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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. luvmusik
    Here is an example of bass processed in the recording with an Aphex Aural Excitor - a studio workhorse piece of gear that first got prominence in the 1970's & 1980's, and a few other brands followed it. It was often used live in very large clubs and when switched on, would take the low bass to a deeper thundering foundation by sub-synth harmonizing, phasing, dynamics and octave extension. Many here know this sound from club attendance - it is unmistakable when switched on. The Aphex is used on some trax on this album. Here, Marcus Miller is playing bass, and afterwords went to Miles Davis band, where that deep foundation live just enveloped the stagefront. A cool wind-down type album, in full, won Grammy in 1982. Sounds great on SACD or vinyl lp thru Fostex TH-X00.
    Grover Washington Jr. - Winelight - full album 39 min.
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  2. paradoxology
    Great album! Two thumbs, way up!
  3. blitzhax
    So far wearing the th-x00 for more than 1 hour is torture for me. The pads are too hard, headband is fine. The k7xx on the other hand I can wear for two days straight and hardly feel it on my head. Hope those alpha pads come in sooner.
  4. wahsmoh

    I had the same problem. The stock earpad would press my ears in and after an hour the same problem. Our heads or ears must be shaped the same. I don't understand how people are capable of wearing the TH-X00 with the stock pads for extended periods of time.
    The Alpha pads also gave me improved sound quality and less in-your-face presentation with the best comfort of any headphone I've ever worn. Seems like there is a 50/50 split on people who think the Alpha pads sound better with TH-X00 and the ones who tried Alpha pads and went back to TH-X00 stock pads. So far there is no general consensus that the Alpha pads will improve the listening experience for you.. but if we both had the same comfort issues with the same problem with the stock pads.. there is a good chance you will prefer the Alpha pads more than the stock ones.
  5. marts30
    I can wear the TH-X00 for hours fine, but my ears press against the K7XX driver and that actually bothers me after a while (only my left ear :S, doesn't depress easily like my right).
  6. twiceboss
    I end up bought X2, used one.
    Waiting for TH X00 is too long. Just really need a pair of headphone, I want a new sounding rather than my 1-2 years Beyerdynamic COP.

    I think my choice, X2 is the best! It is really effing neutral to my ears.
    TH X00 would be my FUN BASS can, and this X2 can play a good jazz song.

    Any advice to make my X2 sounds better? :D
  7. jamor
    EQ the TH-X00 Bass up if you're a basshead and really want them to bump on certain genres though.   It's like a subwoofer on your head. 
    Everybody should try it at least once! +6 bass doo ittt
  8. mysticstryk
    Is there a way to buy the stock pads from somewhere?  I might be buying these headphones from someone but they only come with alpha pads as he got rid of the stock pads.
  9. imackler
    I think your best place is this thread. In the last page or two, someone has been saying how they hate the stock pads. They might swap you. 
  10. mysticstryk
    Well in that case...
    Anybody dislike the stock pads?  Provided I buy the th-x00 (should know in the next day or two) I will buy them off you!
    Send me a PM if interested, thanks!
  11. blitzhax
    Sounds promising. Softer/squishier pads and more room in cups alone would be a massive improvement. Stocks are actually surprisingly comfortable when I first put them on, but quickly start feeling claustrophobic and hard against my head, even though the clamp isn't strong.
    It seems like the alpha pads are backordered, so it might be a week or two before it even ships.
  12. Docks
  13. oleWhiskey


    These are my older set of X00's with he alpha pads, I should be getting my new modded X00's from Peterek Next week.

    I thought we had covered the alpha quality with the X00's already?
  14. betula

    That seems to be a pretty badass piece of TH-X00s.
    Although, I am still not sure if I am gonna give a try to Alpha pads over stock pads, due to the many controversial impressions around. (Necessary, not necessary. Only for comfort or sq too. Sq is improved or destroyed. Is there difference at all, etc.)
    My ears are pretty small/average. So I am sure I will have enough space for my god given organic hearing tools in stock pads. But if it would improve anything, I'd like to play with Alpha pads. But 5 people seem to be on 8 different opinions regarding that.
  15. DaemonSire
    If anyone wants a pair of Alpha Pads, send me a PM.  I have a set for sale (will be shipped from Canada).
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