Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

  1. henriks
    30 % off today..
  2. Tiddlesworth
    What's the turn around this time around now? I'm hoping to get my cable a few days before Christmas...
  3. Matez
    We'll make it happen!
  4. bharat2580
    Possible to just desolder the cable of the Fostex Th-X00 and put the Claire HPC mk 2 terminated to 2.5mm balanced ? + an adapter for 2.5mm female to 3.5mm male

    would have done it myself but short of time.
  5. koenoe
    How long does it usually take? I’ve ordered a Noir HPC over a week ago and didn’t hear anything yet.
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  6. aross215
    I ordered a cable to connect my mojo and Iphone and got a message from Matt today saying they wont be in stock until January... really really sucks because I've been looking for a long time for a cable that looked as good as theirs. Back to the drawing board I guess.
  7. Tiddlesworth
    That worries the crap out of me, I'm leaving on December I've consulted Matt and he says I'll be able to get it before then, hopefully mine wasn't delayed in any circumstance.
  8. AppleheadMay
    With custom boutique gear one needs to have some patience in order to be rewarded with great gear.
    It's not faster with the other custom cable makers, believe me, I tried a bunch. And sometimes you get your order faster, sometimes slower.
    Other head-fi gear like from ZMF, Lawton, The Audio Guild, Eddie Current, etc... also takes it's time, usually much, much longer.

    For me, it's simple: the only cables I'm still using are 4,5m 1/4 Furutech Forza Noir Hybrid HPC cables.
    Why? Great sound, price, strong, thick and beautifully made and finished.
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  9. Matez
    In most cases it's not us in person who're to blame for delays. In 99% of such cases our semi-products are taking painfully long to be released by customs office. This is not something we are able to avoid, sadly. And if these guys have any delays, this translates to delays in our work.

    In any case, if such an unfortunate occasion happens, we do the very best we can in order to make your product shipped ASAP.
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  10. aross215
    I will say this though.... Every now and then I order custom stuff. Some of the equipment for my truck has taken as long as 6 months and the vendor held onto my money the entire time. Kudos to @Matez for being upfront about the material shortage (in this case lighting connections-I blame the Iphone 8) and just refunding me instead of keeping me guessing while I wait for my order. I look forward to getting my cable in the near future.
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  11. koenoe
    It's harder to maintain patience when false promises are made though. Would have been easier if the website just tells you that you'll have to wait a few weeks, end of.
    Managing expectations is key imho.
  12. Matez
    Yes, I'm aware and usually that's how it works. But at times things unexpected happen. For instance, big batch of semi-parts is stuck at customs clearance office for two weeks (usually two or three days) just because it has some big OS malfunction. And there's nothing we can do about it. Yes, a customer doesn't care about this and is right to be angry. But my point is that at times nothing can be done and to wait with my fingers crossed is the only thing I can do. As a manufacturer, I apologize for this inconvenience when it happens. But that aside, my hands are tied.
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  13. koenoe
    I understand of course. That's why communicating this is important, because I'm sure your clients are happy to wait as long as they know what's happening.
  14. Matez
    Yup, if there are delays, we inform our customers. This is a big part of my daily routine in fact.
  15. ambrose1985
    Hi Matt!

    Was looking at the micro usb to micro usb cable and need some advice as to which one to order. Specifically referring to this product -
    Between UPOCC Hybrid and UPOCC Copper, what are the differences between the two configurations ?

    Also, what does the nylon sleeving do ? Does it make it more durable ?

    I’m connecting between AK70 to Chord Mojo using the Digis casing ( Would 5cm be sufficient ?

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