Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

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  1. ambrose1985
    has yours shipped yet ?
  2. henriks
    11/24/2017 166,30 € PayPal Payment accepted, that's all..
  3. ambrose1985
    @Matez woah mat, is everything ok ?
  4. Blommen
    Yeah I am waiting too, luckily I have some iems to keep me happy while I am waiting.
  5. henriks
    Geting a newborn is a tough job.. (Facebook info)
  6. walshyy
    Also placed an order back in November and still not arrived.
    And Matt isn’t even responding to emails. That’s the one thing that pisses me off.

    Not happy at all.
  7. walshyy
    No excuse to ignore customers emails though, I’m sure many of us are parents but your business shouldn’t stop as a result.
  8. iFi audio
    Our bet is that he isn't ignoring anyone but swamped with father's duties, hence the delay. Have you tried contacting him via Facebook? Perhaps this would help?
  9. JohannLiebert
    Oh what the hell. I ordered 10 days ago and I am definitely not planning to wait 2months for a cable...
  10. ambrose1985
    haha, is there an option to refund ?
  11. UntilThen
    It's unfortunate but when you buy a boutique cable, you must be prepared to wait.... sometimes. Not only with Forza but the others boutique cable manufacturers too. In this case, I think Matt just got into a personal situation. We should congratulate him instead. I was fortunate. I bought at a time when I literally didn't have to wait. Took about 3 weeks. The 2 cables that came are really nice. So flexible and the feel of it is real quality. I still use it every day with my HD800 and LCD-2f.

  12. walshyy
    But how long is one supposed to wait before getting frustrated? Seriously 2,3,4 weeks maybe yes but 2-3 months is beyond a joke. Just because Toxic cables take a year to ship out cables doesn’t mean this has to be the norm, especially when the item I ordered was showing in stock. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I’d even be prepared to wait if he had the courtesy to keep in touch. Is that really too much to ask? Father duties or not, you don’t ignore customers for so long. I run my own business and if I ignored my clients for 2 months, baby or not...I’d be in deep **** ( and I have two sons so I’ve been there). Come on Matt pull your finger out and at least let us know if you have problems.
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  13. Turdski
    Yeah, I came close to ordering a cable from his website last week, but am glad I went a different route for now. Down the road I'll still consider ordering one from him, but I do understand the frustration of being left in the dark. Being caught up in very important personal stuff is all well and good; it's one thing to take longer than normal to produce your product, but to not even bother simply taking a few short moments to reach out to your current queue of customers just to inform them that they haven't been forgotten about, etc., goes a long way. Just a tiny update or revised ETA I'm sure would be very much appreciated.
  14. BearMonster
    The problem here is the lack of transparency we have no idea what was happening before. We only learnt of what was going on recently. Even now i'm not sure if he has started on my cable i expect it to get to me in 1-4 months later.
    I imagine people ordering this month will be frustrated at the delays. At least toxic & double helix put up a estimated waiting time

    Also i'm not sure why you put up a image of your cables and talked about your cables when some of us have been waiting for 2 months it seems inappropriate.
  15. UntilThen
    It is also an impression thread. I don't see anything inappropriate.
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