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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. Nomax
    ....Sp1000 and all will be depply contendet with Stellia and also Empyrean with 2.5 mm balanced cable...but open your eyes...very interesting gadgets will come soon in the near time future for our headphones...and in my opinion...forget the solid state amps....this time is over now..the Daps are the future

    You will see it soon why lol

    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  2. teknorob23
    Agree solid state is dead but it’s all about new wave tube amps, not compromised cottage industry built ergonomically flawed hyper expensive iPods :wink:
  3. emrelights1973
    I have both sp1000 and z1 which i love recently i bought a solid state desktop bryston amp from a friend, ohhh boy there is a difference..... despite the price difference

    İ dont know about the future but now i am thinking a SPL xe
  4. freesole
    Care to elaborate?
  5. noplsestar
    I guess he means the Realiser A16 as well as the new Sony anniversary DAP or the next A&K flagship DAP.
  6. nvmadamada
    was able to give the Stellia a quick listen here while traveling in Thailand.

    tbh I was quick to judge and bash their appearance from pictures online but in person they look amazing!
    regarding sound
    I find myself agreeing with what @guitardave had to say when comparing the Stellia to the Utopia.
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  7. tekkster
    I have the Stellia and my friend has the Elegia. They are the same as far as "leaking sound" is concerned. Just depends on each person's fit. The linear indent that everyone has behind the ear and running down the the neck is a little deeper for me than my friend, so both headphone leak more with me than for my friend, who's neck isn't as stringy as mine.
  8. tekkster

    The Stellia and Utopia are completely different beasts. While they both have the same incredible transients (attack and decay), at least, such is my impression when listening to acoustic music, the Utopia is very impactful and "in your face" while the Stellia is considerably more laid back. To my weak ears, I would say the Stellia has the transients of the Utopia, and a sound profile much much closer to the Clear.
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  9. TheoS53
    Just received a review unit...wow these are nicely made. They do cost a small "fortune" but at least they feel really premium (way ahead of any HiFiMAN I've tried)
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  10. mixman
    Exactly which in my mind makes them the almost perfect Focal HP. If these were open, I would say Utopia..........What's that?
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
    tekkster likes this.
  11. freesole
    I gotta find some place to audition these...
  12. arielext
    Cannot agree more. I've had a hifiman edition X v2 yoke break on me and ever since I'm reluctant to buy anything that isn't a tank. Focals are tanks. I can buy focal headphones :) Stellia is amazing, both in style and sound.
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  13. doboo57
    Anyone can share some great Amp (or Amp/DAC) synergy with the Stellia?
    They sound not bad at all through my Jotunheim and my CTH, but I'm curious to know about better pairings...
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  14. John Blackshear
    I have paired with Ifi Micro Black Label and Woo Topaz. Both great, but Topaz makes them very spacious.
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  15. tekkster
    This is a great question.

    I'm still debating on what amp to get with the Stellia.

    These days, for the DAC side of the equation, while there are differences, I'm not as picky. I was very hard core into the Chord Hugo2 with it's incredible transients. But, even the AK4490 has very good transients in some boxes. The RME ADI-2, for me, works just fine. Maybe not quite as much prominence to subtler sounds compared to the H2, and for some rare pieces, the H2 is preferred, but most of the time, I'm listening to the ADI-2 despite its older chipset.

    The amp, on the other hand, is a pretty big deal, and I'm trying to figure out what amp is best for the Stellia.

    I keep reading about folks emphasizing a wider soundstage with the right amp, but since I don't own a really good amp outside of the iFi iCan Pro, there's not way for me to understand/imagine what other folks are talking about. So, am hoping to figure out what amp to get. Really not sure. With my limited budget, the next amp will have to be carefully thought out. Eddie Current is on my list right now, but damn...that is a fair number of months worth of "audio budget".
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