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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. MLGrado
    Hello.  Here is a link to my review of the Elear in the Todd the Vinyl Junkie's loaner program thread...
  2. bugger43
    I can tell anyone that for the last couple days I have been nothing less than impressed with the sound of my Elears. Good thing I cannot audition the Utopias cuz that would break me. Ha!
  3. Jkane101
    Great review MLG. I'm glad to see that i'm not the only one who actually loves the length of the cable. Now if it just wasn't as thick as a hangmans rope...
  4. Coccis
    The lenght itself I dont see as a problem, rather the opposite. Gives a bit more freedom, and thats never a bad thing!
    The fit of the cans are so good as the weight of the cable doesnt bother me either. But yea, a bit on the thicker side... And it being a "twin cable", instead of a single thicker round cable doesnt exactly help :)
    Listening to Bob Dylan's MTV unplugged session as I write this. And damn it sounds good...
    My humble setup, ODAC and O2.
  5. TMRaven
    I had a chance to listen to the HD650 again next to the Elear, and I'll have to reiterate my assertion about the two not sounding alike at all.  The Elear is most recessed in the area of 4-5khz, while the HD650 is very full-- it not peaky-- in the 4-5khz area.  The Elear has considerably more bass than the HD650, and it also has a small mid-upper treble spike around 10khz that the HD650 does not have.  
    Not sure about the molded plastic comment for the Elear, the Yoke is aluminum, at least according to Nicolas.  I could see it coming off as plasticy next to the heavy tank the LCD-X is though.
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  6. MLGrado
    As I stated in my review, aural memory is extremely short lived.  It has been sometime since I have heard the HD650.  But whatever long term memories I have of it, which would likely consist mostly of the emotions invoked while listening, suggest a similar listening experience in many ways.  I actually agree with you completely that there is a peak in the lower treble or presence range in the HD650 that is not to be found in the Elear.  My memory suggests as well that the Elear has more colorful and emphatic bass.  I would not say it was considerably more bass overall, though, but of course this is very dependent on the amplification used.  Any two experiences could be very different due to the amp of course.  Probably the biggest advantage the Elear had over the HD650 is clarity and resolution.  And by this I don't mean so much the lack of the infamous Sennheiser 'veil'.  It is more than just that.  Actually, I never found the HD650 to be all that dark, perhaps because of the aforementioned peak in the presence range that I did find quite enjoyable if not entirely accurate. 
    All that stated, it is indeed perhaps a waste of time for all of us, since I don't have either headphone anymore, and certainly have only raw impressions left for my memory of the HD650 sound.  I would expect a head to head comparison to be very enlightening.  But, based on what I DO remember about significant time owning the HD650 with the same amp, I stand by the thought that the Elear is a natural progression upward from the HD650. 
    Also, I thought I was clear in stating that my impressions of the build quality of the Elear should be qualified since my standard of comparison is the Audeze LCD-X.   You assertion that you could see it coming off as 'plasticy' compared to the 'tank' that is the LCD-X is precisely the observation I was trying to make.   The overall build quality of the Elear is very, very good, and if we go back and talk about the HD650 again, is a step up in construction quality and craftsmanship. 
  7. ray-dude
    As promised, posted the LONG summary of our weeklong shoot out, including of the Elears.  See: http://www.head-fi.org/t/824351/adventures-of-2-channel-guy-diving-head-first-into-the-head-fi-deep-end#post_12972617
  8. hola
    If anyone is interested in getting a pair of like-new Elear, PM me.

  9. heliosphann
    My Elears are up for sale as well in the FS/FT forum.
  10. s82223
    How about sound stage of these two ?
    Seems that Elear is better for pop/rock while T1 2nd outperforms elear when listening to classic/jazz?
  11. s82223
    Is there anyone running elear in balance setup?
  12. Frode Roed
    I am about to do it when my Jotunheim arrives end of this week - report will follow.
  13. Stratos27
    I have a balanced cable being built by Impact Audio. Should be here in another week or so.
  14. Headphone4Life
    I've literally only been listening to my Elear for only an hour and I'm already blown away. My Nighthawks which were my favorite headphones at the moment just don't compare, when people talk about how dynamic these sound they aren't lying its outstanding. I'll have a more in-depth impression later but for now I'm loving them and I think they are well worth a grand which is something I never thought I'd say about a hp.
  15. nordkapp
    Well, guess you'll have to change your avatar now......:D
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