Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

  1. ossomac
  2. Paul Graham
    My Fiancé just ordered three cables from them last night for my idevice/Solo & Android rigs, And looking forward to 
    seeing them soon.
    Nice Birthday Present from my other half bless her!
    Forza AudioWorks Copper/Silver Series Android Digital LOD

    Forza AudioWorks Copper/Silver Series Digital LOD
    Forza AudioWorks Copper Series ICL
    I am a faithful and ongoing customer of Toxic Cables, 
    But Im always up to trying out new things from a different firm.
  3. esmBOS
    Ordered a couple of cables from them a minute ago! If the quality is good I might send in a couple of my headphones to be recabled! Nice to finally have a European cablemaker at this pricepoint!
  4. Paul Graham
    Ive been speaking with Matthew about my order and finding him a very helpful & pleasant person to deal with [​IMG]
  5. Matez
    I hope guys you will like your new cables :)
    Paul, your advices were really helpful as well [​IMG]
  6. Paul Graham
    Matthew I presume?
    Hello dude & No problems.
    Looks like I may have two favourite cable makers now...
    FAW & TC.
    Tried another from the netherlands not so long ago but they weren't up to scratch compaired to 
    others Im used to! 
    Im looking forward to getting my new cables :)
  7. Paul Graham
    And can I add a quick suggestion Matez???
    Other cable companies have options like yourselves for terminations.
    I find a hirose connector would be a useful addition to your options.
    For someone like myself that uses the iBasso DB2 Boomslang & PB2 Pelican,
    An option for the balanced 6 pin hirose balanced connectors would be very useful [​IMG]
    And of course the ALO/RSA 4 pin balanced connector.
  8. Paul Graham
    Matthew & Cable Officionado's, I need some help please.
    Its related to a non Forza cable, However its not to do with competition etc , Well as I wouldnt do that to Matthew,
    However I do need some advice about an existing cable, And where better to get that advice from but you lot??
    So if anyone has a moment I'ld really appreciate it. [​IMG]

  9. shigzeo Contributor
  10. Matez
    Thanks for the review Shigzeo, im really glad you liked my cables :wink:
  11. Paul Graham
    Evening folks,
    Matthew, My cables arrived today and in person they really are very good.
    Very well made, Asthetically pleasing, Just the right lengths. And even though i went for the recyclable option, 
    I must say the packaging is very well presented and the little canvas pouches for each cable is a lovely touch.
    I can tell a lot of love and passion goes into what you do, And personally, For the price I payed I would have expected less.
    I've had a quick listen today, And Im not saying this out of Bias or out of fear of upsetting one or the other but I will say this...
    I have bought various cables now from a fair number of different companies, And Toxic Cables quickly became my favourite and go to guy, 
    But dude I have to give it to you, IMO, You're on par with Frank and his cables in quality, looks and sound!
    I feel lucky to have products from both companies & I can safely say I see my cables list both for portable & on my main & desktop systems becoming FAW & Toxic Cables only.
    You both have the cables I will need gradually & I will definately be coming back to both companies for more orders in the near future.
    So thank you Matthew for a brilliant experience from the original order through to the end user experience. One happy customer here!
    Keep up the fantastic job and speak to you soon. All the best, Paul :)
    p.s. I'll post up pics soon.
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  12. Paul Graham
  13. HiFiRobot
    Interesting stuff. Might just be my cable upgrade for Denon D2000.
  14. esmBOS
    Received 3 FAW cables a minute ago and as far as build quality goes, I am blown away! Got the Claire IC, sleeved copper series IC and a 1 foot extension (sleeved 6.3mm to 3.5 mm adapter). Paid a total of 138€ inkl VAT and shipping. Will post pictures when I receive my Vorzamp duo on monday :wink: Well done Matthew, well done!
  15. Matez
    Thanks guys, im happy that i fulfilled your expectations. Looking forward to see your pics.
    Im a bit of an eco freak and as for the packaging, there is only one type, made from recycled materials, no matter if you choose it or not [​IMG]
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