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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. inertianinja
    You didn't look. I posted a full write-up with part numbers. 
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  2. Change is Good

    Regarding the cups, not really. They're just painted TH-600 cups, dampened internally to match the stock sound of the mahogany.

    I was just sharing my amp/dac pairing. These Fostex, regardless of cup variation, match really well with my NFB-15.
  3. WayTooCrazy

  4. Thunder240

    Yeah, you could say I found it :)
  5. Eudis
    You can use regular hifiman smc and just trim it down with a hobby cutter. Thats what I did and it came out perfeclty
  6. velcrothrash
    Here's a pic of my TH-x00---I didn't see any of the surface imperfections on cups that some have, luckily. I've had a couple days to listen to these purplehearts and I'm impressed at how much better these sound across genres than the TH-600. I never thought the gap between the two headphones could be so large. Still need to try these on my mobile devices, but with my dac/amp stack I'm enjoying throwing different genres at these, surprised by improved mids' presence (vs TH-600) and lack of glaring sibilance issues. Could just be the synergy with my gear. I'd like more a bit more transparency and detail, less confined soundstaging, but these are still very enjoyable and not just for the bass-oriented. The bass is great on hip hop tracks that have extremely low frequencies, but some impact was sacrificed to improve other areas in the sound, I think, vs the TH-600. 
  7. Thunder240
    Hey guys, even if rap isn't your thing, do yourselves a favor and listen to a track by E-40 called "Flashin". If you aren't smiling, you obviously don't like bass! I've never heard a subwoofer do what these PHs are able to do.
  8. CCXR594
    on the same note, Wiz Khalifa's "on my level" and Mord Fustang's "flip the bacon" are must listens.
  9. lglions
    Mine do have bubble marks and not perfect. I dropped a note to Massdrop asking what's their plan. Didn't do anything trying to remove those.
    They sound good though.
  10. Manrique Chan
    I'm pretty sure they will give you the same options they gave me...
    1 - Get an entire unit replacement
    2 - Get cups replacement including instructions on how to replace 
  11. lglions
    What do they asked you to do with the old cups if option (2) is selected? Send it to them after replacement?
    I will take option (2).
  12. Manrique Chan
    Unfortunately, you will have to send the defective cups back.... 
  13. bartlett
    Subbass shines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM7JnWvyFec
  14. Miguel Melo
    Just received this notification from DHL as I waited for my Purplehearts to arrive: -" Due to damage, the shipment could not be delivered and is being withheld for investigation."
    I'm completely at a lost on what to do... it's just sad.
  15. Change is Good

    Contact Massdrop
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