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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Miguel Melo
    Already did, waiting for a reply.
  2. sovereign

    Many have posted pics of damaged boxes. Absolutely unacceptable that these were shipped via DHL.
  3. EinZweiDrei
    the cardboard box that arrived came looking like it was crushed under something heavy. luckily the actual headphone box is safe. this is my first time with DHL and if i ever were to ship packages, DHL isn't even going to be on my list of couriers.
  4. Miguel Melo
    I feel like I'm not the only one who would rather pay extra to have any items shipped by any other than DHL...
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  5. lglions
    That is fine as long as I have to send them back only after I will get  replacements. Anyways - thanks for the headsup - will wait what they are going to offer.
  6. slex
    It will be swell if massdrop offer different types of woods cups in the future for sale. I luv to have a collection of wood cups cater to sound preference.
  7. Pankaic
    Here's a few tracks I've used to test the bass extension & quantity on the PHs:

    On a flat EQ, it's not all that impressive, but since the PHs respond so well to EQing, I pushed the sub-100Hz frequencies all the way up and WOW is it satisfying to feel the bass rumble [​IMG]
  8. eobet
    Ok, so I've been critiquing Massdrop heavily for their poor finish, but this was just a stupid comparison:
    "Traditional Echizen lacquer-finished Hokkaido Asada cherry" against something "Made in China"... well, duh!
    Why on god's green earth did you not compare these to the TH-900 with the "Urushi" finish instead? That might have been interesting!
  9. FaezFarhan
    Today marks the 10th day my headphone being stuck in Germany. I wonder what is DHL's reason behind this. Hmm
  10. AviP
    Call them
  11. FaezFarhan
    They have no idea as well :)
  12. WayTooCrazy
    Dang nabbit. I listened to these on my Denon AVR-687 (Oldie, but I like the sound of it). The headphone out always sounded decent to me. On the PH, it sounded ok. I listened to Elliot Yamin "You are the one". It sounded pretty good. I plugged the PH into my Vali 2 (stock tube) being fed by the Modi 2 Uber (No Multi-bit yet)... and it sounded cleaner, better, more authoritative. The more I listen to the PH, the more I like them. I guess, I'm still on the hunt for an Integrated amp that has good speaker out and headphone (headphone more important) for my listening room. The Denon won't be going in there with me. I intend to keep the PH in my collection (I rotate headphones every year or so).
  13. The Third
    The plastic part of the cable splitter keeps hooking underneath the table, which in turn puts tension on the cables connected to the left/right cups. Are these cables connected firmly to the cups, or will they easily loosen over time? Due to cables being non removeable, it stresses me out that the plastic part of the Y splitter keeps getting stuck.
  14. MWSVette
    They are very well connected.
    However that was one of the reasons I had the detachable cable mod done.  When it catches, it just unplugs hopefully saving that stress on the cable.
  15. Billheiser
    I had the same problem, and fixed it by using a hardening putty to streamline the shape of that junction. I think I posted a photo of that 2-3 months ago on this thread. If you don't see it, I'll repost it later.
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