Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

  1. Matez
    Our hybrid cables consist of 50% of pure silver (not SPC) and 50% of pure copper.

    Nylon sleeving makes the product more durable. There's an option to not have it and as far as short cables go, it's even better to have this product made without this sleeving.
  2. quodjo105
    Hey Matt. I know you may be busy , but can you please at least reply my emails?.. I've sent and paid for a cable retermination. I don't know if you got the cable or not. The tracking says cable was delivered on 21/11 .I've sent 2 emails asking if you've got it , but no response.
  3. Matez
    Oh sorry, expect it to be shipped tomorrow or Monday.
  4. koenoe
    Just received my Noir HPC Mk2 for my ZMF Eikon headphones.
    Amazing cable. Build quality is perfect and the sound is really nice. Highly recommended!
    Can't wait to put Forza Audioworks cables on the rest of my collection!
  5. Pharmaboy
    That's the same cable I purchased for my ZMF Ori (and it's a very nice upgrade to the stock cable).

    I have an Atticus on order, along w/2M of ZMF's upgrade "OFC" cable. It will be fun comparing the OFC cable to my 2M Noir HPC MK2 on the Atticus.

    Conveniently, all ZMF headphones use the Audeze-style mini-XLRs, making these swaps very easy.
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  6. audionewbi
    @Matez I was wondering most European places waver the VAT fees for international customers, do you also do the same?

  7. dv-tech
  8. Matez
    In case of DHL, FedEX and so on this is of course possible, yet Polish Postal service is impossible due to bureaucracy.
  9. Matez
    Thank you for your feedback!
  10. quodjo105
    Hi Matt
    Has the cable shipped yet ?
  11. henriks
    3 days back for black friday deal to arrive..
  12. aross215
    Hi Matt, Happy New Years, Just checking in to see if you have been able to get the lighting connectors again or if you had an update. Thanks!
  13. ambrose1985
    @Matez ordered a usb cable on monday! eagerly waiting for it :) any idea when it would jt be shipped ?
  14. henriks
    Monday... i order mine on Black friday, and still waiting..
  15. ambrose1985
    *cough* noted.

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