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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. teknorob23
    +1 for the stellias dont leak unless cranked right up and neither did the elegia
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  2. bfreedma
    Leakage is always going to be somewhat dependent on fit.
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  3. joshuachew
    Does not leak. Maybe you're wearing them with spectacles and the sound is leaking from the gap between the pads and your spectacles? Maybe. But it doesn't leak for me.
  4. skootb
    Nope. No glasses. even pressing them tight against my head to make sure there was a tight seal, people next to me heard what I was listening to.

    quote from Torq from a different forum:

    "The Stellia are vented and will almost certainly leak more sound than a fully-closed back design (they do leak less than the Elegia, more than the AFC). "
  5. emrelights1973
    They dont leak at all with me, tested with my golden ears wife sitting next to me!
  6. SilverEars
    The logo is the vent so they are not fully closed.
  7. joshuachew
    Ah. I see. That's a shame. Each of our mileage will vary. Sorry that you had to return them due to the leak. The sound so good and it's perfect for me because in the setting that I usually use my gear, I need close backs.
  8. freesole
    How do you like your Stellia's compared to the HEk? Totally different concepts, I know but which do you reach for more if you were free to choose?
  9. domho7
    Went to my local store sales and tested this combo 20190412_195252.jpg
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  10. joshuachew
    Before I answer that, you've gotta know something about me, in the fact have much time to sit down and listen to my home set up as it is not convenient for me. I do most of my listening on a 'portable' setting/setup. So the Stellia, when I first saw the announcement on HeadFi TV, I was like "I have got to get my hands on these". Because I have always been looking for an end game closed back headphone. back in 2011 when the T5p came out I got one immediately - it was flawed, bass was boxy treble was sharp but had no extension and refinement. When the HD820 came out I had high hopes on that too.... buts to me it really did not sound that good (coming from having an Utopia. Wasn't great at all. And when I saw the video I knew that the Stellia would not sound the same as the Utopia, but I'd settle for a 'Utopia-level-sound' in a closed back configuration. And man did it live up top my expectations. Furthurmore, the Stellia is SO SO SO easy to drive, and to me sounds better out from my 1Z than it does on my Hugo 2 - more warm, more musical and more enjoyable.
    So now the HE1000 vs Stellia, I think you'd know my answer, definately wouyld reach for the Stellia more and use the Stellia more based on the above. With the HE1000, I'd have to at least use it with the Hugo 2, and its an open back - not so ideal in my usage scenarios. Hope that helps and hope that you do understand that my answer is based on my usage scenarios and preferences.

    Side note:
    Listening to the Utopia and the Stellia at a private hire office space with some very fine cables from DHC Cables. Its a Beryllium partyy! :L3000::darthsmile::ksc75smile:
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  11. musicday
    Did you try it why the LPGT? The player should have enough power to drive then properly on the go.
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  12. joshuachew
    Only used it with my WM-1Z balanced and my Hugo 2 unbalanced. As that is all I have for when I am on the go
  13. Automata
    I tried the Stellia on my WM1Z and it didn’t satisfied me. Even the balance output of WM1Z has insufficient juice to power the Stellia. I connect my Stellia to the Sony TA-ZH1ES and it sounds way better.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
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  14. Trance_Gott
    Stellia with my DX200 amp8 is easily one of the best sound you can get today from headphones.
  15. arielext
    I'd say: stellia = music.
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