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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. arielext
    I'm amazed by the synergy between the Stellia and the $100 Loxjie P20 amp. The Loxjie is hitting all the right notes, I've got the Loxjie running fully balanced and fed by an audio-gd R1 dac.
    This budget amp might be a hidden gem.
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  2. doboo57
    I also own the P20 running fully balanced and like it very much with the Clear. Very engaging and warm, but with the Stellia, there is too much loosen bass for my ears...
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  3. arielext
    Which tubes? I'm using 6Н3П-ЕВ (russian, low voltage military grade) and it's the bass that is so mesmerizing.
  4. doboo57
    I use the stock ones. Maybe it sounds better with other tubes.
  5. teknorob23
    i own the RME ADI-2 and Hugo2. I really the RME and its packed full of features, its also not hamstrung by tiny RCA sockets and USB micro connections, but the DAC in the H2 wins hands down for me not just in transients, but also in weight and control. This is no slight on the RME, its easily the best DAC i've heard in its price range up to the Qutest. I partner the H2 with the Feliks Audio Euforia. I listened a to quite a few of the new school tube amps and it came down to this or Auris HA2 SE. I didnt want to loose any of the H2's qualities, but i was looking to moisten the sound just a tiny bit, the Euforia is incredible it doesnt just do this but it also widen's and deepens the stage considerably making it properly holographic. It also adds texture and more body across the presentation, but without losing a grain of the h2's precision. The Auris has this too, but sounded a little more analytical and soulless compare to the Euforia... i have mentioned the Stellia much, but they have been a pretty constant companion with this set-up, and i cant listen to them now with just the H2 or the RME (in my office), without missing all the extras i get with the Euforia in the chain, it just sweeten the mid to treble and gives the bass beautiful texture while still being perfectly separated between the layers. This is the first time since i've switched from 2-channel to headfi nearly 2 years ago, that i've been completely satisfied with my source/dac/amp/headphone set up. I cant see me making any changes for a while unless i suddenly come in to money and even then it would just the be the DAC i'd upgrade with an M-scaler or TT2 or both. It obviously a personal thing but i simply cant find a weakness with Stellia, so now i'm just tinkering around the edges with mains cables, regeneration, conditioning and interconnects..

    ... all of that said, i havent found a set up that makes the stellia sound bad yet, from iphonex/df red, to RME and H2 via their headphone stages and personally i'm not sure i'd bother adding a another solid state amp in front of either. I cant recommend the Feliks amps highly enough and if your budget wont stretch to the Euforia, i've heard the range and they'll all hit above their price point, share a house tuning and are highly addictive in their own right. Just dont make the mistake of listening to the model above, like i did when i went to buy the Elise and came home with the Euforia and i slightly pale face :wink:
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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  6. tekkster
    Unrelated, and I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but does Focal care that their ad shows the guy wearing the Elegia is wearing them backwards?
    It shouldn't bother me, such a trivial thing. But irrationally, it's really grating on my nerves, hahahaha....Now shrinking the width of the head-fi forums so I don't have to see it anymore. But attaching a screenshot for $hits & giggles.

    Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.21.42.png
  7. TheoS53
    TBH, I don't think that's actually a pic of a guy wearing the headphones. Judging from the difference in lighting on his face and the headphones I'd say it's a shoddy Photoshop job.
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  8. noplsestar
    Has anyone tried the ifi x-can with the Stellia? Would be great to hear some sound impressions, especially with the bass switches on, because I´d like to listen to the Stellia with lower volume but when doing that I feel too less bass, so that switch would come in handy.
  9. BiggieBig
    Just purchased :frowning2:

    Had a few high end headphones but nothing at this level. Have a pair of Beyerdynamic tp5.2 which I’m more the happy with.

    So hopefully these will be step up from them..

    My justification life’s too short trying to get to the end game so I just jumped there :)

    Will post impressions will be pairing them with Ibasso dx220
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  10. BiggieBig
    good to hear :)
    I'm soon to receive the dx220 with amp8 how did you connect it ?
    do you use a 4.4mm to alt adaptor or did you purchase a new cable ?
  11. arielext
    Welcome to the Cognac side :wink: eventhough the T5p is quite enjoyable it does show it's weaknesses next to the stellia.
  12. Trance_Gott
  13. BiggieBig
    Hmm great price wondering what material they use.

    Guess it’s hard to compare but what’s it like in comparison to original cable.

    Just wondering if I’m better of with this cable or ordering an adapter for the original cable
  14. Joseph Lin
    I thought Utopia is my end game. Cannot resist to try Stellia after it was announced for a few months. It finally arrived today. The first impression is that it is about 98% resolution of Utopia, 120% sound stage and 120% bass. I found driving power affects the bass significantly. When using iFi iDSD in Eco mode, it is able to drive the headphone but with significantly less bass, very similar to Utopia sound signature. However, in Normal and Turbo mode, the Bass is like Bxxts bass heavy headphone, a bit too over bloated. Out of curiosity, I connect it to my Surface Pro with 3.5mm SE cable, oh my goodness, I never am able to enjoy TOTL headphones with Surface Pro direct drive without using any amp at all! It is very enjoyable. I cannot image any TOTL headphone is able to play so beautifully without amping. What is even more surprising to me is that it is loud! I am using 20% volume(still too loud)! I know it is efficient but not this level. The whole frequency range is full and live. I think Focal designed it for mobile application, no EQ, no amp, no dac, nothing. Just enjoy the music! Next time on trip, I can leave home without carrying any DAC/amp, just Stellia and my Surface Pro! I am very happy with the purchase.
  15. freesole
    How would you describe the soundstage difference in the context of a few songs? I listen to a lot of jazz and female vocals. Curious to hear how they would fair compared to my Clear's.
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