Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

  1. hja13
    Anyone shipped from Forza to Australia using Poland's postal service (Priority registered letter), and can tell me how long it took? I'm not sure if the package is sent by ship or plane, which would mean 2-3 months or 2-4 weeks. (I'll update this post when mine arrives — older posts in this thread give a range of 14-28 days so we'll see...)

    edit: Showed up after 32 business days in the post; 65 days after placing the order)
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  2. UntilThen
    I have a pair of Forza headphones cables send by Poland's postal service - priority registered letter. From the time of order till I get it, is about 3 weeks. Incredible isn't it?

    I had the Noir Hybrid HPC Mk2 for my HD800 and Claire Hybrid HPC for my LCD-2f. Really lovely cables in both look and sound.

    Ps... I'm from Australia.
  3. hja13
    Alright hopefully I'll be lucky and get it next week. And yeah it does blow my mind that it was only ~$7 or so for something to come all the way from Poland.
  4. makne
    Just wanted to share the cable I received from Forza audioworks today!
    IMG_3865.JPG IMG_3869.JPG IMG_3870.JPG IMG_3873.JPG IMG_3877.JPG
    Looks and feels like quality. Lightwheight and flexible, love it.
    Greatly improves comfort for me, the thick heavy stock cable has bothered both my head and my neck since day one. Now, the excellent wheight distribution and plush padding makes the Elear almost dissappear on my head, it feels like wearing it without a cable attached.
    Not gonna comment on sound because, well, reasons, but yeah both build and ergonomics are definitely living up to my expectations!
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  5. iFi audio
    Yup, it's hard not to love these for the price.
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  6. Kangeki
    I wanted to write this post to share my impressions of Forza Audioworks as I am very happy with the cable I ordered in July 2017.

    I am not a specialist in cables but I can say I am very happy with the one FAW crafted for me : I got the Hybrid Series IEM Cable to make my Cosmic Ears CE6P come back to life after their Linum BaX cable passed away. Compared to the Linum Bax, at the beginning I felt the presence of the FAW cable way much more than the Linum (which is very, very thin... and fragile) and after a transition time I got used to the FAW cable which is nice to wear. It also feels very solid and the detail of the curved terminaison in the CIEMs side is welcome. Soundwise, I noticed that it was easier to hear the treble and at the same time they stayed soft. I would say that they got more presence and were put closer to the listener. I cannot say for bass and medium though ; I mostly use my CIEM in transportation. In a nutshell I am very happy with the FAW cable.

    I would also like to talk about the customer experience I had with FAW. It was very positive. In details :
    - My Linum BaX are out of service, which means that I can't listen to my CE6P anymore. Acoustic hell due to good quality music starvation is coming...
    - On the 3rd of July :
    * 00:01 AM : I asked some information to FAW using their contact form on their website.
    * 10:02 AM : Answer from Matt. That answer is complete, it takes into account all the questions from my original message. Quickness and intelligibility. That is very rare and that is why I underline this point.
    * 11:24 AM : Matt makes the process faster with its professionalism, so I place an order on the website.
    * 11:27 AM : Matt sends me a message to ask me a last order in order to process my order (about the color of the cable). He also helps me to review the order to be sure that it is what I want.

    Matt told me at that moment that my cable was planned to be dispatched from the week that follows ; finally, he will send the cable on July 6th (3 days later) and notify me. Quickness and communication.

    In comparison I also contacted Toxic Cable at that moment and they were not reactive in answering with some lacks in their answer. Effect Audio was great for communication but then I remembered about the customs (Singapour -> France). Of course I am talking about a customer point of view based on the interface between the cable manufacturer and the customer.

    He also did a great follow up whilst the cable were in transit and after I received the cable, even though the order was processed. The exchanges were interesting and it was not so much but it changes everything in term of customer experience in my humble opinion.

    To resume Matt was the reactive savior that I needed at that moment for my psychoacoustic health and I wanted to give him honor for what he did, almost 6 months later. Thank you again Matt !

    And here is a picture of the cable, the CE6P and the Shozy Alien Gold :)

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  7. ctaxxxx
    Does anyone know if their MDR-Z7 connectors are TRS, and compatible with the Focal Elear? (Are there pictures in this thread?)

    Interested in an interchangeable cable with the Sony MDR-Z1R and Focal Clear.
  8. Pharmaboy
    I've never seen/heard the Elear, so no sure about the earcup jacks.

    My used Sony Z7 is in the mail/arrives tomorrow. I've located an aftermarket cable company that can find the unique 3.5mm screw-in connectors used on this headphone (I need a 4-pin XLR balanced cable as well as the 3M TRS cable supplied by Sony).

    I can PM you about this, if you like.

    And BTW, as a very happy FAW cable owner (Noir HPC MkII--2M 4-pin balanced w/mini-xlrs to HP), I think you should check w/Matt if he can source the sony connectors. Also, he would know for certain if the Z7s & Elear have interchangeable cables.
  9. ctaxxxx
    Yeah, I sent him an email to. Is it worth upgrading to the Noir? I kind of like the transparent look of the Claire. They will be terminated to 2.5mm anyway, so the Noir might be too bulky. I just wish the 2.5mm connectors wasn't an extra $30... I could go 4-pin XLR, but I only have cheap, Chinese-made adapter. That wouldn't have an effect on sound quality, would it?
  10. Pharmaboy
    Are you referring to a 2-3" long TRS/to/4-pin female adapter (to let you plug the XLR connector cable into a single ended amp? I'm sure that would work, and as long as it's not poorly made, probably would have little effect on the sound.

    When I got my HCP Noir (braided/black...yes it's a little bulkier than some of the other cables, but I happen to like that)--I also bought a ~1 ft-long HCP Noir "pigtail" that connects the XLR jack to a 6.35 jack (for single-ended amps). Nothing is cheap, but this pigtail means I can use any balanced (ie, 4-pin XLR) headphone cable w/any headphone, and still connect that cable to an SE amp.
  11. ctaxxxx
    I'm an idiot... There's pictures of the exact connector I'm looking for a few posts above. And after I looked through a hundred pictures in this forum and Google...

    I think I've decided to go with the Claire HPC, just because I really like how the semi-transparent black looks.

    Edit: Made an order!
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  12. Boogie7910
    Anyone heard from Matt? I received my order a month ago and one of the 3 cables was not the correct length. He said he would get a new one out asap but I haven't heard anything else from him for a month and not responding to emails.
  13. kendosperling
    I also ordered 3 weeks ago and did not got response to a mail. In contrast to my first questions per mail which were answered before 1 day was over.
  14. Blommen
    I also came here to ask if anybody has heard from him as I have been waiting for almost 2 months on a re-termination of two cables I've sent him.

    It is a bit annoying that he doesn't answer, it's fine to be late but don't shut off communication!
  15. Matez
    Guys, apologies for inconvenience. Some things piled up but we're onto your cases ATM. Replies with trackings will be sent within an hour or so. If these don't arrive until later today, please resend your last messages and we'll get it sorted. Once again, apologies!

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