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Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

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  1. KritiKal
    Funny, Mat just got back to me. I waa after a 5cm USB A Female, to micro cable, copper and sleeved. €59 apparently, not too bad at all really, so going to go ahead with it.

    I need a few more cables, so I'll be going back to them if it's good. (I'm sure I'm going to be happy with it though)
  2. fleemur12
    I was going on 5 weeks before I heard back from him about a custom-made adapter.  It turns out my pack was shipped within a week of paying but it was lost in transit from Poland to US.  He immediately offered to rebuild and ship me a new one asap.  I couldn't really ask for more than that. 
    While his communication is admittedly slow and intermittent, almost everyone that has ordered from him raves about the quality of his products.  For the price, you really can't beat FAW and he seems to always come through despite any delays in communication or delivery.  There are other options out there for hand-made and custom cables, but you'll pay a lot more and still have a significant waiting time. 
  3. alec66
    1 week now for an answer.... [​IMG]
  4. silversurfer616
    Communication is slow but the cables eventually arrive and are of very good quality.Have four different cables for my LCD2s and M's is clearly the best sounding.Don't want to add fuel to the fire but one can "hear" the improvement.
    Also, his prices are very compatible.
  5. JootecFromMars
    What cable did you get?
  6. Mike37
    Latest arrivals from Mateusz @ Forza Audioworks.
    Noir HPC MK2 with 4-pin Neutrik XLR and Noir Extender MK2. The best of both worlds. I can now switch easily from a balanced connection to my Oppo HA-1 to my Lehmann Linear Pro without having to switch cables on my HD800.
    As usual excellent quality work from Forza - Many Thanks.
  7. sesu
    25 days later my cables are here:
    4qOvHyy.jpg NI69LaS.jpg
    Hybrid Series HPC Cable and ViaBlue 3,5mm jack with length 1,5m  & Copper Series HPC Mk2 Cable with multifilament sleeve and ViaBlue 3,5mm jack length 1,25m
  8. KritiKal

    Was that 25 days from order placement? Also, are any of them "custom" or ordered straight off the site?
  9. pcyco
    sesu :looks great
    my old dt 990 werre also recabeld in very short time :)
  10. sesu

    first mail contact on april 5.
    order was placed after talking to matthew on  april 7., I payed april 10 via paypal. You can ordere the same cable straight off the site afaik but I wanted to ask matthew first what he would recommend. 
    today I received them.
    Quality is like a lot of people said here outstanding
  11. KritiKal

    Good to know. I ordered 2 weeks ago, but I'm going to put my expectance at 4ish weeks from now.
    I'm not going to get my hopes up over audio equipment again. Been waiting 3 weeks for an iDSD that was advertised as in stock and I don't think it has even shipped yet. Communication has been poor, and I don't think they would have even contacted me if I hadn't contacted them. Extremely irritated, but it's a topic for another thread.
  12. Pier Paolo
    Could you please review the X2 with Hybrid? Isn't it too bright?
  13. shazwani87

    Im lovin it :)
  14. gax279
    Looks really good!
    I would like to upgrade the cable for my PM-3s, too-which cable did you go with?
    How long does it usually take for cable orders to reach the US?
  15. shazwani87
    Claire Hybrid HPC

    Im from singapore, delivery was fast. For delivering to US you might want to ask him
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