curious about PH, and its slight differences to Mahogany.
    If there is anyone in the UK who is willing to swap X00s for 1-2 weeks, I am happy to offer my Mahogany in exchange of a PH, strictly for 1-2 weeks. :)
  8. chry5alis
    The purpleheart orders have been waiting for 3+ months to come in - and you are wondering if anyone wants to swap the week they come out?  Good luck with that lol
  9. betula

    Some people might have it for more than a week. And I am not in a rush. My offer stands for the next couple of months. Also, why do you think noone wants to swap, if the swap is only for a week? The more headphones you have a chance to experience, the better, isn't it? Anyway, I am happy, you had a good laugh at my comment. :wink:
  10. chry5alis
    I find the timing of your offer hilarious, not the offer itself.  Be patient, massdrop will probably sell the cups individually once they are done milking the popularity of the th-x00
  11. betula
  12. melvin117
    only will be back to UK around October, hope I will still have the purpleheart by then 
  13. -19db
    It's not in style anymore, but I still like my Leben CS300XS as a do it all integrated.  Sounds good with both my THX00 Mahogany's and Ety ER4S (with the built-in +3db bass boost selected).
    Somewhat tuneable with tube rolling, good build quality, drives anything short of an HE-6 but only 15wpc for the speaker out.
    I just received my PH's over the weekend and don't want to come to any verdict on them vs. my Mahogany's yet.  
    With about 3 hours listening, the PH's have noticeably more bass and smoother, non-sibilant highs. The Mahogany's can be a little sibilant at times.
    I was expecting more of a TH900 style "U' signature from the PH's  but the (broken-in) Mahogany's are more that way right now.
  14. TWerk
    I wonder why they called the PH more V shape when it appears the treble is less than the Originals.
    Must be rather bass heavy if it has more bass, smoother highs, and what appears to be described as recessed mids by some.
  15. BeardPapa
    I've got the PH and although I didn't do a strenuous test, I gave a listen to a couple of songs to A/B them with my mahogany.  The increase in bass is noticeable and if you listen to extremely bass heavy music be prepared to amp the headphones.  I tried it through my iphone 6 and I didn't love the sound with dubstep, drum and bass or even minimal techno.  when i swapped over to my grace m9xx it sounded far better.  I am no golden ear but the increase in bass made them a bit hungrier and an unamped source cant keep up with it, making the bass sound flabby and unrefined to me.  I did really enjoy them with the m9xx.  i noticed a large bump in the upper mids in comparison to the mahogany and also a touch of sibilance that was devoid in my mahogany.  With classical or jazz I didn't notice a large difference in the sound signature of either headphone.  It was there but its not as noticeable as something like EDM or rap.  I greatly prefer the look of the PH to my mahogany, they are both very nice but that PH wood is just gorgeous.
    In the end, I found the mahogany more to my preference as they are the flatter of the two headphones.  I am sure a great many of you will prefer the PH, but as an amateur producer I like to have the flatter cans for monitoring.  I would keep the PH for walking around in or out of the studio for some fun listening but I have some much more portable IEMs for that purpose.  Unfortuantely, I will be offloading the PHs.
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